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Sunday, August 7, 2022


Don't Believe Trump and The GOP: Biden and The Democrats Are Winning Big

Especially because the Supreme Court GOP shot themselves in the foot on abortion. Bunch of suckers! You pissed off too many women and this is what you get, congratulations!
Otay. I believes wut you sez, Buckwheat. LOL! Why is this not posted in the joke of the day section?
* If it comes to pass that the Dems exceed expectations & come out on top in the midterms, brace yourself for ..." It was rigged, clearly polls showed us winning, we need a redo." The crap will be hitting the fan of denial, but we shouldn't be surprised after all, its the playbook
" if we lose, it's because they cheated."

* In Maga world- they never lose. Accepting reality is a bad idea.
Yahoo News and USA Today?
Oh, brother! Heh,heh,heh,heh,heh...
Numbnutz and Stinky and Little Benny the Wimp may fall for that fake news but nobody with a brain.
Gas lighting at its best, f'ing morons supporting this crap might well walk themselves off a ledge.
* lf Newsmax wrote the article, you'd say a Democrat probably wrote it, it's the way your silly brain computes information. According to you- the truth only comes from Fox & Newsmax, which as you refuse to believe are being "sued for disinformation" but hey- you don't care, when they wrong or being sued, your puny brain says " it's because they speaking the truth."
* Sidney Powell & Rudy G are also being sued for pushing lies about the voting machines, but once again- they being persecuted for speaking their " brand of truth."
* Alex Jones was ordered to pay $45.2 mil for calling Sandy Hook a hoax. Of course you believe Alex, and why not? You believe 45, why not Alex?
* You need a different medication, not just you- all of you.
* Looking back on your fellow Conservative brethren who denied Covid existed..
* Scott Apley- who traveled 900 miles to witness a mask burning, now Dead.
* Phil Valentine- Talk show post, major denier- Dead.
* So you see, you belong to the party of death by stupidity.
* good lord, put the damm coffee down.
* eat some fruit and go for a walk.
* pour some bath salts and soak for awhile.
* get your jammies on and go to bed.
* get up pretend you're not you and find a hobby.
looks like noise fart and nose picker got back from the douchie festival, they say your monkey pox symptoms will manifest in a few days.
Democrats are winning big??   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Some people believe anything.

They're here...
"Get up and pretend you're not you..." LMAO!
You kill me sometimes Sully, heh,heh,heh,heh,heh...
* You guys are creatures of habit, what do you mean noise? Well no sooner do l post a response when you guys " respond in three consecutive posts" one after the other.

* That's telling because l get the impression " you guys alert each other to respond to my post on the count of 1,2,3- all in unison." How unoriginal, how sappy. It's no wonder you guys are losers. Your pattern is so revealing, it's so easy to spot your MO. Try changing up instead of being " made" each & every

* Don't forget your meds.
Does paranoia run in your family Numbnutz, or are you the only crazy one?
Hey rdgnr you call people names but you are a coward hiding in the backwoods with a rake for a comb and 30 w oil for your hair.
Benny, you just called Ridge a coward, you call people names but you are just hiding behind a cactus with pickers stuck in your .....
* They now calling it paranoia Ben - thatís rich. Just take a look at the pattern these folk set, you can go back months & their comments always comes in 3ís or 4ís & donít tell me they suddenly aware of what their colleagues are doing. Itís communication BS. Stooges always act this way, itís their ďsupport structure.Ē
* Hey guys, donít forget to back my post up..,follow the leader nonsense.
Just like you on stack's blog.
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