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Tuesday, July 26, 2022


Social Media Users Call For Boycott of Walgreens After Cashier Refuses To Sell Birth Control Product

Democrats gone wild.
Go to a different cashier, Dummy.
Some people have closely held religious beliefs.
But Democrats will go to those cashiers intentionally just to be a pain in the ass and try to get them fired. This kind of stuff is why people are getting fed up with Democrats. A bunch of sniveling whiners not unlike our trolls here, Stink47 and Numbnutz.
* You living in a dream world fool. In your world, ONLY Democrats & other political affiliates have abortions.

* Talking about violence: Who stormed the Capitol you ignorant F? It was your brothers & sisters- many carrying weapons. So get the F off your high horse & open your eyes.
* Btw: Both Stack & myself live rent free inside that stupid head of yours. Any topic that gets you all worked up always illicits a response to include us in your stupid sense of reasoning. You obsessed with us & it shows your silly nature.
*Attracted to Men are you? Figures! It's a throwback to your time in the pen.
There you go again Numbnutz, changing the topic.
But hey, I'll indulge you for the moment.
I only use you two knuckleheaded useful idiots when I feel it's conducive to illustrating truly obtuse, obnoxious and arrogant people. Which in your heart of hearts both of you know you are and you revel in it. OK? Now run along. Go paint your toenails or something, the adults are talking.
Fake news, don't believe this for 1 minute, money is king and no manager is going to put up with this.
Just another reason why we need abortions, those mean ole cashiers won't sell condoms. Yeah FAKE NEWS.
The cashier should be either reprimanded or fired for not doing their job. I didn't read the article, I'm just assuming this by the title.
* Listen up jungle monkey- take your illustration BS & shove it where the light donít shine. You F obsessed with us & you darn well know it. We occupying a large space inside that F up head of yours. Gee, you & the other fools here who climb over each other to take a shot at me are always making excuses.

*Want to use us as an illustration- why not as individuals that donít buy into the BS of your fallen leader. Why not comment on how your hotel owner asked for X amount of votes to screw the American voters over. How about his tariff wars with China that did us no good? You belong in the kiddie pool when it comes to debating any topic cause you suck at it. Your fellow cheerleading squad is just as bad. Why not light up a pipe with your brethren Mike Pillow, you both come off as under the influence of bong.
Are youuuuuuuuuu f*cking calling a woman of color a Jungle Monkey?????
Watch your mouth boy.
* Was talking to Bhagwan, your so called king of the Mts, more like king of BS, in any case, post your mugshot so l can see whether you a woman of color or not. What the F is a WOC supporting the Orangutan for anyway? He disrespects woman & treats them like trash* l guess suffering from low self esteem is no big deal huh Trout mouth?
Who the hell are to put me on trial and tell me to prove it????? I don't answer to you.
Your remarks are racist I don't care who they were directed at, trust me ,news will spread.
noise fart STFU, call your boyfriend and have them monkey pox you up the cellar door and maybe you'll calm down. noisefart you are exactly why trannies have such a bad rep...
Numbnutz is proud of his slave owner heritage as a Democrat but I'll tell you something sister-boy, you wouldn't dare be hurling racial epithets at Sully in my presence without spitting out teeth afterwards. I take a vow on it. Keep your f*cking white supremacist bullsh!t attitude to yourself aszhole.
The customers should have said it was for a science project. Can you actually cover an eggplant with one? Are they more resistant than regular balloons for a water balloon fight? How long can you microwave them before they catch fire?
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