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Saturday, July 31, 2021


Report: Shocking Double Standard For Bringing U.S. Rioters To Justice

* The rioters after the George Floyd thing did not take their actions all the way up to Capitol Hill to make a statement.

* The insurrection on Jan 6th was done at the behest of Donald J Trump- the President of the United States at the time.

* Had those folks who showed up and listened to Trump give his speech had then gone home, this would not be a topic of conversation.
three stupid twisted gaslit pos statements by farticus. You are a stupid fuqing crap shooter, go the fuque are wasting your time here, go back to commie school.
* It's pointless responding to people who are incapable of thinking clearly.
* Now we find out from documents that this ex F President wanted to stage a coup by telling the DOJ to say the election was fraudulent " leave the rest to him."

* This moron of President still has the backing of imbeciles who think he " did nothing wrong."

* Who needs to go back to school fool?"
* Why are you defending this P****?

"It's pointless responding to people who are incapable of thinking clearly"

I once thought it the Trump's (I love the stupid people) Kool-Aid and I found out that Mike "the crack addict" Lindell added his secret ingredients into it.
A person has to be a world class moron to believe everything in rags like the Federalist. It's shocking to find out some here actually believes their comparison of the Trump mob fighting law enforcement trying to stop the recording of legally certified votes to protest murdering George Floyd.

History repeats and instead of the European Jews, well let's just say we know exactly what they mean by MAGA. Wink wink.
I see the brain dead, clueless, libturd cnn boot lickers are back, trying to convince everyone that an entire summers worth of rioting, beatings, looting stores and private businesses, setting police cars on fire, attacking and shooting cops, burning down police stations, court houses, businesses, and setting up autononomous zones is NOT a violent insurrection.
But what happened Jan 6th was.
Heaven help us.
* It's as l said " lts pointless responding to...incapable of thinking clearly."

* Since thinking is NOT your strong Forte, let's go with something simpleton understand.

* Let's say you a religious person- you have been at this church for years, suddenly a new Pastor is assigned to your parish, this person says all the " right things " you want to hear- everyone loves him. Suddenly word get out that this pastor is "doing things" that are not in harmony with biblical teachings, but you love the guy. At what point do you say " this is not right" this pastor has to go?

* Now religion is in some ways like politics: People cling to tradition & sometimes no matter how bad scandals are, one sticks with the " church," but the questionable pastors is removed, even though the church endures. Those are facts- Now if l compared this pastor to Trump, does that makes things a littler clearer?

* 2nd: The Jan 6th insurrection cannot be compared with the aftermath of Floyd 's death, why you ask? Because the World SAW the event, a REAL person was killed, and the looting, burning, etc was a direct response of that act, it was not right, but people reacted to a real event.

*The Jan 6th Insurrection was based on " Fantasy." It was the word of the President of the United States saying there was fraud when none has been proven.
In other words, just as that Pastor would be removed, America did the same with Trump.

*Does that make this easier for you to understand now?

NG, they will never get it, no matter how easier you explain it to these morons. Even if you drew pictures, they'd still be idiots.

retardation is permanent, so sad....
* l am truly embarrassed for not thinking that drawing stick figures to convey a message would not get through to these guys, utterly ashamed P3.

* You right, retardation is like cancer- once it's in there, it's in there.
"they will never get it"

Oh they get it and it's just another example of racist digs by comparing the people protesting the murder of George Floyd and the people Orange 45 sent to the Capital Building to stop the counting of Electoral votes. Why not admit they're racist hiding behind Trump's big lie?

"cnn boot lickers"

I don't watch CNN, but how is it possible for the people watching CNN to be "boot lickers"? Don't they realize how stupid they sound by repeating the same old tired lies?

Didn't whatever far right trash site they follow report that Chauvin was found guilty of murder? And did they miss the memo saying people are no longer protesting Floyd's murder?

* Know what's even worse? These surveys from rightwing sites that are tucked into these new sites that read..

* Was Trump the Greatest President of your generation or will you vote for him in 2024 for President?

* That survey suggests that the : Impeachment, the " Insurrection speech" the " find me X amount of votes" DOES not matter or raise concerns to these people.

* The continued " Big Lie" does not, will not factor into their decision when thinking of Trump running in 4 years time.

* Isn't that like someone saying Jack the Ripper wasn't really a bad person, after all he only killed prostitutes or so it's conveyed? Leave the guy alone, he prevented the spread of gonorrhea & Syphilis back in the day!
The Big Lie is everything that you post.
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