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Monday, September 10, 2018


Michelle Obama and BET Urge Women Of Color To Vote: We Lead, People Follow

Follow Candace Owens, Deneen Borelli, Diamond, and Silk!!!!!!!! Yeah baby! But if you follow the mooch you are stupid and are like demoncRAT sheep.
I love those women, especially Deneen Borelli, she has more common sense than that horse face mooch will ever have.
Amazon found out about encouraging get out and vote. A higher percentage of the targeted voters ended up voting for Trump. Something like 39% voted Trump.

Lethargic I'd rather look at Michelle's smooth black skin face than your wrinkle spotty face any day.
I think Obama likes looking at Michelle's smooth black skin...

Esp. her scrotal sack, which he had tanned and now uses for his iPod earbud pouch.
Oh look the Zombie troll comes on again to put down another blogger.
wow, that's new. he's deviated from his pleasant self to that of an angered democrat.
Kind of makes you wonder what pulled his strings.???
@ mikwintexas:
   OMG one hell of a synopsis of the hidden bulge, ( scrotal sack ). ROTFLMAO.!!!
The godonkmonk likes moochies scrotal sack! godonkmonk dipsh1t nut sack burgler.
Sleazy go crawl back under your rock.
Don't let it bug you, lejardin. He's just comparing apples to oranges...a woman (you, of course) to someone who used to be a man.(Michelle O.)
Michelle Obama has a lot of class compared to most people.
You added a "C" and an "L" to the correct word. I think your spell check is broken.
BigotinTexas you are an inbreed hillbilly. You have no class so your opinion of other people is moot.
Kalo the kkk president must be on vacation or the same person as Redneck in Texas because redneck in Texas seems like he's riding the same style as the KKK president.

It's so funny, speedy in another blog redneck loser in Texas told me he can enlighten me hahaha oh, that's so laughable decided to vote for an idiot like Trump wants to enlighten me lol LMAO he couldn't Enlighten a roach much less anything else. Maybe he should look in the mirror and see what a racist bigot loser he really is. But he's too afraid to look in the mirror because we might actually make them a little bit smarter oh, wait a minute that's impossible Trump supporters can never be changed because they can't think correctly. Their warped Minds won't allow them to be objective. No matter what this moron in office does Zelda pouch for him to the very end and that is very telling about the person who voted for him..
Hate to break this to you, but my opinion isn't "moot", no matter how little class you think I have. You really need to learn the definition of words before using them.

No matter how many books you guys buy, they do no good if all you do is chew the covers off 'em.

The "hillbilly" taunt always amuses me. I know you mean it as an insult, but since I live in a flat part of the Texas Panhandle, it loses any validity. (I don't even own a banjo and don't drink, much less consume "corn likker") The "bigot" slur is just absurd, esp. coming from one of the biggest racists in L.P.

And amber, yet again you are frothing all over your keyboard (you're gonna need another one soon if you keep it up!) and making absolutely no sense with your unhinged rage.   You don't resent me because I voted for Trump, you just realize it was the right thing to do and won't admit it to yourself that you backed not only a loser literally, but figuratively as well. You're just lashing out in a childish tantrum, that's all and I pity you. I understand, but you really need to gain some emotional control.

Seriously, it's just too easy to trigger you guys. I should be ashamed, but I'm not.
Oh here we go again with the reverse nonsense. You people do this s*** all the time. And I pointed it out to your cohorts on this side but they never responded because there is no response. When you reply it's a just a normal reply when I reply it's Rage or because I'm Trigger or this and that it's always something accept just a response to your comment so stop with the hypocritical b*******. You don't intimidate me you couldn't intimidate me if you tried. Funny you're so full of yourself, get over your a loser and you know it and you just can't admit it so just go back to your hell hole and shut the f****** you idiot!
^Textbook case of getting triggered^
You can't trigger anyone INBREED. You have psychological problems to deal with because of incest.
MADMAN is a pathetic old man that thinks he is still young in his dementia mind. He came to the South to extend his years by 2.
Sleezy is just angry because the city chopped down the tree he liked to swing from.

You're the EASIEST one to trigger, Buckwheat.
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