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Saturday, December 5, 2020


The Dems Had No Choice BUT to Rig the Election

More bs.
That article explains it all.
l am all for exposing corruption from both sides of the aisle- This piece has its origins with conservative author Peter Schweizer.

* Many of the granular specifics that Schweizer cites have been documented, but foreign policy experts say the overarching conclusions reached in the documentary miss the mark because they do not add up to a picture of Joe Biden being corrupt or pursuing policies contrary to the national interest.

The documentary leaves the impression that former Vice President Joe Biden is willing to sell out his country’s national security for personal gain. But independent experts agree that this assertion is baseless. The documentary never says that either Biden broke the law, but its pairing of the Bidens with Chinese figures charged with espionage and other crimes, punctuated by spooky music, might give a viewer that impression.

Tampa Bay Times- October 21- 2020.

nice try though.

The media is in on the steal and provide a perfect feeding trough for those who do not think critically or simply want to be spoon fed. Hundreds of witnesses have provided sworn statements under penalty of perjury are being presented so we'll see where this goes.
Only 45 days left and all the bs accusations won't matter. We will be back to a president not a dictator. Several republican senators have stated they are tired of this fraud talk because there is no proof. The republicans can pay, coerce people to lie but at the end of the day it won't matter. This blog section is nearing a record number of bs fraud accusations from wild sites that are bogus.
hehehehe, If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention. lol lol
Biden = Not a president, a puppet.
NG, independent experts agree that this assertion is baseless,
So who are these independent experts, and what makes them experts?
Show us.
l don't care who the eventual winner is. l just want this whining to stop, it's bad for the country and worse for our standing in the world. We had an election, and the results showed that Biden won. Trump brought in a Cyber expert named Krebs who worked in the Bush Admin, he moved onto Microsoft and Trump decided to ask him to come back to " make sure we had a fair election." The guy did his job and did it well. He concluded that the election was the safest in our history, and because that statement went against the President's wishes- he was fired.
At what point do we say " Enough is enough." You have affidavits & worn oaths" brought before the courts and they are thrown out by Repub Judges- why? Because that is " Not evidence." Anyone can say anything to support their guy or gal. Whether its true or not, that is not acceptable in the court of law.
What we have now- is the seed of doubt being planted by Trump and his allies on elections going forward. The longer the President plays this out, the worse history will remember him. He will go down as a whiny loser who did not accept the " Will of the American People." The American people HIRE Presidents & they are the ones that FIRE them. Trump got fired, it's that simple, and no examination of equipment or an uncounted ballot here or there is going to CHANGE the outcome of the vote.
The Fat Lady has sung.
History tells us that in order to avoid mistakes- look at others who have been faced with similar challenges. You say Biden is not the President, but a puppet. Well, let's wait and see how that turns out.
At least l don't think:

*Biden will cozy up to Dictators.
*Take their word over the word of US Intelligence.
*Say he did " not receive the memo" of enemies putting bounties on the heads of our troops.
*Say l will not " scare and panic " the American people by telling them that a virus was coming to o
our shores.
*Will not address the American through Twitter because he hates taking questions that put him on the hot seat.
*Will not interrupt Medical professionals who know what they talking about.

* America will judge Joe in 4 years and determine whether they want to renew his license or not.

Ke Sera Sera.

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