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Saturday, August 6, 2022


Ben Carson: U S perceived as weak under Biden

* Right, from one of the most useless members of 45's cabinet. Why not take that talk to other news organizations and see if you can weather the questions you will be asked instead of playing on friendly turf Ben?

* America perceived as weak huh? So one has to cozy up to dictators, get 💌 letters from lil kim to turn America's perception around? How about a real politician in charge of the country instead of a hotel owner huh? Is Ben saying that 45 is more knowledgeable on politics than Joe?

*Oh the heck, please perish the thought.
Good grief, you're stupid.
Yep, he is, I don't have the energy to deal with stuff so stupid.
That's exactly where I'm at Sully.
He doesn't want to hear the truth anyway, his mind is made up.
Let him stay stupid.
* Yo, who in their right mind goes on a news outlet that has been sued for disinformation, in other words lies? The same is true of the hotel owner- to afraid to go to ABC, NBC or others for fear the questions will come fast & on target that all these swamp creatures will exit the interview. You darn well know it.

*.The truth hurts. By the way l am not on your sorry lame a** blogs so you don't have to respond to my posts. Get a life will ya.
* By the way: Stop trolling me,if you don't have anything constructive to add to the discussion- Stfu.

* Talking about " not wanting to hear the truth" are you kidding me? The truth concerning your entire " crying in your beer" was the FACT that on election night, you boy LOST. All this other SH** you go on & on about is tied to that loss. Let's not kid ourselves here.

* You Morons insult the upright Men & Women who spent hundreds of hours getting the election process in play & when the results showed your guy had lost- Suddenly it's rigged. My oh my, grow the hell up. Is that the way you guys go through life, getting your own way at all times?

* Here's how to crawl out of that bubble, it's easy. Just transfer this thinking to playing the lottery. You got your tickets in hand as the mechanical balls are dropped, you see those numbers appear & after looking over your tickets, you throw them away without a 2nd thought.
You don't start making call to your local lottery HQ and start complaining about " you think" your ticket is a winning one when you darn well know you lost.

* Transfer that thinking to the Presidential election of 2020. There was only ONE winner that night, and it was NOT Trump!
Noise-Fart is a blithering idiot. His stupidity knows no bounds and defies all rational comprehension. Noise-Fart says Goofy Joe Bi-dumb won the election fair and square by 80 gazillion votes while all masked up from the safe space of his basement and making no campaign appearances. Noise-Fart is either an inmate at a mental institution or sanitarium for the criminally insane or is plain gullible and dumb from too much exposure to radical leftist propaganda spewed out 24/7 by CNN or MS-LSD. Noise-Fart thinks Don Lemon is hot but can't get up the nerve to ask him out on a date. President Trump obviously won the 2020 election in a landslide victory of epic proportions, but then gazillions of ballots all for Bi-Dumb conveniently starting pouring in after the election was over and done with. What a joke! DJT is the current day legitimate POTUS and will get a third term in 2024 thanks to the devious/conniving/dishonest/despicable Anti-American cult of the Dim-Dems.
* Why is it that everyone else is wrong about the 2020 Presidential election- but you Magats are right? You guys with Kal at the head, are poor losers.

* The election was decided the following morning & it is in the history pages. No amount of " we have new evidence or other BS " is going to change the results. Just as Al Gore gave up the fight over the hanging Chads, you guys should really and truly give it a break.

* All those insults you throw at me only energizes me fool, l do not give up the fight because you think name calling will weaken me. You a toddler when it comes to the experiences l have had in other forums that will send you running back to Mama.

* America does not reward incompetence, they gave 45 a shot and in 4vyears he screwed up royally. I will spare you the details, suffice to say, the country needed a new person in the WH, something you guys refuse to accept.

* It's like l said before : If someone or some organization could pull the Presidential election win away from Trump, why did they not get more Senators on the Dems side, where they could pass as many laws while in the majority? Who are these people & how dare they bring a stain on the American way of Democracy? * Crickets.

* The tack 45 played was " they only win if they cheat." He said this months before the election this paving the way for doubt. Great spin, but in the real world- it don't work. I see Ms Lake in AZ is using the same tactic- she said " if l lose the election for Governor, l will not accept the results." So is that the playbook for Republicans moving forward?
* We cannot lose, ever- if we do, they cheated? So it's perpetual winning, pity that tactic had to be invented by a party that should know all about losing- their plastic leader didn't come through for them.

* Time for me to light a candle for you guys.

Dr. Carson just happens to be a retired pediatric brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore. You should listen to what he has to say. You just might learn something. But you'll listen to what Biden, Fauci, the msm, and social media fact checkers tell you first.
Hey NG, watch this video. It's Biden reading his notes and admitting they cheated.
Dr. Carson is brilliant and loves his country.
* No one is saying Dr Carson is not " brilliant " but the guy was stuck in a bat cave as Sec of housing, not the WH Dr for crying out loud. He got a forgotten role & l can't recall him doing anything of substance, really. As l said " forgotten."

* As for America being portrayed as weak, that's a joke. I can't recall the American who said " Speak softly but carry a big stick" but Biden fits the mold. While you guys call him senile & slow- his leadership took out Bin Laden's #2 guy. All the bluster from 45 going off & boasting about " my guns are bigger than yours" to lil Kim nonsense- please. The guy was a joke & continues to be one.

* Given the guy's attention span, it's amazing that he could stay somewhat focused at G7 summits. Mr " twitter" wants his toys back & that's the only reason he may run again. Wants to fire off insults at those that did not support him & political enemies- he couldn't care less about America. He wants to tower over everyone with his red tie- that's about it.
* Biden reading notes and " admitting they cheated." Yeah,okay, Right. You are aware of folk who are brilliant at piecing together shots persons talking & injecting humor & embarrassment to make a candidate look bad, that's where that crap you expecting me to watch comes comes.
* It's comes from the same mess like " 2000 Mules" which you fools paid & sat through watching, then coming out of the theater in amazement.
* It's on YouTube, why isn't it being run on ABC or some other pronounced network? Looks like your middle name is Gullible G.

* You the guy that says that the vaccines were hitlerian, put together to wipe out the human race, right? Figures!
Biden speaks softly but carries a big stick! LOL! That was hilarious Noise-Fart. Joe-Bi-Dumb is a senile/scared coward quivering in his boots that always resorts to policies of appeasement when dealing with those countries that seek annihilation of the USA. Best place for Joe Bi-dumb is in a nursing home. The Mighty DJT will sort out the entire mess of the incompetent buffoons that comprise the fraudulent Bi-Dumb administration.
* Joe may end up in a nursing home at some point in his life, but 45 belongs there Now. What's fascinating is that none of his family members have the courage to arrange it.

* Trump would probably drive the staff & management up the wall & we haven't began to discuss the interaction between 45 & other residents.
Kalo and GR,
We are arguing with someone who thinks men can get pregnant and have babies.
It's really a waste of time.
I don't think I've ever encountered anyone so mind-numbingly stupid before.
And I've dealt with some really stupid people.
Like Stinky and Little Benny the Wimp, for example.
An old but relevant paraphrased quote attributed to Karl Marx, it's not the vote that matters, it's who's counting them
Thanks rdgrnr! That helps puts things into proper perspective. If Noise-Fart even has a job, I hope he doesn't have benefits of maternity leave. Otherwise, we'll have to endure the day by day blog entry details of his growing baby bump. If he doesn't decide to get an abortion.
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