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Friday, September 14, 2018


How did a corrupt, narcissistic tv celebrity become president?

Media Bias/Fact Check website says this about Raw Story: "....moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy".

Of course, just reading the headline would suggest a bias. -snicker-

I have some major problems with the article, but most of all with the figures of straight ticket voting and how it's the reason Republicans are elected. From an article on The Texas Tribune (fairly to the left biased itself):

Straight-ticket ballots — where voters choose parties instead of individual candidates — accounted for almost 64 percent of total votes cast in the state’s 10 biggest counties this year. And while Republican votes outnumber Democratic votes in some of those counties, the blue numbers are growing.

Two-thirds of the votes in the state’s two biggest counties — Harris and Dallas — were straight-ticket votes. In Harris County, Democratic straight tickets accounted for 35.3 percent of the overall vote, while in Dallas, straight-ticket Democrats cast 41.3 percent of the overall vote. Republican straight tickets were 30 percent of the total in Harris and 23.8 percent in Dallas.

In Fort Bend County, where straight-ticket Democrats outnumbered Republicans this year, 76 percent of voters cast straight-ticket ballots in this year’s general election — the highest percentage among the top 10 counties. Travis County, where 52.9 percent of voters cast straight tickets, was the lowest.
Narcissistic? I won't argue that, but the same could be said about Obama. (or a buttload of politicians) How did an ineffective former state senator become President after accomplishing nothing as a U.S. senator in his abbreviated term? (even having one of the worst attendance records!)

Yes, Trump was a TV celebrity, but he had accomplishments - and failures - long before he started the TV show. Obama, OTOH, was once interviewed by a YouTube "celebrity" whose claim to fame was sitting in a bathtub full of cereal and milk. Let's not forget his appearance with survivalist Bear Grylls where he kept slipping up and calling his wife "Michael". Also, the Obamas have recently inked a deal with Netflix to produce TV shows for that network.

Guess being involved with a TV show ain't such a bad thing, huh? -snicker X 2-

Because half the country are retards that's why
Succinct and surprising analysis, ambturd.

Glad to see you finally agree with me that your half is mentally deficient. Don't you feel much better coming clean with the truth?

It's attitudes such as yours that drove the independents and moderates into the Trump camp. Keep it up!
Stop stealing my material.
It is funny how all these cheap comments are somewhat ignored from the side they’re coming from, when if Trump was on the other side and did half the things he did, He would be bombarded by the same blind biased bs. But it’s ok. Really your opinions are merely just opinions. Keep believing someone cares and is listening.
Got elected.
How you say. They've been TRUMPOTIZED! BIGOTINTEXAS you are OBTUSE.
You don't have anything worth stealing, ambturd...not in here, nor in your house.

Cheap comments, lonely girl? I've been giving you and your ilk an education in here worth millions. I think your analysis is wrong b/c if Trump "was on the other side" and doing the same things he's doing now -fixing eight years of incompetent leadership - I'd be applauding. Maybe grudgingly, but applauding none the less. You see, I'm not some partisan hack like you and ambturd and sleezball.

Oh, Sleezy picked up a new word! Did you get that from watching The Shawshank Redemption or did the page fall out of your dictionary when you used it to prop up your broken computer desk?

Like Jap says, "Got elected". 'Nuff said.
barry elected trump. and barry said "don't insult me, vote for hilldebeast" we insulted the fuque out of barry!

Do you monkeys understand? barry, kerry, media, mueller, and all the leftist monkeys are raising the red wave height to about 2 miles.
Jaracrap is wrong again... all is pointing to at least a neck-to-neck race in the midterms so STFU b****! You going to see s*** turn back to normal even though it was crazy. I like crazy better than stupid moronic crazy like you're not Siri racist leader is.
You get the gist LOL, one day someone's going to go ballistic and throw their phone to the wall after autocorrect fixes their sentences LOL
I'm just happy that you've finally admitted your side is mentally deficient, ambturd. Maybe there's hope for you yet.
I did no such thing Toothless in Texas!
Oh yeah you did! It's there in black and white!
Listen to race this!
Autocorrect can kiss my ass
You usually have to be specific if you're using speech-to-text, but in this case you won't have to be.

You're all ass.
Are they trying to say the last president wasn't also narcissistic? And who really cares what they are personally like? The only thing that matters are the actions taken by a president, not what they say, and this one's actions have put the country on a road to success and liberty. The only thing that matters in my book.
When I first saw I did think they were talking about barry soetero.
Anyone of the other candidates for POTUS could have done what Trump did, except they would have had the integrity, know how, and experience to know that a country divided against itself shall not stand. A government based on greed and protectionism and not what's best for the country has always failed. Do a little research, it won't hurt you, it will enlighten you.
"A country divided against itself shall not stand." Did you say that about Obama, the most divisive President since the author of that quote, Lincoln? I not only doubt it, would bet everything I own against it. That's hypocritical of you, Sleezy, but also expected.

Greed? Explain yourself. Seems like the charge of greed could be leveled at all the welfare recipients who don't want to work, but want their "gub'ment money" all the other freebies. Also, you don't remember the billions and billions of dollars disappearing into thin air...or actually into the pockets of Obama's cronies? Yet again, you're being hypocritical.

Also, in regards to the other candidates for POTUS, I guess you're talking about Republican ones. I will give you just one name to blow THAT argument out of the water: Rick Perry, the living, breathing bump on a log. (Trump giving him a Cabinet position upset me, I'll be honest. Still, it was payback for endorsing him, plain and simple...a common practice)

If you're trying to insinuate Hillary as having integrity, know how and experience, well then.....

BWWWWAAAAAAAHAAAAAA! Surely you can't be serious, can you Shirley?
Obama was not divisive, it was a small segment of America that could not get over the fact that a Black man was president for 8 years, and congressmen were actively fighting against his agenda.
BIGOTINTEXAS you already proved that incest babies have a learning disability. It is obvious that you sat in front of a TV a lot growing up because many of your comments are borrowed from past TV shows and movies. Sitting in front of a TV watching shows you shouldn't be watching just adds to your perversion.
"Greed? Explain yourself. Seems like the charge of greed could be leveled at all the welfare recipients who don't want to work, but want their "gub'ment money" all the other freebies".

BIGOTINTEXAS, the majority of people on welfare are white like you stupid, so you are talking about your own people. I guess that is why you are a standard member, because it is FREE.
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