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Sunday, December 27, 2020


Trump Declines To Sign Relief Bill Suspending Unemployment Benefits For Millions

The idiot just did.
Probably thinks that he has done enough damage to his legacy by pardoning felons & those close to him, might as well do " some good" while on the way out. January 20th can't come fast enough.
Trump has granted the fewest pardons going back 120 years. 4 more years. Get used to it.
Come on G,
It's not how many you screw, it's who you screw. Trump pardoned the guys who not only worked for him, but got involved in all sorts of stuff that got them into major trouble. That does not look good anyway you look at it, pardon or not. Plus he pardoned his son in law father, oh cute.
Manafort, Flynn, Stone etc etc. See, there is a difference.

So what did they do that was so bad? They worked for Trump and got prosecuted during the BS Mueller investigation. Meanwhile all the ones that did collude are walking around free. But the msm doesn't even want to ask Biden anything at all about his son's dealings with China.
We wouldn't be having this conversation if Trump won. But for argument sake, let's see what the Mueller report was all about. In short, it was about " Russian interference " and the American players thst brought it in. The guys who were nailed were Trump associates, you know it, l know it, so this " what you call BS investigation was warranted." Flynn admitted to lying to the FIB, you don't get a pass for that, but now the guy is pardoned. Same with Manafort & Stone. These guys were not squeaky clean, what was the height of hypocrisy was Trump supporters attacking Mueller, who btw is a Republican.
It doesn't stop there, this cancer of a notion that if you a Republican investigator it's "hands off" any crimes and misdemeanors that happens under a Republican administration.

Now we see that same deal in supporters by going after the Gov of Georgia & their Sec of State. Anyone who calls themselves Repub ought to toe the line, no hesitation, compliance is a must. Where did this behavior cone from? Well look no further than the head of the snake
This is a nation of rules, and sadly- Trump has trampled on those rules that govern this country. He has over the course of 4 years bent them to suit his agenda. Consider:
I will appoint judges who l want to come through for me in my hour of need.
That goes for judges on the Supreme Court. He fired a shot early in his admin by saying " These Obama judges.." and Judge Robert had to call him out on that.
Just a few weeks ago he said the " Judges on the High Court should DO THE RIGHT THING, Which l guess is complying to his demand to overturn & throw out millions of votes because he wants a 2nd term & will not be stopped. This guy is a danger to America, if Biden or any President ever did what Trump did or continues to do, l say " America does not need you." We better of without Trump.
Four years of Trump was enough for this country.
"Trump Declines To Sign Relief Bill Suspending Unemployment Benefits For Millions" Hmmm how much did everyone getting unemployment benefits Lose? Let's see they ended on Saturday, and he signed on Sunday. I can see how a lot of people were starving or late on their payments. Nada, they didn't lose a thing.

The difference between tRumputin's pardons and Barack is that most of Don's pardons were people politically close to him.
Here is all the people Obama pardoned. Read the offenses that put them in prison in the first place. Whole lot of dealers on the list. You want these guys living next door to you?
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