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Friday, December 4, 2020


Trump Has Only Himself To Blame For Losing The Election i

All we had to do was to compare W Bush's responses after 911 to Trump basically doing nothing when the pandemic first started. And it didn't help when Trump and many people in the WH caught the virus.

It was the moderates voting against Trump regardless of all the unproved claims of voter fraud that cost him any chance of re-election.
I'm shocked he even won the first time!   Covid's out of control and he golfing and still complain about voting fraud claims! Forty six days and counting and he is gone!
He didn't lose. I can't wait for the melt downs when everyone sees he won. Does anyone in America know the constitution? He won. 4 more years of Trump! Praise the lord!
"unproved claims of voter fraud", my behind! Even the devious cheating dim-dems, commie leftists and statist"progreeesives" all know President Trump won in a landslide. But they are so smug and content with the apparent results of the rigged election. They were all feverishly plotting and scheming six months in advance of the selection since they had no other path to install their senile stooge candidate in the White House. Biden already stated on CNN that he would feign illness, resign and defer to radical leftist VP elect Quemala Harris in the event of any "moral dispute". The stage has been set, but Biden will pull the shortest straw.
Sure he lost. Did the Titanic sink? All the Trump lawsuits are being thrown out because there is no evidence, just hearsay, and accusations, and some have been struck down by Republican judges, what does that tell you?. Stop being in denial, after all, Presidential elections are once every 4 years. Just because you don't like the results doesn't mean you get to do it again in order to try and get a different result.
Come to think of it: I got dumped by Melissa when l was 16, l tried having a " do-over" but she was hearing nothing of the kind- l eventually got over it, hopefully, Trump will to or he will carry that to his grave, what a load to bear.
l Have no idea what Constitution you referring to, cause the one the founding Fathers put together says nothing about having 5 States having to redo their votes because the sitting President does not agree with the results. You do not disenfranchise millions of voters because you having a bad day.
Frankly, Trump is becoming a national embarrassment, and l would say that for a Democrat as well who refused to Concede an election he or she lost. It's time to ride off into the sunset. Trump should be pleased with himself that he got the chance to be President, far more qualified Men and Women failed to accomplish that ambition. All acts wear thin over time- perhaps he could rejuvenate " The Apprentice." There is always hope.
Which begs the question: Why is Trump spending time trying to stay in office when he should be talking to the American people about the virus & steps to combat it or the unemployment numbers? Is it because he feels that since he lost, he doesn't need to bother?

Is this the guy you putting up a battle to stay in power 4 more years? A guy who doesn't give a rat's A** about anything but himself? How do you spell Insane?
More meaningless noise from NG. Why should President Trump concede the election to a senile leftist puppet installed by the establishment clique for an election that President Trump obviously won in a landslide? Of course you have no idea about the Constitution that you loathe and despise so much since you never gave it a second thought until yesterday. You know NOTHING about the Constitution so don't even mention it. You'd have to be a blind and blithering idiot to still be parroting the lame CNN/MS-LSD line about "no evidence" of voter fraud. Is it any wonder that you got dumped by Melissa?
Apparently voter fraud claims were coming out out of Rudy's behind in Michigan. And the fact that judges in six states have thrown out the "Trump team's" fraud cases doesn't stop Trump from blowing the rigged/fraud/cheating claims out of his behind either. Ignorance of the US Constitution can be added to the deranged denials of some MAGA people too.

But all of this is just smoke and mirrors hoping to hide the real reason Trump lost the election by 7,000,000 votes. Trump lost because 220,509 Americans were infected with Covid-19 in the last 24 hours and there were 2,979 deaths. But the MAGA kool-aid drinkers are denying that too; at least until someone in their family gets infected and dies.

I seriously doubt you are an adult Kalo, but then again we have adults with Tourette's syndrome. But let's come back to reality shall we? In life, there are winners and losers, which is why Champs like Ali lost to Spinks, Lakers lost to Boston and vice versa.Tyson lost to Buster, and the list goes on and on. However there are people who live in a bubble and refuze to come out of it.
One of them is Trump, millions of others are the Maga crowd. I could talk till l am blue in the face and l seriously doubt it will register with you amd your ilk. The fact of the matter is you are presently being taken for a ride, being played by the President. How you say?
By giving him over $200 million for he's defense fund, the guy is pocketing your guys money you dummies & making a fortune because he can always count of fools to stand in freezing cold weather to take a glimpse at his face, listen to his repeated claims of greatness done while in office, well- HELLO, the election is OVER.

There is no way Biden is not going to be President on Jan 20th, if he turns out to be a bad one, vote the guy out after 4 years, it's that simple.

Stop falling in love with politicians, and yes l was dumped by Melissa for cheating on her. You ought to follow her "actions" by dumping Trump for cheating on you idiots by claiming voter fraud while lining his pockets with your hard earned money. You don't know this, but You following your Custer into a " fraud battle." We know what happened at the battle of the Little BigHorn.
Losers always lose- you in great company.
The best part is the lawsuits coming up. What a guy. She's not my type he said,   Graber em by thr $==//. Again what a class act!
LB, Talking smack is a lot different then getting BJ's from an intern in the white house. Now that was REAL class, right?

*Can you imagine if Biden was a 78 year old Black politician that defeated Trump at the polls?

*The following would happen.

*Every State in the country would be challenged by the republicans & Maga folks.

*Trump would have gone straight to the SCOTUS stating this is " truly massive voter fraud."

*If the results were not to their satisfaction- l think Martial law would have been declared & Trump would have been declared the President for another 4 years with or without evidence of voter fraud.

*Prove me wrong..

NG, Ever since the 2016 elction, Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer have been telling us they have a mountain of evidence Trump colluded with the Russians. We're STILL waiting to see it it. We never will. You know why? There wasn't any.
But this time it's not a bunch of politicians crying about election fraud, it's American citizens that are saying it. They are testifying under oath what they saw, videos are being show, scientific evidence about the voting machines is being brought to light. But cnn isn't you showing you that.
And now the dems are under the same scrutiny for what they accused Trump of doing for the last 4 years. Awww! Poor babies. There's an old saying, What goes around comes around. And now it's come back on them. So now it's yall's turn to deal with the sheet. Hope you enjoy it!

I see a few a few American citizens claiming election fraud in LP Blogs, but yet to see proof and hardly any evidence. And see lots of them copying and pasting stuff from debunked articles apparently because they can't think for themselves. See lots of the 81 million that voted for Biden/Harris demanding real proof too.

To Grwurston, People say they saw space aliens from other planets, bigfoot, and Nessie in videos too. And even though people "swear or affirm" to tell the truth before testifying, juries or panels of judges have the option to believe or disbelieve any part or entire testimonies.
No G, the ONLY folks talking about voter fraud are conservatives, funny how no " VF" is being discussed in the States Trump won, why is that? - As for going Trump with the Russian thingie, both parties do that, remember when Mitch said " He would make Obama a One Term Pres." why?

Talking about Voter fraud- the seed for that disinformation was planted by non-other than Trump himself. l am repeating myself here when l say that Trump was the one that said " Do not mail in your ballots, its riddled with fraud." So his supporters listened and followed his direction- Biden on the other hand encouraged mail-in voting and that's what got him over the hump. Now Trump is challenging the results.

Btw: Are we to assume that Truth lies in RED States and falsehood in BLUE States. That we are now in the " good vs evil" category? That if you live in a Blue State, it is corrupted only because Trump did not prevail in them? Why challenge the results in only 5 States?

More importantly: There is no " yall" here with me G. l voted for neither character so that doesn't play here. I have always said that l want ONE President at a time, let the voters decide who they want- l will respect the voters, BUT if the choice we had screwed up, l will call them out on it, whether a Dem or Repub in office. Well it so happens that we had a Repub and he lost. This hanging onto power pisses me off, you lost, grow up and leave for the good of the country.
We do not live under a dictatorship govt and no one wants that, but when l read stuff like this..

*President Donald Trump on Saturday called Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, pushing him to convince state legislators to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's win in the state.
Trump asked Kemp to call a special session and convince state legislators to select their own electors that would support him, according to a source familiar with the conversation. He also asked the Republican governor to order an audit of absentee ballot signatures.
Kemp explained that he did not have this authority and denied the request, the source said.

This sort of behavior is carried out in 3rd world countries with dictators, not the United States of America. What many on the right fail to acknowledge is the fact that the " majority" of Americans wanted a CHANGE in Leadership in the WH, not necessarily in States, since we have noticed that the Repubs did gain seats- In language easily understood- Americans wanted Trump gone.
For whatever reason- he failed the people. Be it the handling of the pandemic or policies, he is nowhere to be seen, no press conferences on the virus, instead, we get 40 plus minutes of bitching about the election loss- come on, grow the F up. If it didn't happen now, it would have in 4 years' time or are we to assume that had he won another 4 this time, that he would attempt to rewrite the rules, so that he can ran until he dies in office?

There is no amount of so-called " evidence fraud or accusation & oaths" that will change the outcome of the election. The election was 4 weeks ago, if there was going to be " Solid concrete proof" of voter fraud that would have flipped the State to Trump, it would have shown up weeks ago in court by not Rudy or Sidney- but by powerful Law Firms knowing they had the smoking gun to overturn the election and give the election to Trump.

Finally: In case you have not heard or noticed- Trump has gutted the heads at the Pentagon, and planted stooges, some with little or no experience on matters related to the military. He even put in Corey Lowandowski on the defense business board. Biden had better bring in a large broom.
Stack47, as well as your best butt buddy Noise Gate. from the juvenile mentality of your post, I seriously doubt you even graduated from High School. You are so stupid as to defy all comprehension! You would have to be a blind blithering idiot to deny to deny that President Trump won the election in a landslide despite all the overt voter fraud and cheating from the leftists. Shove your witty little comments up your stack! When has President Trump ever been wrong about anything? NEVER!
Stack, Who exactly is debunking the articles saying there is election fraud? I mean besides cnn and the rest of the msm who have hated Trump since day one.
Trump was wrong about the corona virus. He said it was a hoax. He then said to use bleach to do away with the virus. He was wrong about the many businesses he owned that went bankrupt. He was wrong to call mexicans murders and rapists .   He presently is wrong to not continue to do his job and fight the corona virus. He is wrong to accuse the voting people of fraud.
He is wrong to incite violence against election officials.   Need I say more? He is always wrong.
Please do not further embarrass yourself by parrotting more of the dishonest MSM talking points. Once again, President Donald John Trump has NEVER once been wrong about anything and will prevail as usual. That's all!
NG, So you think Trump is a dictator, that is so funny. What are being told to do or not do now?
1) Do not leave your house.
2) Do not go to work.
3) Do not go shopping or out to eat.
4) Do not go to church.
5) Do not celegrate Thanksgiving with your family. If you do, they must live in your house only.
6) Do not celebrate with more than 6 people.
7) Do not celebrate Chrismas this year. Again only with family living in your house.
8) Do not travel to other states.
9) Do not gather outside in groups of more than 25 people.
10) If you see your neighbors have more then the number of people allowed, call the authorities. Have them arrested.
11) If you write anything on social media someone doesn't agree with it will be censored or removed.
12) Do that too many times and your account will be suspended or cancelled.
13) You must wear a mask outside at all times, even when you are by yourself.
14) You must wear a mask in your house.
15) Box stores can remain open.
16) Small businesses must close down.
17) Only a certain number of people can go inside a store at a time. You cannot just walk in. You must wait on line outside till they TELL YOU to go in.
18) Once the vaccines are aproved for the public, they will become mandatory.
19) You will need to show proof that you have been vaccinated. May I see your papers please, comrade? Ticketmaster has already announced they will do this if you want to attend a concert in 2021.
20) Once they do away with oil and gas and you will need an electic car, your travel will be limited. No more long car trips for vacation. How far can you go on a single charge? Are you going to wait for an hour or more to recharge the batteries? Who wants to do that? Think green new deal.

This is what things will be like if the dems get in and implement a socialist style of government. This just the beginning. It is a test to see what the people will be willing put up with. Is this how you want to live? I don't. Think it can't happen. This is how communism started. It's all for the good of the people of course.

I said his action are those portrayed by Dictators. We live in a democracy, people vote every 4 years for a President. Just because a person calling the election fraud & rigged, dies not make it so. Whether it be Trump or any other person in office.
Since when does the President of the United States tell a Governor " To re do the State election" and decide to select his own electors that are of his party to ensure that they vote the way the President wants? That G, is dictatorship, and that action goes against the very fiber of our rule of law. To somehow decide that you as President have the right to disenfranchise millions of votes in order to stay in power, is unconscionable. That action alone proves he is unfit for office, and should be removed.
Ad for Masks: They saving lives. I am not going to go into the why & how. Companies like Disneyland have laid off thousands, l serious doubt it's because of attendance, but lawsuits that may come flooding in claiming " you knew this was dangerous but you took our money any way & now a family member is dead."
You better than this G.

This character Kalo says " President Trump has Never been wrong about anything " is, what's the word? Insanity.
If we had earthlings living on other planets in our galaxy or neighboring orbiting galaxies and Kali just returned to earth a few weeks ago, l could understand he's saying that, but knowing he has been here the entire time, has me asking myself " is it the food, the water or the air?"
NG, I don't have time now for your juvenile drivel. President Trump is speaking live now from Valdosta. Do us all a favor a stuff a sock in mouth and pay attention you twerp.
Kalo, why so upset? Why stifle other Humans by suggesting socks shoved down their throat?

ho-hum, another clueless anti-American Trump-hater comes out the woodwork after the sun sets. Big deal. Go back to school and get an education dude. I'm still watching President Trump live from Valdosta. Stop interrupting.
I watched a little of this Pretender in Chief's speech.. Not a face mask in sight & what a way to go out- spread that virus all around, the folks in attendance will thank you for it later. That right there is one of the reasons the majority of Americans have rejected his leadership. We have thousands dying a day but what does he do, go to a rally to be fawned and adored by his fans.Hospitals & emergency rooms are being overwhelmed but hey, who cares, the Sheriff is in town.
January 20th can't get here fast enough. This reckless beast needs to go.
The blind leading the blind. But the real interesting part is coming up. The lawsuits. Is never wrong donny going to ask sleepy Joe for a pardon? Hilarious. Donnys never wrong.   What is wrong with these people? Wow! Its like feeding guppies in a fishbowl. The corona virus is a hoax. Thousands upon thousands of gomers believed him and died. We were cheated. No 80 millions people voted him out and good riddance!
NG, Isn't it curious that the msm never said a word about the virus being spread, or new outbreaks starting, during all the protests and riots this past summer. Why is that? Please explain. Enlighten us.
Whoop-de-doo!Facetious face masks are totally useless and condoned only by the statist dim-dems who want to control your every move. Ever since the much overrated Wuhan Flu arrived in the USA, I wore a face mask a total of one time because I mistakenly thought they wouldn't let me in the grocery store without one. I go to work every day and have never been healthier. Will not wear one under any circumstances, and even Pervy Joe admits he cannot impose a nationwide mascara mandate since he knows it does nothing. If your plan to get ahead in life is to commit an armed robbery at the neighborhood convenience store, by all means wear a mask. Otherwise, don't bother. You are being duped.
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