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Friday, June 7, 2019


Republicans declare war on pride flag

Oh? It wasn't that long ago that Democrats were ripping down POW/MIA flags and putting up "pride flags" in their place.

Something that's always bothered me is why is there such a thing as "gay pride"? I can understand having pride in one's country or family or town, but that's b/c of the achievements each has accomplished. Gays are born that way, right? Well, should you be proud of being born attractive, or rich or being so tall you are in the Guinness Book of World records? You had nothing to do with any of those things, they weren't your accomplishments.

So, why be proud of being born gay? Just because they're different? If that's the case, then why aren't people proud of being born with a cleft palate or a clubfoot? Should I be proud of being nearsighted?

Like a fork with bent tines, just because you're unique doesn't make you useful. Being gay does not make them "special" no matter how much they think it does. Why do gays feel the need to define themselves by their sexuality? That's something only them, porn stars and braggart college boys do.

I'm not gay nor do I hate them; I'm simply tired of their "pride" in something they had no control over. If I were gay, I would not define myself as such because I'd like to think there's much more to me than my sexual orientation.

And now every TV show and movie is scrambling to put at least one gay person into the storyline, whether it's germane or not. They would like us to think there are more gays than there actually are but the figure is NOT 10 - 20%, but less than 4%. And, out of THAT low percentage, about a half percent are transgender.

Which leads me to the last part of my rant; I am NOT threatened by gays, nor am I "homophobic" - I do not fear them, not one bit. I've been hit on by gays and at first it offended me, then I realized that it COULD be construed as a least I chose to take it that way.

What I DO object to are all the different genders they claim.   I didn't like it when they co-opted the term for "fun and carefree" (gay) to describe themselves, but it did annoy me when they insisted upon gay marriage. Oh, I did not mind if they had a legal union, but once again they changed the meaning of a word to suit them. There are ONLY two genders, male and female. End of story. (I will submit there's a possible third, a hermaphrodite, but that's more of a birth defect than a third gender)

Transgenders have gender dysphoria...and that's not a gender, but a mental illness. They need psychiatric treatment, not encouraged in their confusion. If they were born that way, then that is also a birth defect.   They had better not expect me to cater to their insistence on gender neutral pronouns, either. That's when they might get that rainbow flag shoved where the sun don't shine. I'd just be afraid they'd like it.

Oh, and ThinkProgress is another website I will never visit. Good grief, Truesee, don't you feel the need to take a shower after going to some of these websites?

/rant off
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