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Saturday, August 31, 2019


Is Joe Biden the New Ed Muskie?

"Democrats are beginning to reckon with the fact that, right now, the story of the 2020 election looks likely to end with Joe Biden being elected president."

I reckon I have a better chance of being elected President than does Biden vs. Trump. I know I have a better chance of winning a Pulitzer than does any hack writer from Salon.

Actually, it's comments like that which make me feel pretty good about my odds of winning the lottery; I mean, if Biden has a chance of winning the election, then I have pretty good odds of winning the jackpot, too.
Well, hello truesee! Long time no see with no pun intended! I'm just gonna dive right in with a bit of off topic chat. I don't hate Trump but,I hate lies and intentional falsehoods which he is the master of. Both sides are well aware of this by now...well into the third year. Definitely cannot and will not try to speak for anyone else but, I know what the situation is with my workplace and the people there. You know that I don't come here with lies or to lie. I'm about truth and facts. Two days ago, the president of my company personally handed down a memo stating very directly that the current tariffs are a major issue.

Further more, the expectation of the additional 30% in tariffs expected, and now enacted, would be a game changer for the company. He stated that this is, by far, the highest effective tax tax rate he's ever paid in his thirty years in business. Speaks volumes. He then said that the profits made are, of course, traditionally used for R&D and workforce operations here in the states. He's cutting R&D, workforce, and other 'capital expenses' to try and make up for losses. In others words, layoffs, no raises, and severe volatility are in play. I wish I could post the memo but, it's very understand. truesee, what's really odd is that there's an attachment asking 'us' to reach out to congress telling them that the tariffs are causing the company serious financial issues. My thoughts are 1) I tried to prevent this back in 2016 when I voted, 2) his voice, as president of his own company is waaaaay louder than ours, 3) he voted for Trump and shouldn't be asking anyone except for Trump supporters for help, 4) he listed Ted Cruz as a contact when Ted Cruz allowed Trump to trash his wife and family-dad...then Cruz still voted for Trump, and 5) you got yourself into this even though I'm employed here.

Honestly, I'm glad this is happening because I will be just fine. I began preparing for such destruction when he was put into office, okay...I saw it coming. Multiply what's happening at my company by dozens of others and there's no REAL upside unless you're listening to Fox news where no businesses are affected and everything is fine. You can't make the president of my company believe that as evidenced by his own memo. I've met him and I like him, he's a very nice guy that cares about his people. However, to come back asking me to protest something that I've already tried to prevent as a measure of helping his company is reactive...and I'm proactive. What's done is done and its gonna get a whole lot worse while people will try to make you believe its all good...and they're hurting too. Yes, we need to reach something with China but, we cannot go toe to toe with tariffs...ain't gonna happen. For now, I'm gonna sit back and just watch what's not being reported here versus what the actual companies are reporting and saying about the effects. This will tell the truth about who's running from the truth.
"...I hate lies and intentional falsehoods which he is the master of."

Yet, you never called out Obama for HIS lies. Every President since Nixon cozied up to the Red Chinese could have and should have done something about it, but at least we now have one w/ the testicular fortitude to actually take action.   Yes, it's going to hurt everyone, but it will benefit our country in the long run. (and it appears to be hurting the Chinese more than us) Like JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

That's what's wrong with this country, this "what can the gub'mint do for ME" and "You're stupid, voting against your own self-interests." Well, it's certainly no sin to put your country's best interests ahead of your own and it's not diversity that is the strength of this country but UNITY, always has been, always SHOULD be, but it's that selfish attitude that's bringing this nation down.

At least Cruz put the country's welfare ahead of his own hurt feelings. I was a Cruz guy, voted for him in the primary but there was no way I was going to vote for the she-hag. First hot flash she had, she would have tried to prove her balls were as big as any man's and started yet another war. (and stopping them was Big Lie #1 from Obama, one of a multitude)

Plus, vague anecdotes mean nothing. Hell, specific ones mean nothing, either.
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