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Thursday, January 17, 2019


Trump retaliates against Nancy Pelosi by canceling overseas Congressional trip

She doesn't want to go to Afghanistan to visit the troops; she wants to pick up her kickbacks from the heroin trade.
As SOTH, Nancy is obligated to meet with military leaders to get firsthand information about what's going on in a hostile environment, to support and encourage the troops. She is the second in line to the president and will be treated with respect by military command. Trump is acting like a snot nose kid. The military is apolitical and don't have time to play political games. He found out the hard way when he tried to get political in front of them, no one cheered because they follow protocol.
"As SOTH, Nancy is obligated to meet with military leaders to get firsthand information about what's going on in a hostile environment....". Uh, no she's not. "The Speaker of the House's duties as presiding officer of the House, include administering the oath of office to Members, calling the House to order, preserving order and decorum within the House chamber and galleries, recognizing members to speak on the House floor, and making rulings about House procedures."

"...second in line to the president..." You failed civics, didn't you?

"...will be treated with respect by military command." Only b/c they have to. I'm sure most of them despise her. Have you listened to any of her recent statements? She sounds like she's zonked out on Valium, possibly Xanax. Maybe it's from a Botox OD?

"Trump is acting like a snot nose kid." Nope, he pwned her, just like I do to you all the time. Both Trump and I never get tired of winning, although he has a much harder job of it. You're extremely easy to be shown up as an idiot, so there's no need for me to brag about it. Step up your game or I will have to start ignoring you b/c you're not worthy of my time.

" one cheered..." You might want to retract that statement, Sparky. Not true, not true at all. Did you see the day after Christmas visit to Iraq? Google it... if you know how.   I know you won't though, because you don't want to see or hear anything that doesn't fit your twisted narrative.
Trump is a piece of s**t scum-of-the-earth garbage human waste I needs to be behind bars. Check this s**t head out of the office and beat the living s**t out of him hard and so many people. Get the s***bag out of this office, he needs to be beaten in public.
Off-topic: BIGOTINTEXAS, you have to convince yourself that you are smart, no one else will because you do not possess the credentials to back up your shameless LIES. You are a ignorant hillbilly that dropped out of high school because you were labeled a special ed. hillbilly child. BTW, the VP is the first in line to the presidency and the SOTH is the second in line. If you went to school on a daily basis you would know this. Also, Nancy has gone to Afghanistan numerous times, but chicken sh1t Trumpsky is scared. Finally, BIGOTINTEXAS if you think by any stretch of your imagination that you are on the same level with me intellectually, you are one confused hillbilly. You see BIGOTINTEXAS, a fool is wise in their own eyes. SAD--LMAO
I own you all the time, you racist puke.   You're stupid b/c it's in your DNA.

I never said I was wise, just smarter than you. That's obvious. BWAAAAAA!!!

Off-topic: How far did you get in school hillbilly?
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