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Thursday, September 13, 2018


Michelle Obama comes to the stadiums

Good I hope she enjoys herself.
She's on a tour, touting her new book - Becoming

Title is too short, needs to be: Becoming a Man

BIGOTINTEXAS if you see Michelle Obama as a man, you are clearly a HOMOSEXUAL incest hillbilly.
Gay bashing again, I see.

Guess that's SOP for you effeminate, beta male soy boys. I bet her Adam's apple is bigger than yours.

Your bigot slurs hold no weight, seeing as how you're one of the biggest racists on this site.
BIGOINTEXAS just because you see women as men, don't try to say people are like you. You are the one that's infatuated with males.
Nope, as usual, you're wrong. I'm very secure in my own masculinity, but what with all your constant accusations of others being homosexual, I think you're confused about your own manhood.

That's OK, can come out of the closet, no one will make fun of you. (well, except your fellow leftists) You should not only be honest with us, but most of all with yourself.
That pic of her has to be photoshopped.
Ya think, rcb? -grin- It took someone with some fantastic skills with that, huh?

Since the Jets will be at MetLife stadium, they are going to have Michelle do a photo op in downtown Manhattan. I just hope she doesn't grab some Fay Wray lookalike off the street and scamper up the side of the Empire State Building with her.
BIGOTINTEXAS you're not that smart, just RACIST. Your reference to the Empire State Building is a dog whistle for KING KONG. Well BIGOT, you feel good now? You're probably on a racist HIGH right now, huh? SAD PUPPY
Dog whistle? Since you're the first S.O.B.(literally) to hear it, maybe it was! Dog whistles...only dogs can hear those, right? So, the people who say they hear them must be dogs. (Gettit? Dog whistle, you being a literal S.O.B.? Bwwwwaaaaa! Another joke!)

Of course it was a reference to King Kong. I'm glad I didn't have to explain it to you, but I reckon it took you awhile to get the joke. You're pretty dense, after all.

Racist high? What do racists like you do to get high? (other than purple drank)

Smarter 'n you, pal.
lil*godonkmonk sob (stupid old bitch)or is it (smelly old bitch)? STFU lil*godonkmonk.
If purple drank isn't racist...i dont know what is..
I tell you what. I don't know who's more stupid BIGOTINTEXAS or JARASH!T. Both of you were slow learners in school and failed three times before sixth grade. SAD
Neither, they both compete to be bigger douches.
".....i dont know what is"

That's true about most anything you post, ambturd. You really DON'T "know what is" about anything at all.

Actually, sleezy, they wanted to advance me up a grade back in elementary school, but I didn't want to leave my friends. Yet again, you show your ignorance and total lack of creativity with your insults. Please try harder, amuse me! Those are getting old and worn out. (you probably even run retreads on your car, am I right?)

Am I a bigot? I suppose so, since I know I'm a better person than either you or ambturd. You, on the other hand, are a flaming racist. Don't deny it.

Douche? I don't think so, but maybe I am, ambturd. I'm sure I've been around that particular part of the female anatomy much, much more than you. Along the same vein, that would make you an enema bottle.
BIGOTINTEXAS, you were never a lady's man. You're short, bald headed, missing teeth, and walk with a limp because of a big shoe on your right hoof.
Will you look at this, the Zombie trolls are following each other. And spewing their racist venom along the way. Is that your new technic trolls, to suck on each other along the way>?? You two would make a lot of money if the circus was still around, oh, my bad you two are the circus. Maybe you're trying to butter up mooochie to make it a three some huh. LMAO.

MADMAN, I'm still waiting on your address. Forgot. I didn't. Chump.
Projecting your own physical appearance onto me isn't being creative, LiL Sleezy.

Crawl out of that Ripple bottle and try again.
Oh that's right zombie. Well I don't hide behind a computer like you. Here it is:

4320 Haines Road North. St. Petersburg Florida, 33704. Now since you're only in Georgia, or Alabama, or Mississippi, come on down I'll be more than Happy to Oblige you.

Oh by the way Chumpette, I'm the house right next to a Church, even a blind bat of your stature can't miss that.

@#19- If I were you, I would forget his address!! Special Forces personnel know many tactics. Don't say you were Special Forces, You do not have the fortitude for that.
I was infantry Carbo, you CANNOT relate FLY BOY. The only thing about MADMAN now is that he is a special old BIGOT like you living in the past.
I was infantry Carbo, you CANNOT relate FLY BOY. The only thing about MADMAN now is that he is a special old BIGOT like you living in the past.
I doubt very seriously, you could take him or me. Your post shows your ignorance, I also have my doubts about your false bravado!!!
BTW, thanks for the fake address MADMAN. Even you is not that stupid. It is too easy to check an address and get a name to go with it moron. You might fool your TROLL friends about how tough you are, but I can assure you that it doesn't phase me tough guy.
CARBO, no one gives a rats azz about what you think. Go take a bath buster. You SMELL!
BTW CARBO, I don't knock out people that are in wheel chairs. You are already handicapped.
If you were in Nam, how many times did you soil yourself from fear, be honest!!!
CARBO, it might be humorous to you, but not to me. That is all I'll say about that because if you did not experience NAM, I am not going to waste my time telling you about my experience.
I ask you once, did you ever hear the name Monkey Mountain?
I am serious about the name, where were you located?
CARBO, do yourself a favor and share your experience with another FLY BOY because I am not interested. I was Army. Other than we both served our country, we have nothing else in common.
I'm very proud of you loser in Texas! Out of all the trolls on this site, you're the most honest period a week and a half ago he admitted he was a moron, and now he admits to being a douche and a bigot, the only thing that's left is the racist heart.

It's good to purge all that crap out of your system and realize your limitations based on your faults. I'm glad you're coming around, it's about time.
lil*godonkmonk and amberjackoffturdburglar are both monkeys, they both imitate their masters and have under developed pea sized brains. They are mostly monkey.
Haha I'm not black you dumbass. There you go showing your ignorance again with racist remarks. For years on this site I can remember you trolls constantly saying you're not racist and now the true colors come out. I knew you couldn't hold back, trailer trash comes to light yippee
Listen Zombie Chumpette. The address is REAL. I've nothing to worry about from a piece of cow dung like you, but like I said before, come on down I'd be more than happy to oblige your Fat Arse. I don't have to be tough to accommodate the likes of you schwoogie. You are the ONE WHO HIDES BEHIND A COMPUTOR Maggot.
@ CARBOB. Don't waste your time with that Maggot, I doubt seriously he was ever in the service. Hides behind a woman's skirt and squats when he pee's. If he was, He was a cook, or Clerk, and never saw ANY action.
Crapdogg.... if anyone's a racist is you losers on this site who are clueless bigots. I love this because all this racism and bigotry just goes to prove my points I made throughout the weeks and months before about Trump and his loser supporters. This confirms that Trump is a racist bigot just like you are. You people are so stupid you don't even realize you're admitting to being racist when weeks and months ago you denied it with a passion. You people just don't get it, your brain is s***. I'm right, right-wing nutjobs like you are losers bunch of f****** morons. And the sad part is you don't even f****** realize it, what a bunch of dumbasses!!
INFANTRY Maggot?? Didn't you tell someone before you were Calvary?? Either or, you haven't got the Intestinal fortitude to be any of those. @ CARBOB, he can't tell you about his experiences, because NONE of it would be true, and it would expose the Maggot in front of everybody.

Again I'll reiterate Maggot; the address is REAL, now the rest is up to you.!!
After this response I will never respond to a post to him again. He has never done anything he claims. He has never been to nam. He did not graduate from college. Nothing but lies does he post. Stick you head where the sun don't shine. You are one of the 70% Black fathers that has not produce nothing but freeloaders. The biggest lie was the Georgia Master Teachers list.
REBMA421, yes I am racist to low intelligence rags such as you and your suck along partner. When the Good lord was giving brains you and your A$$hole buddy thought he said trains and the both of you caught the caboose.

Wow, everything you just said was in one sentence. To be totally honest I never knew a turds had a presence to carry it that long. What a waste of space. LMAO.

Jealous because someone turned this economy around and set new records doing it? Your Intelligence supersedes your ability to function. In other words even moles know enough to stay under a rock when there is lightning. You are a recessing Cess pool...
lil*godonkmonk and amberjackoffturdburglar are both smelly dirty monkey bitches, just like monkeys at a zoo monkey cage... they throw poop at the humans and each other, it is just what they do.
Both of you are losers believing what Trump says is truth that's so laughable. Great economy? I went up by 2.7% yet inflation went up by 2.9% so stop bulls**ting me and everybody else. Both of you losers need to go on an island somewhere remote and slap each other to death. Cuz you're a bunch of morons who don't have a clue.

Piece of s*** white trash that belongs in the sewer among the roaches and the centipedes. You rat sewers don't have a clue about anything in life just follow your Nazi fuhrer like little good old Soldier Boys that you are. What a bunch of dumbasses you are
The real Clincher is that you idiots believe in a sky daddy that watches your every move. So you're not only retarded but you're delusional and believe anything anybody tells you whether it's Trump the Nazi leader of your party or some thing written in a Old Rag thousands of years ago ignorant desert dwellers. You people are frightening because you have brainwash morons just like yourself sitting in office making legislation secretly based on those buls**t stories you read in a book somewhere.

That's even more scarier than you putting trust in Trump, bunch of brainwashed spaghetti monster gods in your head, oh my sky daddy is going to save me from hell oh my sky daddy is going to heal me oh my sky daddy is going to make me win money what a bunch of losers how stupid do you have to be to believe in that crap?

I'll answer that for you pretty stupid!
Excuse me while I go pray to my 12 oz can of Pepsi. It's going to do just about as good as any other fake God's you people drink up.

Anything you people say loses immediate credibility. How can anybody take seriously a person who believes and flying angels and talking donkeys LOL you people belonging to f****** padded room somewhere.
-sigh- Ambturd, there you go again, lying. You do it so well. I bet it's the thing you do the best.

You fail to grasp sarcasm and subtlety, the nuance goes right over your head...and I'd think at least a little bit would catch on that pointy skull you have.

Definition of a bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

Yep, guilty as charged, yet so are you. If you can't see that, esp. in regards to your unhinged rants against religion (twice in your last two posts!), then you are not only a bigot, but a hypocrite as well.    The difference between you and I (other than I'm much, much smarter than you) is that my viewpoints are the right ones, formed from honestly and critically looking at both sides while you've never had a correct or honest political position since you've been posting in here.

"rat sewers"? Don't you mean "sewer rats"? I bet you suffer from dyslexia, which would explain your lack of comprehension, logic and basic vocabulary skills. I guess that explains why you don't believe in Dog. LMAO

"....and realize your limitations based on your faults."

Redundant. That's like you saying "I'm fat, but am also obese." Honestly, the govt. owes the rest of us a rebate on your public school education, it was wasted on you.

My greatest asset is realizing my faults, although you haven't pointed any of them out yet. OTOH, I have listed quite a few of yours and since you're a hypocrite, you won't own up to them.

Centipedes in the sewers? I believe most centipedes avoid water, but a quick search shows a single species - Scolopendra cataracta - that is amphibious....but they're endemic to Southeast Asia - Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Sleezy could have told ya that, I reckon. -snicker-

Speaking of the Sleeze; I will take his word about serving in Vietnam, but I guess his unhinged rants in here can be blamed on PTSD, stemming from the time he saw a general's jeep fall of the jack at the Saigon motor pool where he spent his tour. He was exposed not to Agent Orange, but Orange Sunshine LSD: "Gooks in the wire, Sarge! The generator wire!" Sleezy came home from 'Nam with a drug habit, Hepatitis C and a raging dose of clap that regular penicillin couldn't cure. "Me love you long time!" has a whole new meaning to you now, huh Sleezeball?

jarasan, exactly right! Monkeys flinging poo! I hope the former FLOTUS doesn't decide to fling her own while doing her book tour. If she pulled down her drawers, "the truth" might very well pop out!
As I stated before Zombie. I am for real, The address is for real, I'm not hiding behind the computer like you are maggot. If it's fake to you, then you are the pansy hiding behind a skirt. Man up chumpette, or STFU.
MADMAN, you are a LIAR and a YELLOW-BELLY COWARD. You people have been trying for years to disprove my education, my military service, my occupation as a retired teacher, and to this date you have shown no proof. All you people can come up with is moronic assumptions. That is so sad to be so prejudice until you will believe a lie before you will believe the truth. In the meantime I'm enjoying life to the fullest while you morons dwell in Jealousy and falsehood. SAD PUSSIES.
Speedy, these people belong in a toilet filled with crap, well that might be too good for them. They think if they were write really long diatribes of nonsense, that makes them intelligent. It just goes to show you they're trying too hard to make themselves look good and they fail miserably. They look like total douchebag dumbasses and that's what they are. You can't talk to these people, their brains are mush. Can you believe a trailer park trash loser who's missing teeth is trying to tell me about the real world. Can you imagine a Mad Dog loser who probably rides Harley is in a gang tattooed up all over the place trying to tell me about what life really is. Can you believe the third jackass would like to talk about monkeys, brainless loser trying to tell us what is good and bad. It's a joke! Their lives are a joke and they're pathetic. What a waste of human trash they are garbage s*** for brains.
The s***'s going to hit the fan real soon and when these cry babies learn that they lost the House and Senate and the 2020 election they going to lose their minds just wait and see, you think it's bad now their panties not only will be jammed up there ass so deep, it will reach all the way up to their empty skulls.

And I'm just going to sit back eating my popcorn watching the veins in their heads explode. What a bunch of idiots.
Don't forget your enema bottle to drink out of, ambturd!

Sorry my "diatribe" is too long to hold your attention. I'd try to dumb it down for you, but...not sure even a "sky daddy" could work that miracle.

How can my "missing teeth" be telling you about the real world? (I'm getting a mental image of those windup chattering teeth talking to you...and you talking back!) Goodness, I wish you knew just how much you make me laugh with your sheer stupidity.   Just when I think you can't say anything any more stupid... I really need to quit picking on you because you definitely ARE low hanging fruit. It's not fair to you, not at all. LMAO

I'd like to know how someone can get into that "occupation of retired teacher". That sounds great, start the job and retire that same day!
Picking you up on me? Haha that's so laughable, the only thing you can pick is your nose. Or the other thing you can pick is the dingleberries off your boyfriend's ass cracks.
Hey Zombie what was your MOS. If you don't know it, l think we'd understand. LMAO
BIGOTINTEXAS you are just jealous because I'm retired and you're not. I worked on the same job for 31 years and retired in good health and financially independent. Eat your heart out sucker.
Face it ambturd; I own you. I should rent you out, let you give knob jobs to sailors right off the ship. That's what you did in the Navy, right? Gotta keep the CPO happy, right? I bet your nickname in the service was "Bilge Butt"...a tight fit, but stank like hell. Am I right or am I right? Never mind, I'm always right. (and THAT'S what makes you so angry!)

Jealous of you, Sleezy? You're proud of sucking off the public teat for so many years? You were probably forced out after suspicion of molesting the children.

"Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach." Fits you to a "T".
I meant to address this, but after the blitz of posts last night while I was asleep, I forgot.

"You're short, bald headed, missing teeth, and walk with a limp because of a big shoe on your right hoof."

Define "short". I used to be a skosh over 6 ft. tall, but as I age, I have shrunk a bit. Happens to most of us. I think the last time I was measured, I was 5' 11 and 3/4". That bothered me more than how old I was getting! Oh well, I stand tall amongst men, something you have trouble doing, I suspect.

Missing teeth? A few, but that's what bridgework is for. I got hit in the side of the face by a "spinning chain" out on the rig when I was a young man. I spat bits of the molars out and kept on working. I'm sure you would have cried and wanted to be taken to the ER. I wouldn't have dared to do something like that, esp. after a kid I worked with got the tip of one of his fingers lopped off and even though it was just an hour until quitting time, he wrapped it up and kept on working.

To be sure, I'm not sure about that last, just what you mean. Both my feet are the same size and no hoof or even club foot. Were you insinuating I was a horse, or maybe a bull? I like the bull analogy because as you have found out, you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

This one was amusing: "you were never a lady's man".

Uh, no, I never was and I never tried to be. I always wanted to care about a woman, get to know her before we took that next step. Sure, I had a few one night stands when I was younger, but regretted them later, even though some of them were pretty fantastic experiences.

Unlike you and your ilk, I never stuck it in anything that could walk. That's why there are so many black children without daddies; you people take your pleasure, then walk away and don't look back, completely devoid of decency or conscience. Why, you don't even pay for the abortion, much less child support if she decides to keep the child. "The gub'mint will pay fo 'dat."          

@loset in Texas... seems like I've hit a nerve. Never-ending ramblings about this and that LOL thank you for entertaining me I appreciate it. I've never laughed this hard in a very long time LOL
Basically you're a whiner but on the long version LOL I bet when your math teacher and grade school told you to write it in long version, you said with a big smile ear-to-ear yes teacher I'll do it and give it a hundred and 50%.
Struck a nerve? Projecting again, I see. Nothing you've ever said has ever even come close to striking a nerve.

Never ending? No, it's prob. just that it hurts your gotch eyes to read that much. The only thing smaller than your attention span is your IQ.   It amuses you when I abuse you so much? Glutton for punishment, huh?   Why would a math teacher tell me to write it in long version? You always showed your work, but maybe you slept through all that and that explains why you seem so stupid...because you actually ARE!

And, you yourself wrote a rambling, incoherent post up above, remember? I think it's better to have one longer WELL WRITTEN post than two or three in a row that make no sense.   (Y'know, like yours.) You post one, then two or three min. later you think "Oh, I should have said THIS insult." You should save yourself the time and Todd some blog storage space and leave it at one. I mean...a single post of yours sucks balls, so why do you think two are any better?

I told you up above, I'd try to dumb 'em down for you, but I simply can't. Maybe if I smoked a couple dozen joints and drank some cheap vodka...and hit myself in the head w/ a hammer, I might be as dumb as you, at least temporarily.

Nah, I'd have to be in a coma to do that.
Only shows how zombie sleeze is a fake folks. Asked what his MOS was he just completely ignored it.
He's afraid people will find out the truth.
LMAO at this piece of Cow Dung.

Toothless and taxes, please don't drink or smoke because you're already a moron, doing that would make you dumb as a doornail. Unlike you, for me drinking and smoking and hansa's my greatness, my creativity, my intellectual Drive. Just stick to smoking crack will keep you dumb and stupid as you are right now.
"Slander becomes the tool of the loser when the debate is lost." Get the hint fool??
lil*godonkmonk writes "because I'm retired and you're not. I worked on the same job for 31 years and retired in good health and financially independent. Eat your heart out sucker." that is what lazy monkeys strive for, a continuation of a meaningless life... self indulgent monkey shining.

lil*godonkmonk everything you write is crap.
ambturd, those drugs have made you so dumb, you can't even run a convenience store.

Now, go post your drunken, obscene rants on the forehead dot com message boards.
BigotinTexas I take a break on Saturday and Sunday, these are my football days with my friends. As you can see, I am commenting early. Hint: If what is being said about you is not true, why do you feel that you have to give an explanation? You people tell lies about me everyday, but nothing has changed in my life. As I have been saying for years, I am still a Vietnam Vet, College Graduate with a Masters, retired math/science teacher, and is doing just fine financially, before Trumpsky. It's called long range financial planning. I hope you understand why I am not worried about anything you people say.SMH
Why is it I feel I have to give you an explanation? To do as I always do, expose your lies and point you out as the hypocrite and racist you are. Why do you constantly feel the need to tout your own record? I'm not impressed with Affirmative Action "successes", believe people should succeed on their own merit.

I'm with the others, am beginning to doubt your military experience. Science teacher? I can just hear you now "Ass is bestus and oss is mosis!"

Oh, and another explanation. Yes, I DO have thinning hair. I buzz my head b/c of it, saves on haircuts. The reason I don't have much hair is partly genetic, but mostly b/c of an excess of testosterone. (go look it up) Having more of what makes a man makes me more of a man than most. (it also makes me more prone to prostate cancer, but...the good w/ the bad, y'know?)

You know, cavemen were covered with hair, but as man progressed over the next thousand generations, we started losing our hair. To make a long story short, I am just more advanced, farther along the evolutionary scale than you hairy apes.
BIGOTINTEXAS the only person that is being exposed is you. You are not intelligent enough to comment on the topic. You rather pick fights like a little B!TCH on another person's thread for free.
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