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Sunday, September 30, 2018


Maxine Waters denies her staff doxed Republicans on Wikipedia

Waters is smokin' hot!

Well, just her pants...because they're on fire.

The rest of her is butt-ugly - plumb to the bone. Even her soul is ugly.
Such indignation, how she like a dose of her own medicine? What a disgusting human being.

I agree, she is butt-ugly inside and out and I hope she finally gets what is coming to her the liar.
Oh my look at the top two above me, such tolerant Christians. Relaying relating to their looks instead of their integrity no matter what they look like. So you guys base quality on looks? Why are you doing this to yourselves? You keep sounding stupider and stupider by the Minotaur
amberjackoff bongturdler got a nice bag tonight? STFU you drug addled f'ing bag of sh1t. Maxie Wadders is an ugly f'ing rip off artist, she is laughing all the way to bank on taxpayer backs.
I think there really must be something to pot destroying short term memory. Since when have you ever heard me proclaim myself to be a Christian? I started my own blog with the very first post as a rebuttal to you about that very thing, but I guess since it was more than one paragraph and I used a few multi-syllable words, it was beyond your limited mental capacity to read and comprehend.

That said, I'd much rather stand with the Christians and defend their right to worship and believe as they see fit than to align myself with traitorous vermin such as yourself.

There's absolutely NOTHING "quality" about Waters, not one single redeeming quality to the witch. I doubt she even loves her family and I'd bet they don't much care for her.
Oh, and "Minotaur"? What's up with that? Are you so drunk you can't even tell that your spell check inserted that for "minute"?

Minotaur is right, though...half man, half bull and every time you have challenged this man, you've got the horns. Sorry I haven't put them where you'd like, though.
Mad Max has no integrity are YOU that stupid? I should have realized that needed to be pointed out to you amberjackie. Go back to your bottle, jeeeeeez.
If Ugly was a crime, all of you river rats bigots would be in jail. Lethargic you should be the last person to call someone ugly. You have been Ugly all your pathetic life. JARASAN and BIGOTINTEXAS are two bald head drunks that never had anything going for themselves. Both have low self-esteem and hate women of color.
They'll trace the IP address back to the computer doing the doxxing.
Oh well shocker LilSleazy comes to the rescue. Go crawl back under your rock loser.
lil'returdburglar aka godonkmonk, projects his own looks thru his posts. lil'returdburglar aka godonkmonk is an alcoholic fat white bald leftist bitch.
LOL Speedy, to ball headed drunks hahaha. Even their hair left their head looking for a new head with actual brains inside. They couldn't take it any longer living on a Hollow bone structure. LMAO
LETHARGIC, Amber does not need any help, he does fine by himself. However, you house trolls like to attack like pack rats, that I won't allow. JARASH!T is confused about my nationality, having a bald head, and being an alcoholic. He has unknowingly described himself. I am not white, have a full head of hair, and quit drinking in 1976. So anything that you people may say otherwise about me is moot.
lil*returdburglar aka godonkmonk, just confirmed what I wrote, since when does nationality have to do with race, cracker? Proof lil'returdburglar aka godonkmonk, projects his own looks thru his posts, and to top it off.......lil'returdburglar aka godonkmonk is definitely a duma$$ alcoholic, fat, white, bald, leftist bitch.
It's not "moot" to describe you as a hateful racist, Sleezebag, and that you and the Persian Pansy are a truth averse tag team...the Lee Bros. - Ug Lee and Home Lee.

Doesn't it get old for you both to be perpetual victims? You two need to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions, quit blaming white people.

Yes, my hair is thinning, never had a lot of hair anywhere on my body. That's actually due to excess testosterone, plus genetics. Man has been losing hair since we all lived in caves, so that also means I'm just farther along the evolutionary scale than you.
Muclintexas, how big is the cave that you live in now?
Again, you don't have a shred of reading comprehension, do you?
It's a simple question, does your cave have bats in them or not?
I haven't yet seen a question from you worth answering.

You haven't yet mastered English, have you? Would you prefer I use Google and translate my posts into Farsi for you? Maybe it's my use of multisyllabic words, but I refuse to dumb down my comments just to suit your limited intellect.

Okay fine, I'll just assume you don't have any bats in your cave.
Good assumption, since I don't live in a cave. You, however, definitely have bats in your belfry.
BIGOTINTEXAS you live in a dirty trailer. You drink beer out of a mayonnaise jar.
I own my little bungalow, seldom drink beer but when I do, it's out of a bottle or can and make my own mayo on the rare instances I need some.

Try again, racist...and quit projecting your own personal situations and character faults onto me. It would be a good idea to lay off the purple drank and crack while you're at it.
BIGOTINTEXAS you own your own little trailer in the hillbilly section of Texas. Quit lying and using diversion tactics by getting off the subject. Quit abusing your FREE status.
To the racist posting just above: Learn this!

Projection is a psychological defense mechanism in which individuals attribute characteristics they find unacceptable in themselves to another person. For example, a husband who has a hostile nature might attribute this hostility to his wife and say she has an anger management problem.
BIGOTINTEXAS, go gut yourself one of your pet pigs that live in the trailer with you and have a cook out with your rowdy hillbilly friends.
It's football Saturday...see ya Trumpozoids...
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