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Sunday, September 16, 2018


Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump is a liar, a con man, and deceitful

Classic case of projection, at least from a con woman.
Boy did she cut him some slack, that's the short list. My list would be two stories tall
You can't count that high.
Loser in Texas like I said the other day, you follow me around like a lost puppy except you're not as cute. You're more like a lost rat. You're basically a troll with missing teeth.
So says the liar, con woman, thief, deceitful agitator.
amberjackoff you f'ing moron, you are the troll lost puppy stoner, look at the trolled mike 1 hr after he posted comment#1. You are an idiot and every consecutive comment you post reinforces how f'ing stupid and drugged up you are.
ambturd, you grew a mustache to go along with your toothless make yourself more "womanly" on those long cruises while in the Navy.
Toothless and Texas, since you like confrontation. I could be a psychologist without any training whatsoever, well Life Training. I gain experience by dealing with your kind of neurotic Behavior, stocking me, thinking you can somehow change my mind I don't know maybe you're not doing that, but what you're trying to do is failing miserably and you lacked the judgment to realize it. I really feel bad for you man, now I'm Stoner weird. Do just relax and go back to your trailer lie down and everything will be better tomorrow. I'll recommend the tooth doctor for you rather dentist I should say.

Free of charge I'll send you DVDs of tooth repair and, not self tooth repair but suggestions on the best places in your state. It's a great resource you should take advantage of.
In the first place, there's absolutely nothing you can teach me about life or even psychology...mainly because you don't even know what neurotic means. I'm anything but neurotic.

Yet again, I am fully cognizant of what I'm doing, but I honestly have doubts about you. I'm not concerned, because I could not care less about you. You could die tomorrow and I'd just shrug. One less human stain i the world, that's all.

Not sure why you have the obsession with my teeth, but it has to be your lack of them, again with the projecting of your own faults onto me. I remember a post in one of those "What would you buy if you win?" threads and you saying you'd get new dentures. Cut out buying your next dime bag or two, get you a Dremel drill and maybe you could get rocks out of a gravel pit and make your own...or, if you're a hand at whittling, you could carve some teeth out of a willow branch. "Look at me! I'm just like George Washington!"
Not sure why you have the obsession with my teet

Not sure why you following me a lot around just to irritate me. Does that make you feel like you're a better person than I am?

Other than responding to your ridiculous post, I don't even acknowledge your existence. The rest of my life after my little confrontation with your pathetic self doesn't hang around. It's over I move on I don't hang around on a website 19 hours a day following everyone who I disagree with just to stalk them, like creepy old men who stalk whatever you know are you a stalker?
I don't hang around here, I subscribe to some of these threads and get a notification when there's a post...or a bunch of BS like you post, it doesn't differentiate between them.

At least you spelled "stalking" correctly this time. I wasn't for sure what you meant by me "stocking" you earlier. (Did you want me to put you on the shelf?) That was just one more example of your functional illiteracy.   Face it, it's YOU who are obsessed with ME. I think you have a crush on me. You must have a thing for quick witted, funny and intelligent guys like me. Sorry, but I don't swing that way, hate to disappoint you.

Glad to know I irritate you. I win again!
BIGOTINTEXAS, You win nothing. It just proves that you are a bonafide AZZ HOLE that is looking for attention, any kind. How Sad.
Aw, sleezy...I beat you like a dusty old rug. Probably about the same thing, come to think of it.

There's a simile for ya. LMAO
BIGOTINTEXAS you are as dumb as a Pet Rock.
They made the guy who thought them up millions of dollars and were extremely popular.

Guess they weren't so dumb, huh?
@ mikeintexas. You definitely don't have a thing to worry about those, neither of them have
the brains that GOD gave a jack-A$$.
Attracted to you? Hahaha bourdieu think too much about yourself. You're not my type because hillbillies with bucking missing teeth Don't attract me whatsoever. You probably smell like s*** when was the last time you took a shower. Probably a week ago right come on you know you you're lying.

And please go get a job so you don't hang around LP 19 hours a day waiting for the next response by the left of the side which is much more intelligent than you nut jobs. Anybody who votes for this loser in office has to have something wrong with their brains. Half the country is retarded just like you
If you check the internet there's a company called Affordable Dental. Toothless and Texas, they are pretty cheap for dentures and removing teeth or whatever you want to do. I run I recommend using them. Loser in Texas you may want to check out another way to get teased, the called veneers where they take a mold of your existing three teeth that you have in your mouth, and make permanent veneers to fit your mouth. They might have to make a couple of implants because you only have three teeth so there's nothing to ground them too. But check them out you like them
Time for Mad Max to leave office. Must be nice to live in a $4.5 million dollar house far from her district. This woman delights in inciting violence and agitating her very tiny small base, she's a liar, and a old gas bag.
@MADDOG. Thanks, and you are 100% correct. There are some undeniable truths in this Universe and one of them is ambturd is always projecting his own faults and physical traits onto me. Sleezy just gets triggered by me constantly beating him like a drum. I not only kick their ignorant azzes with facts, I destroy them with my clever insults. I sure wish they'd get some new material, they're really boring individuals.

One good thing; I kept the Trotsky Twins - Scum Bag and Sleeze Bag - busy yesterday so ya'll could have a pleasant Sunday. You're welcome, think nothin' of it, happy to do it for my conservative pals in here.
Loose tooth in Texas please get over yourself you sound like Donald Trump now. Of course why wouldn't you you adore that Nazi loving racist bigot.

Stop patting yourself on the back because you're garbage to me you don't impress me you're not ready you're not intelligent and most of all you're an idiot moron living in a trailer park with missing teeth. Get off of your high horse because you're nothing, you just a dredge in a sewer. You can kick anybody's ass because you're a coward and I can tell by your writing here on LP. Your s*** hole loser go back to your f****** KKK meeting you piece of s*** human waste roach turd
ambturd, you can put a lip-lock on my love muscle.
Sorry but I don't study microbiology.
Oh, your big mouth oughta cover it all right.
True, but I like the ones that I have to struggle to get into my mouth
Wow. Thanks for finally admitting it.

That explains your constant rage, self-loathing and mental instability.   I WAS right about you projecting your traits upon me, the toothless charges and those about trailer parks, etc. Now I understand why you kept accusing me of being homosexual.

I will take it easier on you from now on, would hate to be accused of gay-bashing.
Well then amberjack, you must know the difference between a Lemon, and a Jack-A$$ since you like to struggle with them and your admittance. LMAO>!
@mikeintexas, why thank you very much for keeping the two bags busy,
had a pleasant Sunday afternoon.
Mad Dog you're a pussy.
Toothless and taxes, you've already stated your bigotry long time ago so I wouldn't be surprised if you did call me names
You're certainly welcome, MADDOG. I wasn't doin' anything else, no football for me. I enjoyed wasting their day of rest.

I will now quit this thread, allow the non-American to have the last word, even though it will irk him to know I won't read it. He does that, you know...sneaks into old threads that have disappeared off the main blog page and leaves a comment just so he can have the final say. It's really sad behavior, a sign of extreme insecurity. He really should have spent yesterday more wisely, like gone to church, could have done him some good.
I buls**t you'll read it you Toothless and Texas. You can't stand it and burns your blood not to come back and read. I say this because you follow me everywhere anyway so I know your habits. You can't resist.
BIGOTINTEXAS is an INCEST baby. He has huge problems. MADMAN has a worm in his brain that's eating his few brain cells. He thinks he is in his forties until he looks into the mirror and see his big fat bumpy head.
At #22, you are telling on yourself. You like talking about sex acts with men.

"you can put a lip-lock on my love muscle." How sad.
No Amberette, I'm a pussy maker. How are you doing sweetie. Is that the best you can do.!!
The only pussy you probably ever saw was when you came down your mother's hole
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