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Sunday, January 27, 2019


Chief Of Staff Mulvaney: Trump Caved Because He Was Winning The Battle

What a bunch of malarkey! The democrats have always agreed to have some kind of security, but not the "beautiful" 2000 mile 50 billion dollar concrete wall.

It's not surprising considering the moronic Talking Heads on the right-wing media like Sean Hannity and that witch Ann Coulter are trying so desperately to save face so they're retarded base can feel special tonight when they go to sleep.

And let me tell you something else, no one in their right mind is buying this crap. We all know Nancy one, and we also know that if he tries to do this again in three weeks, he might as well buy some really long rope.

So, does this mean that he was winning when Pelosi told him the first time that he wouldn't be allowed to speak at her House? Does it mean that when he later sent the letter stating that, contrary to her first denial of him speaking at her house, he'd STILL be speaking there and was STILL denied then CONCEDED was also a win? He said he wouldn't reopen government unless he got money for the wall...period. He reopened government without funds. Win? Look, I'm not gonna say that Trump caved at all but, he realized that he needed some wiggle room to legally and morally negotiate the terms, okay. The Dems aren't so hardcore that they'd mock him on this because it's exactly what they'd expect a Democrat president to do.

So, Trump decided to punt in light of all the collateral damage that he and the Republicans already caused nationally on their own at the DIRECTION of Rush, Hannity, and Coulter. You know, these three remind me of one of our (Texas) lottery games called All Or Nothing. The three of them know full well that negotiate terms every single day on doing business but, they tell the president not to move an inch even at the mercy of the country at financial hostage...veterans. Our federal prisons and other federal agencies are employed with veterans who have PTSD and depend on their paychecks for survival. It's a known fact that financial and medical pressures of life in general, after returning from combat, compound thoughts of suicide and these people went two pay periods without checks. Wilbur Ross, with his sorry, insensitive, reckless, and $600 slippers wearing @ss had the sheer audacity to suggest that they take out loans.

Just wow. To put this into perspective, people that are already hurting financially should go out and get loans not knowing how long, at that, time the shutdown would last and allow the loan agencies TO FURTHER PREY ON THEM AND TAKE MONEY FROM THEM. Make money off of those suffering already so Trump can win even more. Right? Like I said before, and which is also fully supported by even other conservative blogs, the end result here could've been had before the shutdown even took place saving all these people and the economy from the fallout that's coming. Listening to those with septic tanks as mouths has hurt the country when we could be a month ahead already with funding border security for the 'smart wall' and creating so many new jobs.

It's clear to me that so many right wingers on the air actually care less about their country and simply want to show devotion to the opposition of liberals, liberals, liberals, libtards, snowflakes, and all the other silly names they promote. All that at the expense of still arriving at the same destination with the same liberal ideas they frowned upon before. Republicans knew from the start that the 'smart wall' was they way to go on so many fronts but, I guess they needed to show a fight just for the hell of it. None of them are hurt, though....
This is the kind of fake headline that simple-minded Democrats swallow hook, line and sinker every time. The see this and gleefully start shouting from the rooftops that Trump's own Chief of Staff admits that "TRUMP CAVED". He said nothing of the sort. That is the spin put on it by the this dishonest leftist media gossip rag called Mediash*t.

Mick Mulvaney was clearly explaining that the President was able to make the latest good faith overture by virtue of already being in a righteous position of strength to implement his plan with or without the consent of the obstructionist Democrats. Even though he didn't have to, he afforded yet another opportunity for the Democrats to join in a process of constructive dialog and negotiation. He already knows very well that the obstructionists Democrats are not going to do anything helpful to make border security a reality. At the expiration of the 3 week reprieve, they will once again be shown to be the corrupt leftist hacks and liars that they are.

The dims are all for securing the borders, unless it actually secures the border. The President will take appropriate action when the temporary reprieve has expired. At that time the uneducated Dims will learn the difference between a temporary reprieve vs the concept of "caving" on a disputed issue. They'll keep talking about Trump's "big defeat" on the government shutdown and acting like Nanny Pelosi is the President. Until February 15th rolls around and they understand that Trump outsmarted them once again. Then, the usual anti-Trump histrionics start up again. LOL
Trump is a plucking idiot if he tries to shut the government down again for a stupid azz wall that already has over 100 tunnels under it. Go on and shut it down again Orange man, Pleeeeeeeeeease!
Spin????? All you have to do is listen to Rush bimbo, Sean Hannity the Wallbanger, and that witch Ann Coulter. Oh, oh I almost forgot Michael Savage the worst of them all.

Amberjack, perhaps 'spin' was too subtle of a word in this particular instance, but do you not understand that the headline of this article is false? Mick Mulvaney never said any such thing. They made it up. It's a lie.
@KAL , lil**** , amberjackoff, and det. shortbus are mindless demoncRATTED, plantation dwellers. They aren't honest... they just thrive on the hate.
Lol must have come back from his cave.and jaramoron just came back from sticking his head in the toilet bowl. Go fuc yourself oh, you all are a bunch of lying sacks of s***.
KKKKAL the jack-boot crooked cop from Albany, GA got fired from his mall cop job for shop lifting donuts.
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