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Sunday, August 29, 2021


Mitch McConnell: Afghan Withdrawal' One of Worst Foreign Policy Decisions' in US History

* Yeah, you tell them Mitch. While you are at it, tell us what you said " at the time " when 45 was putting together the plan to not only meet and strike a deal with the Taliban while leaving the current government in Afghanistan out of the talks, but also putting a date when the US and its allies had to be out of the country.

* Go ahead and tell us, because the only time many of us ever heard criticism from you on Trump, was after the Jan 6th insurrection- everything else was just fine with you Mitch. Now your comrade, Lindsay is saying we can " Take back Bagram by tonight"

* Yeah, let's have more Americans killed in that effort, and then Graham will say " Biden did not PLAN well." Of course, if Trump was still in office and this mess happened on his watch- we would hear " The Afghan Govt deserted, they didn't stick to the plan, it's all their fault."

You idiot you! At best, you have the understanding and mentality of a slow 3rd grader in elementary school. Stop blabbing about things that you are totally ignorant about. DJT (the legitimate President) was negotiating from a position of STRENGTH and had in place a plan to withdraw American troops that was was totally conditions-based. Any deviation from the plan and the Taliban (Joe Biden's "Tally-ban") would suffer devastating consequences. They knew DJT was a man of his word and not a weak COWARD like your boy Biden. None of this would have ever happened under the strong/competent leadership of the legitimate President DJT. The "Tally-ban" would have been bombarded back to their 7th century roots. But as it is now with with your senile fake president aka "Molesto Joe", the "Tally-ban" terrorists are in control and calling the shots. You must be very pleased with the way things stand today you sick leftist Obammy-loving anti-American apologist/freakazoid. MAGA 2024 baby!
* Position of strenth my ass. This lunatic always felt that he knew more than the Generals out in the field. Trump was the one that wanted to end this war, and l give him kudos for that, but the clown negotiated with the Taliban ONLY, what does that tell ypu about his thinking?

*This imbecile had no plan in place, he sent Pompeo to get the Taliban to sign onto his agreement to allow the US & it's allies to leave without shooting at us and the they could fight it out with the Afghan forces for control, since that was not part of the agreement
one only has to see how he operated by looking at he's pullout of Syria. This guy threw the kurds under the bus and the Russians ended up taking over the place.

You are one of the resident idiots here so what you say carries no weight. You and your ilk have the IQ of toilet paper.
@KAL, agreed, farticus aka noise fart the idiot.......a gaslighting troll. Everything it writes is fiction, contrived, and baseless in facts. farticus is a liar and America hating POS. It has not posted an original or factual topic in its platinum blog......why??????? because he exists to create fiction and misinformation, he has no facts or evidence to support its bu11sh1t.
* Just in case you forgetting, Trump had this deal with the taliban as one of his talking points when running for a 2nd term. He was telling the American people " l am for Peace, Biden is for endless wars."

*When he lost and this crisis hit the fan.. suddenly his " Peace with the Taliban was REMOVED from the conservative websites as though it never existed. Even Pompeo tried to rewrite history by saying the direct opposite to what he said in 2020- both he nd your clown President were saying that the Taliban " Can be trusted."

* Stop reading BS on websites that promote lies. There is a reason Trump is no longer President, Americans figured out over the course of the 4 years that he was looked upon as a aging rocker which is why people flocked to his rallies, it was his farewell tour, you know the " more ride before he hung it all up."
* Why are Trump supporters boo- ing him when he says they should get vaccinated?
* What do you mean l don't post facts? That's all l do, but you clowns dont like what you hear.

* Facts: Trump lost to Biden.

Lost by over 7 million votes.

Tried to overturn an election because he felt he deserved another term.

Appointed Justices to the Supreme court thinking they woulc come through cor him by upholding his bogus claims, which is why he said they ought to " do the right thing. "

First President in history to lose the Presidency, the House & Senate in his 1st term.

Also refuses to grow up. Probably the only billionaire out there that acts like someone stole his toys, the way he carries on about Biden robbing him of a 2nd term.

Refuses to acknowledge that he is a loser.

Once again, farticus/noise fart, I know you're a bit slow on the uptake, but stop embarrassing yourself. Think of your parents that tried to bring you up to go in the right direction. But yet you still spit on them as you spit on your own country. President DJT dictated conditions-based terms of withdrawal from a position of STRENGTH, not from a pitiful position of WEAKNESS like your fraudulent/fake President Molesto Joe that did everything back-asswards after first withdrawing troops and then entrusting the safety and welfare of Americans to the "Tally-ban" terrorists. And by the way, the mighty DJT does know far more about how these things work than the pansy-ass woke so-called "generals" that are advising senile Molesto Joe.
* The Generals out in the field right now are the SAME Generals who served under Trump you fool.

*Presidents just dont remove and replace Generals when another political party takes over. The armed forces are Politically neutral you stupid F. Which is why an active member of the forces does not criticize the leadership or chain of command.

* You didn't know that... and you call me a fool? Just go to bed.

Pray tell why is is it that now all dumb dim-dems can do is talk about about "getting the vaccine" when they where all diametrically opposed to it while DJT was still POTUS. You people are such diabolical hypocrites. By the way, what does this have to do with the price of poppy seed in Afghanistan? Please be safe and wear 3 masks if you can muster up the courage to venture outside your parent's basement room tomorrow. I've never worn a mask and will never wear a mask, except for the time I was a child out trick-or-treating in an astronaut's costume in 1967. Go to work every day without being scared and never been healthier. Eff your masks and your fake covid vaccines.
Farticus, you seem to not be aware that POTUS is also Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Any military general may be fired or relieved of duty for incompetence or dereliction of duty to country. President Trump did not surround himself with "woke" military generals. In case you missed his comments at his most recent rally, President DJT succinctly stated that "woke" is a synonym for "loser" and that "everything woke" turns to sh*t !
* You insane.

*You post that DJT knows more than the Generals on the ground,men who served in combat, saw enemy fire? Yet you think this guy who never even enrolled in any division of service or did a single tour of any duty knows more about strategy& combat?
I repeat, you are insane.

* Sure the Commander in chief can fire folk in the military, but you need a cause. Which is why when Trump wanted the DOJ to be led by Clarke, who by the way wanted the folks at the DOJ to " sign a letter saying" the election was fraudulent, the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff asked Meadows " what the hell is going on?"
Your toady President wanted the DOJ to confirm fraud & thus have the authority to declare the election unacceptable- leading Gen Miley to say that he contacted the other chiefs of Staff that they would all resign if Trump wanted to defy the voters will.

* What you useless F don't understand is that your Hotel President wanted to install himself President against the wishes of the American people.

*Trump is a F disgrace to the office.

The US over estimated the intelligence and capability of Afghans when they tried to hand over the keys. Oh well. These backwards f---ers now have the backwards society they always wanted.
* You don't have to wear a mask or get the vaccine- just stop posting Sh** about what you think it does.

Valentine a conservative talkshow host died from it after telling people to stay away from it.

Wallace from TX died as well. Went all out discouraging people to not wear mask.

Just shut your cakeholes about what you think you know. You not a doctor- you a Moron

* Setting foot in that desert was a major mistake. It's been a tribal country for thousands of years & trying to Westernize the place was a mistake. Let them sort their own shi* out.
One sure way to stop the war, is to lose it !
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