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Friday, February 15, 2019


Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Wall

What a joke! The only real emergency we have is this idiot in office. Once we get rid of this buffoon, we can go back to some kind of normalcy. He is systematically bringing this country to s**t!
As if you'd know the meaning of "normalcy". Your very existence is one of abnormality.
good point mikeintexas.

next up Martial Law and the arrest of the Deep State!!!

Gitem 2 Gitmo.
Oh look The Circus is in town, dumbass and Clueless.
Facts to the right-wing nut jobs is like garlic to vampires. Facts facts facts facts facts facts facts facts
I love you, too.


You're so cute when we're right.
Jade, you are delusional. Looks like the delusional man in office is making his supporters even more delusional. The only thing you're right about is..........NOTHING!!!!

What we need is not a wall, but we need thousands and thousands of insane asylums for the right-wing morons. And then we need to manufacture millions and millions of straight jackets for them ..... lock the cell and throw away the key forever. They are pure cancer to the rest of us.
yep, you should know a lot about nothing.

here, bite on this while you're munching down on the nothing burger.

Dow retains 300-point gain as Trump announces national-emergency declaration -

nothing to look at here, only a Trumped-up Market.

kiss... you're beautiful.
You are so clueless it's scary. You don't see the big picture do you? It's okay, I know you are retarded and so are your buddies....

Oh look, Trump farted and the economy got better. You people are a joke! I wonder how the economy will be when he's in prison. Dumbass. Forget about the wall, he won't even make it to the end of his presidency. Are you f***ing joking me? You people are so stupid.
oh, wow... now you're turning me on.

I love it when you call me Retard.

I know, I scare myself many times when we're right.

Oh, Sh!t ! There I go again.

Hold Me.?!
amberjackoff, did you get some bad meth?
Oh look more of the circus Jester show up. I know you're all pissed off because you're losing I get it. That doesn't mean you have to lash out. Go see a nice movie and maybe a nice dinner and relax will be over soon. Then you won't have to see me posting facts here all the time like 20 times a day

Retarded people like you will never understand. And it's such a shame because there should be something out there to help you break out of your idiocy but there is nothing anybody can do to help you poor souls.
amberjackoff how do you type on that keyboard while your hands are on your hips?
JARASH!t, every time you butt in the thread becomes dull and meaningless because of your retarded gibberish. Go back to your mammy trailer and play video games with her. She should be sober by now.
Monkey finger woke up!!!!!!!!!
That's right JARASH1T, I'm not on the clock and I can stay up as long as I want and sleep as long as I want. YOU CAN'T DO THAT. LOL Maybe when you turn 75 you will be able to do that sucker.
Monkey finger triggered. Even wakes up angry.
Jarash1t is jealous that I get more nookie than he does. Poor thing, the port trailer trash dog dog he screws is getting sick of him already LOL... and the worst part is that it's a male dog.
amberjackoff "nookie" must be the name of your d!ldo.
JARASH!T nookie is the name of the pus bumps around your lips.
Unlike you I don't need a dildo, I get the real thing.
Monkey finger likes little pus bumps, my little monkey finger projecting again.
amberjackoff those male drug addict prostitutes you're paying with meth are gonna give you HIV, be careful, health professionals say taking it in the poop chute is risky business.
JARASH!T shut your pus bump mouth up. You need a shot in your lips for STD. Nasty pervert.
Wrong again moron. I only pay Straight hot college guys. Unlike you they are really good looking. I saw a picture of you that you posted years ago on LP and you are one ugly mother f***er.
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