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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Trumps new $1.5 million limousine comes with blood and Bond style features

Adjusted for inflation, the Obama administration's purchase of a new Presidential limo in 2009 cost a little bit more...but not enough to quibble over. As per the article, this vehicle was commissioned in 2014, long before the last Presidential election. (I'm sure the 2009 purchase had been arranged during G.W. Bush's last term)

These Presidential limos have had "Bond-style features" for a long time, esp. after the JFK assassination - run flat tires, bulletproof glass, protection against gas attacks, etc. have all been standard equipment for the cars since then.

I watched a documentary just a few weeks ago about Presidential motorcades and the vehicles involved, and one SUV is dedicated to emergency medical personnel and contains the units of blood available for immediate transfusion if needed. I expect some "threat assessment" wonk figured the blood should be closer to where it might have to be used.

After a Presidential limo is taken out of service, it's handed over to the Secret Service who remove any sensitive equipment, then they destroy it on the gun range.
Interesting information Mikeintexas.
Oh and a good read about the limousine. Nice to read something not about the Demonic Socialists and Republicans.
At least the article had unbiased information; many other websites are insinuating that this is a vanity purchase by Trump, costing the taxpayers an outrageous sum and that he- Trump - made the call about the blood.(and hinting that he's paranoid about it) I'm almost positive it isn't his actual blood, just the normal donations to some blood bank. I'm sure it's been tested nine ways to Sunday, though. Why, it might even be a black person's blood or from a progressive! Who cares?
They sure didnt chirp when Obama came out with all the updates and the cost of HIS limo updates. But of course nothing is said because that was Royalty Obama.
Considering what-all has to go into the vehicle, how beefed up it has to be and how much armor is on it, the price doesn't seem all that unreasonable. Why, I saw several Ford Mustangs for sale on Streetside Classics that ranged from over a hundred grand to over $400k.

After reading this, I remembered reading that Obama wanted his limos to be "green" but that wasn't feasible. I don't think any vehicle that is that heavy and requires such a huge engine could ever be "green", not at 4-8 mpg.

Also read that the previous car not only had (those mentioned in the article) tear gas canisters to fend off pesky protestors but rocket propelled grenades for those who want to get a little more serious in their protesting. They probably took them off on Trump's car, afraid he might lob a few at Congress when he drove by. I know I would.
@ lejardin... the reason the Democrats didn't make a big deal about Obama's vehicle, is solely because the two cannot be compared. Trump on a daily basis is making news headlines breaking news all kinds of news with multiple brake King news. It's not comprable.

It's all about Trump. Nothing else matters. Just take any clip of him speaking, eventually it goes back to him and only him. He's a narcissist on steroids LOL
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