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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Trump Slams George W Bush For Worst Single Mistake In US History

Not sure if it was the "worst single mistake in U.S. history" (Electing and then re-electing Obama are #1 and #2) but it's on up there.

We should have gone into Afghanistan with full force, found Bin Laden, hacked his head off and put it in a jar of formalin then brought it home and charged admission to see it, would have paid for the war. What to have been done with the rest of the body? Thrown it to the hogs.   Instead, we have a secret burial at sea...whose body it was is anyone's guess...and the narcissist-in-chief and his sociopath criminal Sec. of State claiming the War on Terror over.
BiGOTINTEXAS why didn't you volunteer to go to Iraq or Afghanistan? Instead you like others would rather be a chicken sh1t Monday morning quarterback. Judging by your comment you are the sociopath or ghoul.
A little too old, Sleezeball.   So, what did you want to do with Bin Laden after he killed thousands of Americans? Probably give him a medal, donate to the Taliban cause, I reckon.   

You're not just sleezy, you're scum. Easily triggered scum, too. All I gotta do is criticize your messiah, the black jebus. Stick a sock in it, Buckwheat, o'tay?
No BIGOTINTEXAS you don't get to spread your hatred toward people of color unchecked. BTW, Obama gave the order to kill or capture Bin Laden, no one else. They buried him at sea so his followers would not have a martyr to worship. History is a b1tch, huh?
Excellent idea MikeofTexas. pay admission to see the head of Bin Laden would have paid for the war, lol.   Secret burial at sea of Bin Laden pfffffft, you really have wonder. The story only came out AFTER everything had been done and disposed of.
I don't have "hatred for people of color"....just those like you, the "racists of color". You don't get to wallow in your perpetual victim status unchecked.   I call BS on the "no martyr" story. Why no photographs? I think Bin Ladin probably died years before, but your black jebus couldn't admit that he had sent troops into harm's way only to kill some poor slob who just looked like him. Yep, history is a b1tch and so's yer momma, you terrorist loving sleezeball.
Too late Toothless in Texas, you've already admitted to being a racist and another block so so stop trying to b******* everybody. You just another sleazebag racist bigot Nazi lover-lover moron.

Go back to the s*** hole you came from you piece of human s***.
And once again Miss Priss gets triggered again.

A broken record, that's what you are. You and your butt buddy Sleezy need some new material.

You need to be deported.
You have too much time on your hands, I suggest going back to your lousy flashlight security guard position where it doesn't take a functioning brain .
Deported? You're so f****** stupid. Nobody Deportes and honorably discharged US Navy veteran you dumb s***. You're about as much American as a piece of baklava you f****** dumbass.

I upload my DD-214, but you losers aren't worth it and even then you probably about whether the document is real or not. You are sick and need to be throwing on some Island by yourself with plenty of food for the next 10 years. Jeez what retards you f****** right-wing a*****es are.
Again this is your president not mine you piece of s*** you can have them keep them just keep him out of office. LOL

Notmypresident get it???? Not my president not my president not my president not my president not my president if you don't like it go f*** yourself
Three posts in a row?

Definitely triggered.

Save us the trouble, deport yourself.
Nope I'm staying right here you f****** retard. Say it all you want till your voice box Goes to Hell but I'm staying right here whether you like it or not jerk off
You say you want to jerk me off?

You nasty girl.

Sorry, I have my standards and you don't meet them, not by a long stretch.

Get out of my country!
Nope I'm staying right here jerk off. It's you that should be deported to an island with all the other racist and bigots and tortured slowly until you realize what a moron you are. Staying right here
LOL at your country, typical racist. Keep putting your foot in your mouth you f****** moron this way everybody can see what trash you really are trailer park garbage Toothless and Texas. Go watch my video of you I posted except the guy has teeth. Other than that that's you and him would make great butt Buddies
Only two posts in a row this time? That last tantrum you threw must have worn you out.   Do you need your nappy changed?

Why should I read your blog? No one else does.

Can't wait until we throw you over the border wall. You can make your way back to where you came from on your own.
Keep dreaming loser
You really should go to go watch that video of yourself in a wheelchair. If I was that guy filming I would have knocked that loser in his head just like I would do you. Then I take a turn off the f****** Street and stuff it in your mouth because that's where it belongs.
And again you sure you're a retard because blocks have a counter of views and believe me there's a lot of them. So keep making retarded comments because you're ignorant. I've got all day if you want to do this. I've got all day to put you in your place like a little s*** turd that you are. I've got all day and it's not my president it's yours Nazi leader not mine so go f*** yourself I got all day b****
Of course you have all day; you're at home waitin' on your welfare check.

Back to three posts in a row, triggered again!

Just like you to hit a guy in a wheelchair. That would be the only way you'd win a fight.

Be careful - ICE is on your trail!
I'm going to do a rare "two posts in a row".

I did go look at your blog post and saw the smackdown Todd gave you. It made me realize that by stooping to your level I'm not giving HIM or his website any respect. I will refrain from any "obfuscated" obscenities in the future, but if you personally attack me again, I will ridicule you - as I've been doing - in return.

If you want to debate the issues, I'm up for that.
Well said Mike, I guess everyone will find out which Man will show up.
no you racist bigot, I'm sitting at the airport waiting for a ride from a passenger dumbass. That's why I have so much time on my hands. Unlike you I actually work.

You're   right I wanted to expose you to all the people seen the ad rather the blog so how much of a racist you are go ahead try to pick a fight with me and you'll lose
What's the matter? I see you get angry when everybody sees you a racist remarks huh? You can shell it out in private but you can't take it when it's public right yep
Thanks, MADDOG. We shall see, huh?

Sounds like "someone" needs a timeout.
BIGOTINTEXAS, you need a break from your computer. You talk about everything but the topic. IN A WEIRD way YOU think what you say is coherence and meaningful, but in reality it's gibberish and nonsense. All you do is argue like a hillbilly on its way to another cross burning. You are one subversive and bigoted germ.
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