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Sunday, August 14, 2022


ABC Analyst: Trump Faces 20 Years Behind Bars For Serious Felonies At Mar-A-Lagob

Lock him up! Lock him up!
Anyone who thinks he will ever go to jail is living in a dreamworld.
* l agree- Trump won't see the inside of a prison, and l could care less about those boxes he had at Mar A largo. I think he has done enough damage to the country with the Jan 6th & " find me X amount of votes etc" that should disqualify him  from ever holding office again.
*  Who needs a repeat of the same behavior or worse in a 2nd term. I hope Americans have learned their lesson.
Trump will be president in 2024. If the last 1.5 years is any indication of what another 6.5 years of a Biden administration would look like, 2024 can't get here soon enough. That's if we aren't all speaking Chinese by then.
After all he's done I only hope he gets at least 20 years.  Most corrupt man I've ever seen.
* That's your wish, fortunately, that is not " America's wish."
After inciting the Jan 6th riot and now this it's a no brainer lock him all all his buddies in the same jail cell!
Hey Little Benny, was that you protesting in front of Trump Tower that told the interviewer that Trump should be locked up for having committed "so many provable crimes" and then when the guy asked you to name a few, you couldn't think of one? Yeah, I thought so.
Long as this con-man, and able to fool so many people like he do, smh Long as this con fraud guy is being indicted, i am happy. My republican famiy AND dems both sides are in agreeance on his con ways. Big ole' fraud. I have no doubt, he will be arrested. Well-deserved." I am just waiting to smile when it happens, finally."Don't care if he spend less than 1 hour in jail, while arranging bail at Fed level ... Just so he can't run again, I am happy. No 1 deserves to be charge more, even NIXON (my parents younger generation)wasn't as horrible as this guy."
Everybody forgets about this.

I thought no one was above the law.
I don't know why, but I really didn't think you were quite that dumb.
* Back in 2015-16 there were lot of Conservatives vying for the nomination of the party. Amongst them John Kasick, a level headed conservative with a track record, but the weak minded entertainment induced wing of the party decided they did not want someone who knew how the government functioned, they wanted a celebrity who could push people around and � get thing done.� They got this guy who started off with � Tarriff wars� with both our neighbors and China. That was a colossal mess and even the farmers in this country said it only made things worse. We still haven�t recovered.
* l am not saying Jeb or others were the answer, but for crying out loud, how many supporters of this guy have lost their lives meaninglessly? Instead of being ashamed oh his actions, he wants to get back in there to complete his revenge and rid the government of anyone who crossed him or he perceives crossed him. It�s why l call him a vengeful Pr** and a heartless shell of a man. He Carrie�s the Bible around as though he believes in it, but if he did- he would know that Christ mentioned Forgiveness, a word he is not in his nature and his actions will come back to haunt him. The known liar is not alone in this, all those who follow his lies are just as culpable. The idea that he will � save America� is the highest for, of BS, where was his saving power when America needed his leadership during the Covid crisis? If he ever got back into the WH, what kind of leadership would we expect if a deadlier Crisis ravaged the country? We know from his past actions.
Did you Kasich dad was a postman?
Good grief that guy (Numbnutz) is mind-numbingly stupid.
I've rarely seen anybody so radically averse to the truth.
Virtually EVERYTHING he "knows" is diametrically opposed to the truth.
It's actually kind of sad.
You almost feel sorry for the guy.
* Pointless talking to you- But John Kasick was a Governor for 2 terms and had a wealth of experience, unlike your demigod who went  in the WH with zero experience and came out looking even worse. Go look at Kasick�s Resume, he did not get educated at Trump�s University that�s for certain.
* Anyone who does not agree with you is � dumb� huh. So Cassie needs to be consume that same kool aid you drunk from to be� smart?� To believe that Trump actually won the 2020 Presidential election, that � They� stole the election from your Commander in thief?

* Perhaps bad things happen to your fallen leader because � lies can only take you so far!� The landscape is filled with politicians and crooks who got caught up in their lies and finally faced reality.

*Your problem is that you gave your soul over to lies because you convinced yourself that this was the guy to make all things come true for you. You got played & continue to be played. You living in a fantasy world kiddo.
And the beat goes on....
I've told you several times I'm not little. Of course I cant expect a knuckle dragging greasy haired trump loving  idiot to be able to read.  If you are ever in Albuquerque come and pay me a visit and see if I'm little.
Yeah its unbelievable that anyone could think trump is innocent.   Welcome cassie I liked your comments!
Mr trump  plead the 5th 400 times!  And the followers are still at the top of the fish tank looking for more.  Re elect him really!
400 times??  Prove it.
* That's a joke right G? Funny thing about " prove it" statements. When proof is presented we get " well, that was written by so & so & they can't be trusted."

* Its a joke considering that the Gatewaypundit is not claiming to have NEW information about the 2020 election that had Trump votes switched to Biden. Know how pathetic that sounds, after all Chris Krebs was brought in by 45 to oversee that no outside influence would determine the outcome of the election.

* Chris along with Homeland Security,  FBI & other agencies with 100's of workers delivered a conplete package of a safe election & when 45 lost,  suddenly- " they " stole it. It's an insult to the men & women who cared so much for this country to have their reputations cast aside like garbage.

* What l am saying is go find your evidence & have a party amongst yourselves- the fact of the matter is there was only one winner on election night, and that winner was not, is not : Trump.
I was talking to LB.
Safe election? I guess you forgot about the videos that came out election night, you know the ones of them pulling boxes of ballots out from under tables in Ga after the poll watchers went home, the ones of democrat election workers putting cardboard in the windows so people couldn't see what they were doing, and all the sworn affidavits made by poll workers as to what was going on that night. That safe and secure election?
Numbnutz says the election was absolutely legitimate just by the sheer numbers of Democrat foxes watching the hen house to make sure everything was kosher.
Gee thanks ever so much for your insight, Numbnutz!
As per usual, that makes perfect sense!
The orange baboon will be locked up for sure! Nobody needs another retarded idiot dictator wannabe loser in the White House ever again or anywhere near it.
Wish in one hand and take a dump in the other and see which one fills up first.
There is ZERO chance that President Trump will EVER spend one nanosecond in custody of ANY kind.
Just ain't gonna happen EVER.
Here's the good news though, he WILL be your President.
* Will be President once again? It�s quite possible if comatose Kool aid drinkers show up and sane American voters stay home. But l seriously doubt that will happen. Let him declare his candidacy and just you wait for the other side to  run video after video of �fight like hell� statements & others footage from the Jan 6th insurrection & the old gem � injecting yourself with disinfectant as the guy you want back in the WH and being called Leader of the Free World.

* Is instructing your supporters to � fight� Capitol police resulting in some dying from their injuries the definition of being a leader who wants to be President? Your guy is a lousy candidate given his track record of having his own supporters killed in order to advance his agenda, which is : Me me me.

* You give the American voters very little credit- they not as delusional as you Bhagwan.
Democrats  are the ones that want to fight.

There were 2 people killed on Jan 6. Neither were cops, one was shot by a cop, one was beaten to death by a cop. There are videos available of both. How many cops were killed during the dem riots in 2020? Wanna take a guess? Stop being a hypocrite
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