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Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Larry Kudlow: Why Joe Biden should recruit Donald Trump to help with the call for vaccinations

* Why? Trump want to be asked because he considers himself that important. During the debate with Biden, this fool said " he ran because he had no choice, he saw the direction of the country and had to act."

* Yeah he acted alright. Giving Putin & Kim showtime, thosectwo used this clown and never gave an inch on their stand as dictators.

* If Biden had to ask Trump to be the voice, you can bet your last penny, sometime down the road this foolwill be at a rally and say " Did you see that, l am out of office & Joe calls me up and says Mr President, ooh l loved the way he said that, and he says " We need you"... Joe needed my help & l thought about it fir a minute and said " lm a nice guy, he asked me nicely and l did it." This freaking serpent will turn anything around and elevate his pompous ass.

* No Joe, don't do it!
This C-19 was put in place to take out Trump in 2020 and to aid in the big steal with absentee ballots.
Now that they are in office they are the ones who are taking the hit for all these lock downs and the push for the jab. Bringing Trump back into the picture gives them cover for joint responsibility of the fallout of their scheme.
Trump was put in a position while President where he did not have much choice but to follow the recommendations regarding C-19.
Trump needs to just stay out of this C-19 charade.

* More conspiratorial nonsense. There is no " put in place" virus. Trump just so happened to be President when this virus took off worldwide.

* If it's not, don't get vaccinated, its this crap. Those people complaining about " not enough tests have been done" my question is " How long do we have to wait " till people get the jab, 6 months, a year, 2 years? By which time we have another million Americans dead because we waited?

* Spare humanity your silly thinking. Ask that conservative guy Valentine who lives in either TN or KY who is fighting for his life because of contracted Covid, a guy who was all over the airwaves with a classic line of " Do not take the vaccine." Now he is believer, but battling for his life.

* You guys are hopeless.
"Trump was put in a position while President where he did not have much choice but to follow the recommendations regarding C-19."

Bet you don't know that Trump is not a medical doctor or a scientist and why did have follow recommendations for a while.

"the push for the jab"

Have you convinced lots of people not to get "the jab"?
* Did you ask what?
Your post to the subject on hand is BS.

* Covid was not put in place to take out Trump, this fool took himself out. The idea that Trump was " The chosen one" is asinine. The " Chosen One" does not speak like an 8 year old, does not suggest injecting a disinfectant into the body to cure a virus, does not try to overturn an election he clearly lost. That last bit is common in country's where it has had dictatorship rule for Decades. This Hotel owner was in over his head to begin with.

* Btw- If one is the " Chosen One" my question is chosen by whom, cause it cannot be by the Creator, who never loses. Even if Trump had been conned at the ballot box, he would have come out victorious because he would have had Divine backing.

* Since when is putting children in cages part of God's plan? Trump lost because he ran an incompetent campaign. Once a loser, always a loser. Make a note of it.

Trump lost because he ran an incompetent campaign.

Trump campaigned for months and held 3 and 4 rallys a day the month before the election. He had no problem doing interviews and talking to the press. Things that every candidate does. That is not running an incompetent campaign.

biden did absolutely none of those things. And you expect people to believe the election wasn't rigged and he won fairly. So how in the world does someone that does not campaign win an election??
* First off, you have not answered my last question, where you thought you could box me in. Are you a liar?

* Now this: Trump did run an incompetent Campaign, how so? Because Trump relied on his " charisma " to carry the day. His thinking was, l am surrounded my uneducated folks, they show up at my rallies, l can tell them anything and l will sail to victory. Wrong!

* His arrogance was " Not having an agenda for his 2nd term." Thinking he didn't need one. Wrong, go check... l'll wait.

*In fact l will go so far as to say Trump took his supporters for granted. He announces a day for his rallies, and like pigeons being fed, they gathered to hear the same old same old, didn't matter whether it rained or shined, the faithful showed up. With a following like that- who needs an agenda, he thought.

* Every President outlines what he hopes to achieve in he's 2nd term, but not this guy. When asked he saud something like " Keep America continuing to be Great." That's nice, catchy for the uninitiated, but folks seasoned in politics could see storm clouds on the horizon.

* Btw- What did those 3-4 rallies a day get him? Biden didn't need to do rallies, he could see the awful job Donny was doing, why get in the way? Trump sunk his own ship, he guided his campaign onto rocks & when he came to, blamed it on fraud & other crap. Of course he was & is counting on you weak minded followers to carry water for him. In Texas his pick to fill a seat went down in flames.

* Perhaps it is a turning point, we shall see- but if his endorsements of candidates for Congress or the Senate end up losing, that means the writing is on the wall & he might as well take his act to Vegas. Dying a slow death in politics can be painful- just ask Newt & others who are now a shell.of themselves. Don't forget a past Speaker of the house- Dennis Hastert, that foul fiend was finally brought to justice.

Well said noise gate.
I did answer your question. Go look!!!

biden saw what an awful job Trump was doing? Gimme a break. biden was a 2 time loser for president. Maybe if he didn't plagiarize every one else he might have gotten in earlier. That tells you a lot when a guy has to steal other people's speeches. No originality, can't think for himself. Nothings changed.
The election was fixed all along. Hillary admitted it when she told biden back in August; Do not concede the election, no matter what happens on Nov 3. She knew something. She was probably talking from experience.

So you think it hurts Trump the guy he endorsed didn't make it? Doesn't matter. The repubs picked up another seat in the house.
From the Texas Tribune: On the issues, there does not appear to be much daylight between Ellzey and Wright. They both cite finishing the border wall, preserving election integrity and standing up for law enforcement among their priorities.

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