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Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Trump claimed ex-presidents told him they wanted to build a wall. Four of them says it's not true

What they say in a private conversation is totally different as to what they say in public.

It's hard to believe a pathological liar. Trump is in deed one.
It takes a Charlatan to call someone else a Liar
No f***ing way! It's impossible, Trump never lies at all are you kidding me? Wow, there's a first time for everything I guess.
Ewww Washington Post again ..... Yeah we believe everything they print. Pfffftttt
It amazes me the two trolls, in 8 years of OBAMA, never once said he lied. But they complain about Trump because the media kissed OBAMAS' black ass.
Ain't nobody lyin' on Trump, hell, there's no reason to. Neither Mike Pence, Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, nor anyone else can in no way confirm Trump's BS...'cause it is BS. They all support 'strong border security' and Bush angled in with all the fencing structures as did Obama with reinforcement of all those structures. A couple of you sorry @ss bloggers here are so gung ho over this immigrant issue, support this never-to-be-constructed wall, called Obama a liar over keeping your doctor, and many other BS things BUT, never ONCE gave him credit for the same pet peeve that your idiotic and incompetent president ran on......IMMIGRATION. Obama was, AND STILL IS, the HEAD DE-PORTER IN CHIEF with getting rid of more illegals than any other presidents in history. You're all textbook hypocrites supporting a textbook hypocrite who knows NOTHING about HISTORY as clearly evidenced by his statements about Russia invading Afghanistan. Every single Republican questioned on this completely DENIED what Trump said and wrote it all off as 100% INCORRECT. Even the Conservative WSJ laid in on his dumb @ss!! Right here:

-'His falsehoods about allies and the Soviets reach a new low.'-

Most telling excerpts about this dunce of a president right here:

-As reprehensible was Mr. Trump’s utterly false narrative of the Soviet Union’s involvement there in the 1980s. He said: “The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia. They were right to be there.”-

-Right to be there? We cannot recall a more absurd misstatement of history by an American President. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan with three divisions in December 1979 to prop up a fellow communist government.-

Trump said that because he's still trying to prop up Russia because Putin has his empty ball sack in his palms. Since we're in the area of Russia, I'm gonna leave you with something that was very puzzling at the time it happened but, we now know the 'why' of it all. Remember when Trump pushed that Prime Minister out of the way at the NATO meeting? Right here:

Well, that guy was the Prime Minister of Montenegro and Russia supported-financed his assassination...because Montenegro WAS GOING TO JOIN NATO, folks, and Russia didn't like it at all. Guess who else came out AGAINST NATO with a passion???? Yep, our dunce in chief...hence why he was so aggressive with the PM at the meeting. Right here for your knowledge:

From the article and do yourself the justice of reading it:

-An election day coup plot to attack Montenegro’s parliament and kill the pro-Western leader was directed by Russian intelligence officers with the support and blessing of Moscow, to sabotage the country’s plan to join Nato.-

-The October plot followed repeated warnings from Moscow that Montenegro should abandon plans to join Nato later this year.-

Unreal. This president is OWNED by Putin and its oligarchs and it's all being tied in together as I even write. Trump had no other reason to take such a position against the PM of a tiny country with only 600,000 people...except that Russia took issue with them. I'm so glad he's seriously on borrowed time now because he's selling this entire country out along with its very fabric.

The four the WaPo claim that they never told Trump that?

Reagan, Hoover, Wilson and Lincoln.
MADMAN, it takes a fool and an azzhole to believe Trump. Since you are both, I can understand your reasoning. SAD
CARBO, Obama is not president anymore. Trump is, that is why the focus is on this lying wonder. He is a serial LIAR. You're STUPID, that is why you believe everything that he says bigot.
BIGOTINTEXAS, since you only make comments that are off topic or asinine, do the LP family a favor and disappear back in the swamp where you come from hillbilly.
Aw, sleezy, I thought I had cured you of projection. For someone who was supposed to be a teacher, you sure don't learn very quickly.

I'm sorry my jokes are too sophisticated to sink into your thick skull. I cannot dumb them down just for you, unless you want ME to level the playing field by some sort of comment-syle affirmative action. Ain't happenin', blood.

Sorry, but you don't have an "LP family". Your family is in the baboon exhibit in the zoo.
Sorry, "syle" was meant to be "style". I used up my ration of "t"s calling you a cun*.
Nope....mike isn't a racist at all.
After all the bigoted pejoratives you and he both have leveled at me, I figure I can return them..."in spades", you mental midget, drug addicted, drunken AIDS infected prissy little fag. LMAO

Amberette, you're so friggen stupid your side car wants to be unattached from you.
oh look, I mention racist and the two biggest losers show up bunch of f***ing idiots morons racist trumpanzee bootlickers go fuc yourself how's that?
BIGOTINTEXAS you are by far POOR RED TRASH. You are not smart enough to elaborate about the topic, your so-called jokes are lame, and you are a filthy hillbilly with bad teeth and bad breath.
And you are a bald-headed sawed off little shrimp with a bad case of little man syndrome, always defensive, always playing the perpetual victim. Why don't you quit exhibiting your ignorance on a daily basis? Do the world and your family a favor, crawl into your bathtub and slit your wrists.

I am WAY smarter than you, you know it and it makes you furious. That's why you constantly lash out with your nonsensical insults.

ambturd, it's obvious you hate women and it's also obvious women hate sleezy. No wonder you two are a tag team - The Pansy and the P*ssy
BIGOTINTEXAS you are just a dumb hillbilly barely getting by. You get your breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the 7-11 dumpster.
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