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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Trump: Congresswomen I told to go back to original countries should be the ones to apologize

As well they should.

He never said the "N word", didn't call anyone a greaser, wop, spic or kike, but he basically said about this country: "Love it or leave it."   I happen to agree with those sentiments. If you don't like something about this country - and you're a legal citizen - you have a Constitutional right to try to change it. "The Squad" he's addressing are trying to do just that and that's not the issue; it's that they are whining, lying and saying outrageous things and no one in the MSM is calling THEM out on it.

Where was the left's self-righteous outrage when Rashida Tlaib called Trump an "m-efer" just hours after being sworn in? Where was it just the other day when AOC did her grandstanding stunt, wanting to be sworn in then proceeded to lie about everything but the fact there were American flags at the detention centers? How about Ilhan Omar's nasty allegations and her own anti-Semitic views, not to mention her refusing to condemn Islamic terrorism? That's fine with the left? Makes ME wonder just where her loyalties lie...and where the left's does as well.   

How about them and Pressley misrepresenting what ICE is doing, namely rounding up illegal alien CRIMINALS, not hauling just ANY brown skinned person off to jail? ICE is doing exactly what a federal judge has ordered the agency to do, round up those who have gone through the court system, given due process and been deported, but were released by the local jurisdiction and several have committed other crimes after that!

If you don't like what he says, you're welcome to leave, too. Don't let the door hit ya.....
I second your opinion!! They are 4 pieces of trash and should never have been elected and all of them should be recalled or impeached.
I think what he said is being misquoted a little bit and I don't think he actually said to go back to where they came from, but back to the countries their parents or other ancestors migrated here from. Even if he did say that way, he clarified it in later statements. Good grief, it's not as though Presidents don't misspeak now and then. <cough Bush cough Obama cough>

The press loves to do this, take something and change it to where it sounds like an idiotic statement. Sarah Palin was mocked for saying "I can see Russia from my house." on SNL but what she DID say was you could see Russia from Alaska, from the U.S. Little Diomedes island across to the Russian possession Big Diomede Island.

They also twisted what Trump had to say about the incident and riot in Charlottesville, where the ANTIFA crowd tangled with supposed white supremacists. The left got all outraged b/c Trump said there were good people on both sides, but in the context of what else he said, it was clear to anyone that he was talking about people on both sides of the Confederate statue/monument issue.

That's what you get when you get your news from Saturday Night Live, but then again...that might be better than what you get from the main stream media.
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