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Saturday, November 13, 2021


How Trump Transformed The Supreme Court

* The only reason he got to transform it was because Mitch refused to let Obama appoint other judges & lower court ones as well. He, Mitch allowed Scalia's seat to be open for over a year. Had Clinton won, she would have filled the courts with her choices, but that's all water under the bridge

* Sometimes a thing to good to be true is just that. The Clown in chief " rushed to fill" Ginsberg's seat , thinking that Barrett would come through for him in his moment of need. Not so fool. The High court looked things over & told the clown he had no case.

* To be sure, Trump has he's stamp on the judicial brach going forward for decades, but for all his bravado & thinking he was invincible- he was sent packing, even Achilles eventually fell.
You should like the Turtle, Noisy Numbnuts.
He's on your side half of the time.
But we're gonna get rid of that RINO in his next primary.
And then we're gonna stop you and your demonic friends from killing babies.
Put that in your crackpipe and smoke it.
* Your problem is that you got your say in just about every topic here, that you forget where you are.

* This topic is about Trump transforming the Supreme Court. You one confused fool. By the way who are these people that are killing babies? You think Republicans or conservatives do not have abortions? Ok, alright. Keep thinking that way. As for the idea that you can voice your opinion about " killing Babies" and that will get you into heaven.

* Newsflash: Thousands of Babies were killed in the flood. Unless you under the impression that in the time of Noah, there were no children, no babies. Stop trying to claim the high spiritual ground, because you come off looking foolish.
Shut up already Farticus! Stop making excuses. Just as rdgrner accurately stated, you and your demonic friends take some strange perverse pleasure in killing babies and justify it after getting your jollies on. Your Mom wanted you aborted, but baby's daddy implored her to reconsider. Put that in your crike pipe and smoke it!
Hey Numbnuts,
I forgot where I am? WTF is that supposed to mean?
I get my say in every topic here? Is that a problem for you? Why? Because you don't have anything to say that makes any sense?
Why don't you go complain to management then and get me banned if you don't like what I say? You have nothing of value or interest to add to anything and you can't prove me wrong in anything I say and that drives you nuts, doesn't it? Oh well.
That's the problem with you sniveling whiners. You can't compete so you want the opposition silenced. Well I ain't gonna shut up so you can go whine and snivel and grovel in the dirt to management, punkass b!tch.
And you gotta lotta nerve claiming some kind of equivalence between babies killed in the Flood and babies you and your fellow pervs and weirdos butcher alive in and out of the womb. And then sell their body parts for money. Enjoy it while you can, bozo. You're a sick fk.
*Yes, you don't know where you are: l repeat- Look at the freaking title of this thread imbecile. You brought up the topic of " he is on your side half of the time." WHO the F is " he?"

* l pointed out to you that you confused, and you still don't get it. As for reporting people- never done since l got here, don't intend to either. You are not that important to bother over. l on the other-hand have been reported on numerous times because we not all adults here.

*You think to much of yourself as being important, you not. You picked a fight with dropbox talking about California a week or so ago, and get off that way. Like l said before, you a F joke.
Man, you must be one of them there rocket surgeons, huh?
YOU brought up Mitch McConnel in YOUR FIRST SENTENCE.
Then I responded to it.
What part of that is so terribly hard for you to comprehend?
Are the schools that bad in that sh!thole state that you come out the same imbecile as you went in?
Is the air that bad in the Castro from the feces drying out on the sidewalk in front of your tenement? You ARE wearing a mask, aren't you? LOL.
Numbnuts, you're just a schmuck, you should get down and grovel in the dirt at my feet for even wasting my time on your blithering nonsense.
Now be careful going outside, there may be a fresh pile on your stoop. LOL
Floods fairytales killing of the firstborn, Santa Claus, flying Pixies, tooth fairy, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

It's 2021 and people still believe in this buls**t. Talking snakes, Talking donkies.... man I swear, I'm in the wrong business. Maybe I should open his church and make millions gullible people who are afraid of their own mortality.

I wonder if Steve Bannon who just got indicted believes in fairy tales. Maybe the flying Pixies will pardon him.

Noah, a 900 year old drunk man and his family oh, yeah okay, mental retardation is a serious problem.
Uh-oh, I think somebody's drunk and stoned again.
* Mitch has been a politician for decades. Your idol, 4 years. Do the math. In all the time that Mitch held the reins in the Senate, he Mitch- pushed through conservative judges etc.

* Suddenly Mitch is a Rino, because a 4 year old tells you so? I don't need to go into the why's & wherefore but your demigod is out of power & Mitch still remains in the Senate & 45 is pissed, looks like, so are you.

* By the way: A year has passed & there are those claiming Trump will return to the WH for the end of this year. Raise a glass.
Amberjack, does Todd know you're back to posting incomprehensible gibberish again while drunk and stoned after he 86ed you?
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