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Monday, February 22, 2021


SCOTUS Decides To Hear None Of The 2020 Election Cases

Those in charge of the elections in their state can decide who the winners will be. Voters can go to he!!.
Want to know whatís absurd? Dominion voting machines were also used in counties where Trump blew heís numbers out of the water.
To suggest that somehow these machines were rigged in certain counties that he lost is ridiculous. This is why folks like Rudy, Sidney and the Pillow guy are I being sued. The high courts are not idiots. Itís similar to saying l bought jackpot tickets, why is someone else the winner & not me? We have winners and then we have losers, itís called the facts of life, get over it.
"To suggest that somehow these machines were rigged in certain counties that he lost is ridiculous"
What is ridiculous about it? Tell me how the machines can not be messed with.
Never given the opportunity in any court to prove it. The courts did not want anything to do with the election fraud.

More than anything, l want free and fair elections, but this past election was secure. Why do l say so, because not only was the FBI, the cybercrime agency put in by Trump and other agencies in the job that we were told itís fair. Possible that some mistakes were made during the election- absolutely, not not ENOUGH to swing the election back to Trump.
We were told thousands of dead people voted, that was proven to be untrue- they found 2 persons who were dead, not thousands as originally reported.
As for the Dominion machines, they were safe. They not going to sue if they know flaws could be shown in court. Rudy, Sidney & others had 2 months to wheel their evidence into court, and all they had was hearsay. Lindell says he was proof, well letís see, but as it stands now , the ejection is over and Trump lost by millions. The idea he could not have lost is crazy.

Trump was on his way to a 2nd term, but his handling of the virus screwed him over, itís that simple.
Common Noise, everybody should know how easy it would be to rig a presidential election so a Democrat would win in states with Republican Secretaries of State and where the Republican Party controls the state board of elections.

I don't recall when the "without due process of law" clause was erased from the Fifth Amendment or read or heard where the 4th through 8th Amendments were repealed. Just saying anything and proving a crime was committed are two different things. Don't know exactly what the "my pillow guy" said about Dominion, but if he publicly accused them of committing a crime with zero proof, he won't be selling pillows any more.
He better start selling alot of pillows for 1.3 billion. Can anyone say oops!
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