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Thursday, September 23, 2021


The Whole World Knows Biden Is Unfit For Office Dems and RINO's Continue To Pretend

* Unfit for office huh? How about a guy who's responsible for attempting to destroy democracy? Signing a deal with the Taliban?

* Silly piece in it's entirety.
Politics is pretty screwed up when 350 million people allow themselves to be ruled by the President and Congress.
The Federal government has gone beyond what they were hired to do.

Absolute Truth Jap.
It's really not surprising that some individuals haven't got the brains that God gave a jack-ass, nor do they see the over whelming proof of what is happening to them!
Who is the wizard? It must be destroyed.
I mis the guy that said we should use disinfectant for covid. But no, covid was a hoax! Then he loses the election and tells his wacky followers to attack the capital while he runs the other way.
* The problem we have is that " most" conservatives do not see the forest from the trees. They willing to go along with " Anything" their standard bearer of their party says or does- rules be ed, in this case Trump.

* Even though he is out of office, they carry on as though he is not, that it is up to him to call the shots whether he is on the Oval office or not. Thing is: He had he's time in the OO, and ultimately the voters said " Okay youngster, your time is up, time for a change." However that message sent at the ballot box falls on deaf ears, especially for Donald.

* Trump is essentially saying to the voters" Perhaps you did vote me out, BUT l am still trying to make up my mind as to whether l will run in 2024 or not, in the meantime, l am going to try & get rid of every so called Rino that voted against me or my set of values. He had the establishment replace Cheney, he is trying to replace Raff in Georgia, and the Governor as well. What kind of a person is this that exhibits such a vengeful spirit?

* This con man is 75 yeaes old- yet the party is so afraid of him that it boggles the mind. Sure Joe has lost a step or two- but at the very least, the guy tries to be honest, l said " tries."

* Let's imagine what would have transpired had Trump won a 2nd term.
* Scorched earth policy on the following:
* Pence could have been asked to leave* Constitution?
* Gov of Georgia- rained down fire on him & he's Sec of State.
* Liz- Gone earlier.
* Kevin out as Speaker- replaced with the rabid Jordan.
* Removed Milley as Ch of the Joint Chief of Staff.
* Embraced the Proud Boys & Oath Keepers & all racists out there- what's to stop him, he would be serving he's late term as President.

* Thank Goodness SANE folks in Govt stopped this mad Man & if you think he doesn't have mentally unbalanced- you have been blind these past 4 years.
As His Fraudulency joepedo's presidency implodes, polling shows former President Donald Trump would trounce joepedo in a 2024 rematch.

Rasmussen Reports, one of the country’s most accurate pollsters, shows that should Trump choose to run again in 2024, he would obliterate joepedo by a margin of 51 to 41 percent.

Trump would also beat Her Vice Fraudulency Kamalatoe Harris by a healthy margin of 52 to 39 percent.

On the overall question of whether or not it’s a good idea for Trump to run again, a plurality of 48 percent said yes, while 44 percent said no.

In 2024, if Trump is in good health, I personally think he would be crazy not to run again.

First off, he’s guaranteed to win the Republican nomination. Other than a sitting president, who has ever been in a position like that? And being in that position means Trump automatically has a 50/50 chance of becoming president. Who can look away from those odds?

Secondly, Trump would make history. He would be the first defeated president to win absolution through a rematch, to win back the Oval Office.

Finally, I have never in my life seen a president, most especially one who lost re-election, hold on to his base of support the way Trump has.

This year my wife and I have enjoyed two separate month-long camping trips, which have taken us through more than a dozen states, and Trump flags and banners and “f*** joepedo” flags are still everywhere.

This is unprecedented. This level of loyalty, of support for Trump, is simply mind-blowing.
credit to breitbart.

It's shows you this country has a bunch of brainwashed people. Clueless!
lakerdummy tell us the clues!!!!!
* Those people hoping Trump runs again are the same people who saw " nothing wrong in storming the Capitol, fighting with the Capitol Police. " There is no way those folks are sanevto begin with... so any poll that tells you " Trump would win the Oval Offuce" are the brain dead kool aid drinkers who have been for Trump " warts & all."

* These same people who were polled are those who think Trump DID nothing WRONG, they also think there was fraud in the 2020 election & as Trump said " it was rigged." Therevis absolutely nothing anyone can show & prove to change their minds, yours included.

* l will go so far as to say if the " Heavend opened up and a voice rang out- President Trump did lose" these folks who were polled would say " The dems are using some device to get their message out, and we not buying it." So in denial arevyou folks that no one & nothing will convince you that Trump lost & that he is the President of the United States.

* It's sad that this country has so many dumb & gullible people who call themselves lovers of the Constitution & will follow the 2nd amendment to the Hilt, but everything else is fair game. Like having Eastman tell Trump he can circumvent Congress & the Constitution & have the election results made " null & viid" in certain States, and then have Pence empower the electors in those States Trump lost to " Vote for Trump." Had that been pulled off, you would have seen blood in the streets.

* Crying in your beer over the fact that Trump is not in power shows your sad devotion to an aging con man. Had Trump taken his lose like a Man, and congratulated Joe on he's win & then decided that he " would run again in 2024" that would be understandable- but the fact that he is constantly moaning about he's lose, makes him less of a man.

* Let's hope he doesn't try and run again, if he loses again- he would probably say " the fraud & rigging continues." He will forever remain the insurrectionist President despite what you and millions of he's supporters say.

*Clueless is the word!

farticus stop throwing up on this blog post....ugh.
farticus, let me splain it to you... your comments are vomit, putrid disgusting regurgitated puke, every last one of them. barfy barf barf.
* You don't understand what I am saying because you don't have a brain to begin with.. pedosan
farticus, of course,your puke is not decipherable, that is my point, you spew puke.
* You not for democracy that is why you support a President who wanted to destroy it. You feel comfortable in chaos.

* For instance there is a Harris Poll that says " Trump is a better President than Joe at this time." Yeah, cause Joe is enforcing vaccines, our clueless ex President speaks about " Freedom to choose whether you want to get vaccinated or not, go ahead, get sick die- it's your choice." Yet these braun dead supporters are filling the ICU's because they coming down with the virus.. irs: I don't want the vaccine, but help me, you are a bunch of imbeciles.
* Why doesn't the poll ask this:

* Would you vote for any ex President that.wants to destroy democracy?

* It's a simple question, after all, your party loves talking about " Values matter" so pose that question to the millions " Without Naming who that person could be.

* Then ask : Are you prepared to have a President run again who does not have faith in our election process?

* Do you support a President who will want to exact revenge on the people who did not support him when he thought they should?

* Do you want a President that doesn't give a hoot about Covid, because he or she would rather you take ivermectin or something else and if you unvaccinated, no biggie- you can still stay in your job & work around people & get them sick, because rules don't apply to you.. it's your freedom, use it as you see fit.
* Finding it hard to keep up are you pedosan?

* Hey here's something you haven't thought of...

* When Trump took the reins from Obama, we had no real challenges, Trump created chaos as he went along:

* He started his wall, and didn't get to finish it, so hey Joe- get it done.

* Trump signs a deal with the Taliban and since he was booted from office : Hey Joe, get it done. Both things he left on the table & expected Joe to complete. Trump doesn't get enough credit for the Afghanistan situation.

* The guy is big on promises: Created a friendship with Putin & Kim, what did that get us?

* Finally: Why are there no other candidates in the Republican party that have said they " Running for President?" Why are they in fear of coming out and just saying it? Are they afraid of a 75 year old guy? Why?

* Pedosan : Why are you all for destroying American democracy.

* If Obama had tried what Donny did, with the Jan 6th insurrection what do you think would have happened? Is there a nugget of sense in that cranium of yours that can come up with something that makes complete sense?

* When the insurrection was going on: What were you doing, jumping for joy or did you hang your head in shame?

* Did you feel like throwing up in your mouth at what the folks on Capitol Hill were doing to fellow Americans? So were you happy or sad Fool?
excuses.. puke..excuses.. puke...excuses, nah farticus, checkmate, you are a loser.. your silly hypotheticals are rambling and childish attempts at re-writing history via gaslit crap. FAIL!!!!!!!!
* Excuses excuses because you an imbecile. You incapable of thinking clearly which is the reason l have to treat you like a little child- give you examples so that you can connect the dots, but you cant figure it out. There is a reason Trump said he loves the uneducated- he was talking about you.

* You cant bring yourself to admit you on the wrong path, instead you would rather lie in your own filth and accept the way you think as the right one and only the right one. i saw a piece on this guy who was on a ventilator, gasping for breath being taken down by covid- and this guy was saying " l would rather go down believing what l think is right than follow the rules of.." Here was a guy that died, leaving behind a family to fend for themselves, all because he wanted to prove a point.

* Conservative talk-show host have died refusing the vaccine- what the F is going on inside you guys heads, you would rather die to prove a point- yeah, Trump was right, clueless morons.

* You still havent answered my question pedosan, what where you doing when you saw your fellow insurrectionists storming the Capitol?
"Conservative talk-show host have died refusing the vaccine"

Now that the anti-vaxxers filled up hospital beds in several states and requiring more time of doctors and nurses, victims of traffic accidents and major medical emergencies are probably on their own and left to die.

"The Federal government has gone beyond what they were hired to do."

Which section of the Constitution did they go beyond?

"Absolute Truth Jap."

Must be my lucky day because now there two people that can explain what it is the President and Congress went beyond.
* what where you doing when you saw your fellow insurrectionists storming the Capitol?

If Jan 6 was an "insurrection" then what do you call this?
This was June 2020 in Washington DC. Even without my glasses, I can tell it looks just a little bit different from Jan 6.

* what where you doing when you saw your fellow insurrectionists storming the Capitol?

If Jan 6 was an "insurrection" then what do you call this?
This was June 2020 in Washington DC. Even without my glasses, I can tell it looks just a little bit different from Jan 6.

* I have no idea how old you are G, but you clearly have lost not just Yoa step, but a few steps. The burning & protesting is definitely a RIOT.

* The Jan 6th incident was an insurrection because your people " Attacked the Seat of Govt " you clueless fool. They were attempting to STOP the CERTIFICATION of a New President. They were not breaking into a MACY'S or a WALMART you pathetic fool. His was not a peaceful March, they broke through barricades & were smashing windows & breaking down doors , carrying Trump banners & walking the walls of the Capitol. This was not a tour of the Capitol where members of Congress had to HIDE from your brothers & sisters, some who were carrying zipties, for what may l add?

* You have the IQ of a Bilby.

* You guys can come up, make up all the excuses you want about Joe Biden, but at the end of the day: He IS President of these United States.

*You may not have voted for him, but you " stuck" with him till 2024. We were " stuck " with Trump for 4 years of incompetence. Before you throw a fit, it was incompetence because he was denied a 2nd term.

*No shame in that- Carter & Bush experienced the same fate & they garnered respect in the process. They respected the American peoples right to choose someone they TRUSTED- obviously, Trump was not trusted to handle the duties of the Presidency. They looked at him as a loud mouthed failure.

* Let's see how things play out over the next coming years, and if America is not pleased with Biden, they will replace him by voting him out. It's that simple- all this kicking and screaming does no one any good.

*You kids need to realize that, but then again- we are dealing with kids.
farticus the one with all the excuses for joepedo is you. And we are still waiting for joepedos accomplishments. HAHAHAHA!!! The impossible task, that is why you scribble puke.
Now we have someone who can't understand the Absolute Truth, Geez. open your eye's. Oh my bad, He can't tell the difference between Ninnies on a Bull Hog, and genderless beings. I'm surprised he can count that high. Time to empty your sack pal, It's full.
* Talk is cheap. Sufficient time has passed where if there was fraud, it would have been discovered by now.

* Despite what you may believe and say : There is Zero evidence that this past Presidential election was rigged. You guy lost fair and square
so you can quit your incessant moaning over a lose. The results of the election are NOT going to change. You had Cyber Ninja's make a mockery out of the Arizona investigation, in fact " they" showed that Trump lost by a larger number.

* Just pick another topic unrelated to Trump or stay focused on the lottery games cause when you venture into the blogs, your responses show your lack of knowledge on the topics & you come off looking foolish.

* Save yourselves the embarrassment.
"The Federal government has gone beyond what they were hired to do."

Which section of the Constitution did they go beyond?

"Absolute Truth Jap."

Must be my lucky day because now there two people that can explain what it is the President and Congress went beyond.

"Talk is cheap."

Ain't that the truth?
Says a guy/Gal who's offended by my avatar. You bet, Talk is cheap.
Maybe in the Trump Kool-Aid drinking reality, people like to pretend others are offended by cartoons, but in the real world we see the irony of Trump saying he "loves pitifully stupid voters" and many of them using lame cartoon avatars.

Bet they have one of those "dogs playing poker" paint by numbers hanging in their living room. LMAO !
The only "pitifully stupid voters" were the ones that voted for biden.
Well you got what you wanted.
* There is a reason l say some are incapable of thinking clearly. The stupid voters are clearly seen by who they cling to regardless of the actions their choice makes or made.

* Stupid voter or Not: Persons supporting a President that attacks Democracy by attempting to overturn an election?

* Stupid voter or not: Persons supporting a President who does not urges he’s supporters to go to the Capitol & show their disdain by hoping to stop the certification of a new President?

* Ask yourselves: which camp am l in?
* Oops moment “ Persons supporting a President who urges he’s supporters to go to the Capitol..”
* Lastly, something you guys forget- Millions of voters DID NOT, HAVE NOT A GREAT LOVE for Biden, they simply wanted someone to get Trump out of office in order to save the Nation.

* These voters actions “ Exposed the true nature of Trump” a person who was off the rails, narcissistic and mentally unstable individual. I mean even out of office, he seeks revenge on those that did not support him.

* Trump was drunk with power and wanted to hang onto it at all costs, and he’s actions are there for all to see. Saying “ Trump is showing he is strong & a Great leader” is an asinine response.

*Trump did NOT inherit the Presidency from his father- the voters put in him, and they have the RIGHT to take him out. Only thing is: Trump didn’t want to leave. Like an unruly guest at a party that is upsetting tue other guest, when told to leave, they refuse.

* The American voters kicked the guest out!

Farticus and DemHack-47 never cease to amaze me wit their mutual love-fest of unmitigated stupidity. Your boy Robinette BIDET "be doing such a great job" on all fronts, LOL; what dumb twits! Their parents must be so proud!
* Says an insurrectionist..
Noise Fart, I knew you would chime right in and further embarrass your parents, but still thanks for validating my previous comment with more drivel about "insurrectionists"; LOL, what a clueless goofball!
Bet these Kool-Aid drinking pitifully stupid Trump supporters that are still claiming Trump won (LMAO), won't be reading the Arizona audit results.
"Lastly, something you guys forget- Millions of voters DID NOT, HAVE NOT A GREAT LOVE for Biden, they simply wanted someone to get Trump out of office in order to save the Nation."

It's not because they forget; they just don't know they're pitifully stupid and believe everyone must think like them. They really believe anyone against Trump including W Bush must be a Biden supporter. Trump had and still has fund raising rallies for his supporters so they of course expect Biden to do the same.

Because they believe the big lie, nobody will every convince them Trump lost because more voters disliked him than liked him. To them a poll showing 66% of Republicans believe the big lie goes right over their head because they can't do the math. None of the Biden voters believe the big lie, but the pitifully stupid can't comprehend the 33% of Republicans not believing the big lie are added to Biden voters creating a huge majority.

When asked if he would accept the Ninja audit report about eight hours ago, orange45 said this:

"Well, no, because they they just took a small part and they didn’t look at the real numbers. Now the numbers are going to be announced. The real numbers are going to be announced at four o’clock today."

As always Trump does what he does best, he lies and 33% of Republicans voters say they know it.
Ever notice how all the anti-Trumpers here never have anything good at all to say about biden?

That's very, very, telling about what they truly think about him.

They're all sitting around now saying to themselves: Man, I can't believe we actually thought he was going to be better than Trump... What the hell were we thinking?

They just won't admit it.

* Biden has only been in office 8 months, in that time, he has had to contain the “ mess started by 45.” I may be repeating myself here, but whether you want to call Afghanistan or the border crisis- Trump has a hand in both of those situations. He can run, but he can’t hide.

* It’s as l mentioned before, conservatives are or were under the illusion that Biden had to follow through on deals or projects 45 came up with, whether good or bad.

* Your liar in Chief lied his way through 4 years and you guys got so used to the lies, that you prepared to live with lies for the rest of your lives. Truth no longer matters, which is why you are called a Bunch of sheep and wherever sheep go, the others follow.

* For instance when Trump laid the groundwork for his impending defeat, he made sure he planted the seed of doubt in your minds long before the first vote was cast, and it all involved him, being the President, and because he had huge rallies, there was “ no way he could lose the election.”
If he lost, it was because ..

* They rigged the process, and like sheep, you guys bought into that lie, and continue to do so. Then we have the vaccines, they can’t be trusted, and that goes for the mask as well. Yet here you guys are, saying you the sane ones.

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