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Saturday, September 8, 2018


Dallas Cop Enters Wrong Apartment and Shoots Occupant

She it was she, she should be in jail for at least 20+. It is called murder.
The top is probably a typical Trump supporter, most Trump supporters in fact all of them are retarded and moronic so they don't think straight. This is what happens when you become a trump supporter, you become like a retarded individual.
says amberturdburglar the retarded troll.
That's all she's got, jarasan. Funny how Ambturd, AKA "Slurpy" has given up on debating anything of substance and has nothing but insults. "Moron" is her favorite, which is ironic considering she knows nothing about politics/current events or much of anything else, for that matter. "Retarded" is rich, because of how intellectually deficient she is. (not to mention morally bankrupt)

Personally, I'd rather be a "moron" than a COWARD who bans people from their blog because they're afraid of the truth, of constantly getting their butt kicked on the issues. She's like Frankenstein, but instead of "fire", it's "Trump bad!", nothing else.
I banned her from my blog because she is a stupid bitch bereft of any original thought. It is a result of a completely drug addled skull full of mush.
Sorry, jarasan, didn't mean to lump you with her. I'm sure you simply grew weary of the insults, the only thing Slurpy has, considering her limited mental capacity.

She's still a COWARD for banning ME, though. She needs to be deported.
Finally! The redneck in Texas admits to being a moron yay, now it's your turn jarash1t... try to mix it up a little bit and say you're retarded instead of being a moron but I would submit that you're both.
I didn't ban you losers because I'm afraid of the truth, you people and the word truth can't be put in the same sentence. I banned you losers because every time one of you roach turds makes a comment it stinks up my blog. It smells like a sewer and a water treatment plant mixed together. And that's why I do it. You wouldn't know the truth if it crawled up your ass and exited your mouth
Like I've said before many times here on lotterypost, if I ever win a major jackpot of many many millions, I'd make Todd and offer you couldn't refuse and buy this website just so I can ban all you losers from stinking up my website. The last thing I need is a bunch of right-wing racist bigot and Nazi lovers spreading their false Hood around like it was garden hose.

You people are the biggest bunch of Hypocrites I've ever seen in my life.
Sure, Coward, keep tellin' yourself that. I said I'd rather be a moron than a coward like you, good are totally lacking in reading comprehension. As it is, I could spot you 50 IQ points and still double you up.

Maybe instead of buying this website, you should buy yourself a spine, some morals and a brain. You could then donate the little of what's left to President Trump's reelection campaign.

We need to deport your ignorant azz, Slurpy. Time to wipe the jizz off your chin, it's been on there for over a year.
Redneck in Texas, this is why I say you people are retarded and hypocritical. Everybody else on your side bans me from their blogs, yet they are not cowards. Only me huh? Hypocrisy much? Admit it, you lack the ability to focus on what you write here before thinking about what to write. You even apologized to your boyfriend for lumping me with him. Just goes to show you that you don't think things out before you spew your hypocrisy.

Those KKK meetings aren't really helping you out mentally. I advise you to stop going to those meetings because it's rotting you're already rotten brain.
And what's this all about deporting me? You are so freaking stupid. I'm an honorably discharged Navy veteran you freaking freak Show loser. I have my DD-214 to prove it you dumbass. What have you done for your country? I can answer that for you nothing except sit on lotterypost 20 hours a day showing your ignorance. LOL de porting me haha you need a lot better ammunition you dumbass. Especially when your information is truth. Years ago I've already uploaded a picture of me in the Navy uniform so you can go f yourself dumbass.
No, we need to deport you. You've renounced your citizenship by saying Trump isn't your President. Out you go, you traitorous vermin!!!

Post your discharge papers, then. I think you're a lyin' S.O.B. You have to love your country to serve it, unless you joined only for the benefits. Yeah, I think that's what you did, Coward.

I could throw you out of the country myself...IF I could get a grip on your greasy hair, that is. Heck, don't talk tough, you can't even handle someone rebutting you online in that stupid blog of yours, so you're definitely a coward in "real life".

Funny that you accuse me of being homosexual when it's you and your butt buddies in here who constantly harp on it. I'm secure in my masculinity, but not so sure about you since you seem obsessed with the subject, Slurpy.

That happened to someone I knew from my old growing up neighborhood. He survived 9/11. After he left the city to work construction. Well, unfortunately he was drinking one night and walked into the wrong house. The guy in the house shot him with a shotgun and he died. The guy that shot him was arrested as he did not have a license for the weapon. Even still, I have I agree, how can you not recognize your own place? People just can’t put two and two together anymore. Maybe it’s because two is not two after all....
Another tough guy redneck loser in Texas always tough on the internet. If you even laid one finger on me I have you down with my f****** hands wrapped tightly around your neck while you're trying to breathe get it stupid? You don't know me from Adam so go f yourself you piece of s***..

He's not my president and half the country also claims the same thing so go back to your KKK meeting you dumb effing moron you're a wimp and nothing else. And go back to your boyfriend you guys make a great couple. Bunch of losers on this side my God how many morons could possibly exist on this planet?

The only way I would upload my papers as to Todd, because I wouldn't trust you with a an eggshell much less my personal name. And what will that prove anyways you guys are a bunch of morons and turn it into something stupid like you always do because you are stupid you're dumb you're retarded your moronic you're racist you're a bigot and you need to be thrown on an island somewhere with the rest of the losers of your kind.
Like I said:


Add "liar" to the list. Of course, we all already know you're a C*NT!!!

I'd spit in your face if I ever met you and you'd crap your pants if I said "BOO!" to you. You'd be crying out of one eye after I thumbed out the other.

We need to gut traitors like you, throw you in the hog pen.

Redneck in Texas you're a effing loser tough guy want to be more on. Anybody who votes for this idiot and office has got to be retarded enough where I can just punch you in the face one shot and you're down. Stupid people like you who vote for this idiot couldn't possibly defend themselves on the street because you are retarded. Retarded people can't fight that well.

Just shut the f****** and go to your KKK meeting you f****** racist toothless b****
You think you're tough because you're from Texas? Oh please, I grew up in the 70s in New York City and met more tough a*****es than some redneck toothless f******* and Texas. I was face-to-face with gangs gang members and their Idiot Friends. I put up with more s*** than you would ever see in your whole lifetime living on some f****** Cal Farm you f****** stupid b**** m*********** going to go to hell you piece of s*** I kill you in 2 seconds you mother f*****
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