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Monday, February 11, 2019


Trump to Democrats: Loosen up and have some fun

I'd love could hear him say that while he's Behind Bars and an. orange jumpsuit LOL

Are you an American Citizen? If you can't say anything decent the POTUS, don't say anything.As much as I despised Obama for all the dumb ass and sneaky things he and his administration pulled, did you once criticize him ? No, you and the rest of the Democrats gave him a free ride because of his skin color.
That is exactly right CarBob.
Shut the hell up dumbass. For eight straight years Republicans bashed Obama day in and day out all day and all night long so get your facts straight dumbass.whaa whaa wha.... stop whining like a little girl.

And guess what I'm not only a citizen but a four-year Navy veteran honorably discharged. And I'm going to bash this orange face spincter as many times as I want. Don't tell me what to do dumbass! You should go to prison with Trump for aiding and abetting his treasonous behavior.

And lejardumb comes out of the sewer gutter to chime in. Go back to your KKK meeting.
For a supposedly Navy Veteran, you talk like the ghetto POS.
Supposedly? I don't have to prove s**t to you or anybody else. I already uploaded a picture of me and a navy suit years ago when somebody started a thread about people uploading a picture of themselves.

If I speak like ghetto, what's your excuse for being retarded?
If that's speaking retarded, it didn't take you long to respond did it, so who's retarded? Who cares if you uploaded a picture of you in your suit. I stated for a "Navy Veteran" you talk like a Ghetto POS and I still say it.

So what's your excuse for being retarded? Answer the question.
You can dish out criticism, but you can't take the truth right pantywaist? why don't you try sticking to the subject instead putting everybody down, like a typical Liberal POS.
You see this is why I say you are retarded because you cannot think properly before writing. Go look up and see what car Bob said. He insulted me by asking whether I was a citizen or not. But of course in your tiny mind, that's not offensive. Don't Preach to me, you are nobody to me get it? You and the rest of the trolls are constantly attacking me when I make a response to a video unprovoked. But don't tell me about who's being bad and who isn't. Check out your hypocrisy level first before pointing fingers dumbass!

On a daily basis I provide facts in my blogs but you people don't watch them so you don't see it. You don't want to look at it because you are scared of facts. You make it up as you go and are in denial day after day.
Hey amber you little rump ranger, is there anybody on a thred that you dont trash and call names? You cant get along with anybody. Everyone is dumb, retarded (how uncouth of you) racist and every other nasty thing you can come up with.
Since you know it all, you should know when to shut the f*** up.
Oh my, insulted you? what by asking if you were an American citizen?? I'm definitely not retarded, and if stating facts is retarded , then it's you who is retarded. listen child, I don't preach and if you don't like the way I post something, don't read it. That's simple enough for someone of your likes can understand. I'm not your dumbass like your friends are pantywaist. Grow up. Period. You don't provide facts pantywaist you post BS that even a 5 year old wouldn't put any thought into. Someone must have taken your candy a lot when you were a child huh?

You also must have kept your mouth shut when you were in the Navy, or otherwise someone would have thrown your derelict arse over board. For a 54 year old person ( supposedly), you act and speak like a 16yr old. If you can't except criticism, Don't dish it out pantywaist.

Lejardumb... Don't Preach to me about who I insult, there are countless blogs that of showing all your troll Buddies constantly attacking me so go f*** yourself how's that?

Mad Dog, again Don't Preach to me. Don't sit there like you're some guy with a halo over his head pulleeeeze... again you're just a f***ing dumbass racist bigot trailer park trash toothless moron who is clueless. I do Post facts but you people hate facts because it scares the hell out of you. Your other troll friend already admitted he doesn't watch the videos so go fuc yourself.
If you have a problem with me, please kindly write it on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, fold it up, and put it in your ass.

amberjackoff fetid farsi fuque face meth mouth, you deserve no quarter, you need to be extinguished with extreme prejudice, you deserve everything you've brought upon your miserable existence. You hate America, get the fuque out.
Lejardumb.... wow you're so witty, did you think that one up all by yourself? Don't quit your day job. You probably don't have a job so forget what I just wrote. Trailer park trash number 4..

Jarash1t... I don't hate this country dumbass. I just hate the morons that are running it right now. You're right wing nut jobs are going to bring this country down to s**t. That's why we have to stop you loser. And the midterms proved people are waking up to your garbage. Don't tell me to get the f*** out, you get the f*** out and go back to wherever s**thole place you came from. Just go back to your trailer park where you belong. Don't tell me what to do a*****e. You're nothing but s**t in garbage.
Hey Amber, I have fun with Trumpsky and these bozos on a daily basis. In fact, since I have been retired I make it my business to say hey to these bigot trolls. They are so easy to manipulate. All of them are thin-skinned and envious. LETHARGIA is a big foot tramp, MADMAN is a dead man walking, JARASH1T is a pervert, and BIGOTINTEXAS is a queer.
Oh booo hooo, they're calling me names girls come and protect me. oh boo hoo, please stop calling me names Sob ,SOB ,SOB. I don't preach pantywaist, just gave you a bit of advice. oh boo hoo, now they're telling me what to do girls, please come and defend me, Hurry.!!!!! LMAO pansy.

Bingo! Dead Man Walking, need I say more. Who let the mutt out, woof, woof...
lil*returdedbuttburglar and amberjackoff fetid farsi fuque face meth mouth both have been indoctrinated to hate America and are leftist monkeys on the demoncRATTED plantation. They don't know any better, they are ignorant, stupid, and easily manipulated by the evil left.
Awww poor, poor pitiful you amberjerk. Sleazy you are nothing but a stalker. Couldnt stand by to see Napolean get his azz kicked. And you claim to be a teacher? YEA RIGHT.
The toilet must have overflowed, the Other turd comes rolling in. The Deadpool is shrinking.
I see LETHARGIC the muscle head, cross-eyed, big foot tramp is back. Dead man walking, and JARASH1T are perverts. All three of you people have something in common. All of you are trailer park trash.
From another thread, but worth repeating:

"'s been proven that the more somebody talks about a certain subject, they are fact talking about themselves."

Wow, you are a corrupt constantly lying orange man who needs to be in prison? That means both you and sleazeball are retarded trailer park toothless hillbilly incest babies.   

Good grief, you mental midgets are SO easy! Gotcha again!
If you'll notice, now the floating turd is copying it's other turd and now calling everyone trailer park trash also. those two are the south end of a north bound Mule. So predicable. both squatting pansies. So much rhetoric, you pantywaist need new material. LMAO.
Speedy...LMAO... the reason the backlash is so strong now is because they're frightened of the s**t storm that's about to hit the Republican party and that orange face Nut Job. This is what animals do when they're get cornered, they start scratching and fighting back LOL they know the deal and what's about to come after Mueller releases his report. But of course they're saving face and fighting back just like animals do. It's really that simple and I'm having a blast. The big party comes when it happens soon.

But wait till you see what happens when the s**tstorm actually hits them in the face. None of them will come out of the woodwork. All we will hear is crickets, mark my words. They will tuck their tails in and go into hiding. That's the way they operate.

It is very possible but a slight chance, the other thing that will happen is they will deny the facts when they're shown publicly. Just like their orange faced liar, they will deny everything all the way to The Bitter End. Just watch.
The leftist America hating trolls have a lot missing in their lives and blame others for their miserable meaningless existence. They can't come to grips with the realities at hand for eg. great economy, new opportunities, strong diplomacy, and a president that loves his country and wants to unite under one American flag. The leftists want nothing to do with this because it would ruin their lies and quest for power over the people they wish to enslave.
Time is the only thing standing in the way of the truth that will come out soon.... and then the right-wing's worst nightmare will come true. I can't f***ing wait. The Meltdown begins soon LOL you really want to see snowflakes melting, just wait a few more weeks and the right-wing nut jobs are going to go out and Riot when the orange face gets into hot water.
Jarash1t...= brainwashed. great economy? That has been proven false over and over again dumbass economy started getting better before Trump got into office you stupid piece of meat. Great diplomacy? Yeah right what a joke. How did the North Korean diplomacy work out for you huh?

How did the tax cuts work out for you huh? What a tool you people are you fell for it. You have a con man trying to run the country into the ground and you idiots sucked it all up. And when the facts come out, you ignore them and just call people names instead of dealing with the fact. I've seen the charts and they totally go against everything you idiots say. And it's not opinions, these are charts from actual data by the government the FBI and every other institution that you don't want to believe in. You only believe what that fat stupid orange face moron blurts out. Are you people really that f***ing stupid? It's unbelievable to me
It's sad to hear that JARASH1T was happy that his FUHRER made him sit at his home in the trailer park for 35 days and got nothing out of it. But when you are a retard, you believe anything. It's also laughable when people that were too gutless to serve their country try to say who love their country. Serving ones country is the ultimate sacrifice that one can do for the love of their country. Amber, pay no attention to what these rejects say, you have accomplished something that they could never do, or was too much of a yellow bellied coward to attempt. They will try to discredit what you have done because they have such a low opinion of themselves. Veterans are veterans for life, just as cowards are cowards for life.
Thanks speedy, I know that they are just jealous because I'm a veteran and they didn't do s**t but sit on their lazy f***ing asses whining and complaining all day long. I was a hydraulic mechanic of an A-3 jet. I would bet not one of these morons would even know how to hold a screwdriver.
I am right again, they had to justify to us and in their tiny brains, what they believe makes them legit. They attempt insults by hurling projections of their own realities.

For eg. amberturd says she can hold a screwdriver and worked on A3's, must not have been good at it, working as an uber driver isn't exactly a good way to use all that mechanical talent.

JARASH1T, you are right in your own parallel universe, but not in this universe ET.(emotionally troubled)
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