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Friday, January 4, 2019


Nancy Pelosi: The Constitution considers her an eqaul to Donald Trump

She has the powers granted to her as Speaker OF The House. Pelosi has no Presidential powers until the line of succession falls to her.
She should be president. At least she won't lie and misinform Americans 15 times a day literally. They recently did a tally and came up with over 5,000 lies in the last 2 years by trumpanzee. What a f***ing joke this guy is!
Like Obama, she lies every time she opens her mouth. Hillary and all the rest of the Liberals do the same.
Only in her eyes.
Omg amberjack has lost it completely. Hillary won’t lie? What rock did you crawl out of? The woman lies about everything, that is why she lost, no one believed a word out of those lying lips.
Oh lookie here...lejardumb is out of her mom's basement... did you run out of food down there?
Every time Pelosi speaks, she sounds like a 4 yr. old girl with a lisp.

As far as Trump's lies are concerned, I find it very disingenuous for a website such as the NYT to say Trump has lied 5000 times so far, yet can only find 18 of Obama's lies in eight yrs. Many of Trump's "lies" were hyperbole - admittedly, something he is prone to do - or a simple case of misspeaking, such as claiming the Republicans were "5 for 5" in special elections, but the facts were they won 4 of 5.

Also, in the hyperbole dept., Trump once claimed that the EPA would "regulate a puddle", but from stories I have read about the agency declaring small plots of land which sometimes had standing water as "wetlands", I'd say he was generally correct in regards to the overreach of that dept and their unconstitutional mandates that have the force of law.    Many of the "disputed "claims about things he has said are supposedly "proved" by studies and think tanks, yet their own findings are in dispute.
Pure horses**t Mike, you obviously don't watch MSNBC because you're so wrapped up in Fox 2 News. Almost on a daily basis they fact check by showing you excerpts of video clips of something trumpanzee said one week ago and changes the next week with video proof. I see it on a daily basis and it's laughable so stop making excuses for this orange face moron. The country already sees through this bulls**t in the midterm elections so stop making excuses for this idiot
amber, lay off the drugs, you really do show your ignorance. MSNBC is one of the biggest fake news networks. Not once did they ever condemn Obama for anything, because he was Black, pure and simple.
I stand by what I wrote, amber. Only a blind partisan hack could deny that the media spreads the most lies. IOW, "fake news".

And once again, I do not watch Fox News or any other legacy media, nor do I often read any major news outlet online, just those truesee links to and not all of those.

Speaking of truth, I saw where you can't handle it, esp. not in your socialism post.   The Yahoo article was biased and full of lies, but I was saving that rebuttal for a follow-up post since you so strenuously object to me posting more than a couple of paragraphs. It was an opinion piece, certainly not any factual news article.
Oh look The Two Schmucks are at it again. You people are so f***ing stupid dumb and blind about what facts are. Piece of s**t for human waste as what you are bunch of f***ing morons idiots racist Nazis bigots and you don't care about facts and fact-checking. You wouldn't know a fact if it slapped you in the face you f***ing dumb motherfukers it doesn't matter cuz you're a f***ing fewer Let's Go to Prison soon or going to get kicked out so f*** yourselves and your stupid government buls**t
Amber, these TROLLS can't defend lying azz trumpsky. They can't keep up with his daily LIES. They are so shame of him until they try to change the subject by talking about Hillary or Obama. Both are private citizens now that don't give a fuk about them. Hillary and Obama have moved on and these suckers don't know how to let go. SAD
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