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Saturday, September 15, 2018


Barack Obama Tells Democrats: 'I Need You To Come Through' In November

Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first. They will have the chance to reject today's rule by the global elite, and to embrace real change that delivers a government of, by and for the people. Donald Trump
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Do not see how you efing morons can do anything since we imprisoned your ratFuc God Lucifer within us.
Some of the Trump voters, most of the fence sitters, and the newly invigorated Democrats will vote anti Trump both of the midterm and the 2020 presidential election. Mark my words, people are fed up and tired, and see through this a-holes b*******. You people are the Rite Aid full and nobody trusts me.
Autocorrect sucks, at the end what I meant to say is you people on the right aren't fooling anybody trust me
Wielding Lucifer at you Amber. He-he. Yes, we conrtol you.
Yeah, they'll come out for you just like they did in 2016 obammy.   LMAO.

This was funny: Trump quickly discounted one of Obama's speeches last week, saying "Sorry, I watched it, but I fell asleep. I found he's very good...very good for sleeping."

I understand that, Mr. President, but you must have a cast iron stomach, because listening to Obama drone on always made me nauseous. I have found that watching Texas Ranger baseball games or old reruns of The Joy of Painting lulled me to sleep.

I did notice a mistake in a quote attributed to Obama: "Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes."   I think that, instead of "shoes", he meant "jackboots".
There are many conservatives within the Democratic Party who voted For Reagan, then voted for Obama. I believe you are going to see a Red Wave because of the tactics used by the Democratic side on the Judiciary Committee in the Kavanaugh hearing. The Feinstein fiasco put the nail in the coffin.
Amber, these morons are stuck in a by-gone era. A new term for these TROLLS. They will now be called the USE-TO-BE repubs. There will never be another Reagan Era or Trump era. You think they talk about Trump now, just wait until history records this Orange old Man. History will talk about how a man of ill-repute bamboozled and hoodwinked the repubs party and turned it into a race-baiting, prejudice, and clown party. All the racist executive orders will be done away with and Trump will be compared to HITLER. Yes, historians and our children's children will study the take over of the repubs party by USE-TO-BE repubs for generations to come.
barry is going to get the same results he got for hilldebeast except worse this time for the demoncRATS. The entire country is prospering and improving, only stupid fuquing smelly monkeys would vote to put the demoncRATS back in any place of power so they can throw poop at the fantastic progress we have experienced under the current administration.
Here's your coming through in November Obama. Star power is GONE. Go back to golfing.
I agree speedy, some of those clowns made it from Washington all the way to lotterypost site, the troll Patrol. They said on this site 20 hours a day trying to sound smart, but they fail miserably. They think their nonsense intimidate us and it doesn't because we see right through them like glass.

Jadedlottery... you don't control me. I I'd be surprised if you could control your bowels. Do you buy your diapers in the supermarkets, or do you have them discreetly shipped to your home?

amberjackoffturdburglar idiot smelly monkey bitch, Lucyfur controls your monkey pea brain!
Amber, they are miserable human beings that's pessimistic about everything. They want everyone to look to them for approval or acceptance. That is something I could never do. All of them are failures and can't stand the success of anyone that is not part of their moronic cult. So they troll to make themselves feel better by making an azz out of themselves. They have trolling me for years. I find all of them laughable as they try in vain to run me away. It will never happen because they have never run up against the likes of me before. I will never give in to Bigotry. Oh, but you are welcome to continue with your asinine behavior if it makes you feel good about your miserable life. SAD
They have been trolling me for years. correction
lil*godonkmonk you are monkey shining about yourself again, your goat donkey monkey self evaluation is mostly a figment of your monkey shine pathetic existence, and you are welcome, "miserable" monkey bitch. None of the humans here give a sh1t about hybrid goat, donkey, monkey bitches.
Right speedy....jaramoron..jadedlottery and the rest of the morons here are complete retards. It's just too bad they don't realize it. Retardation it's not something I should joke about and I'm not joking about it because these people really have mental problems.
It was just yesterday (or the day before?) when you admitted the half of the country that is against Trump is retarded.
"They have been trolling me for years."

Don't flatter yourself.   You're not worth trolling. Easy to trigger, though.
Again one of your retarded comments again. So let me get this straight when you respond it's not a trigger right? This is why I keep saying you are retarded over and over and over again. When you do something it's just a normal response when I respond it's response to a trigger I see okay. The sad thing is you don't even realize what you doing.
I know exactly what I'm doing.

Making you foam at the mouth. It's more fun than pulling wings off of flies.

Besides that, I wasn't even replying to you about the trolling, numbnuts. Try to keep up. Just because they held you back a couple of years in grade school doesn't mean you shouldn't make a better effort now that you're a so-called adult.
You said my comments weren't worthy enough for you to steal the other day, and now you did it again. So make up your mind which one is it are you really that stupid?
Okay folks, here's the difference between Republicans and Democrats. You have Toothless and texts claiming that this entertainment is better than pulling the Wings off of flies. Now I know most of the kids and their life did the same thing, but to use that as evidence, and relive those horrible moments of tearing Wings off of living creatures at something positive the furniture your case makes me sick!

At least in my mind, Genie is driven type, I look at it as something that the person is suppressing and periodically blurts out when they are in a different frequency so to speak.
Pulling Wings off of an insect who is used to flying around most of the time, it's now grounded because as shown here on this side recently archived look back LOL proof that at least one Republican who responded to my blog said he encourages since behavior, and most importantly applying that same Siri to every other subject in a human world. Not insect but human world.

Typical right-wing Nut Job, pulls Wings off of insects, snatches the carpet underneath and elderly couple's feet. Anyting but productive.
Bigot in Texas, if you had bothered to do some research about me, you would have known that trolling me has never worked. Yet you still try. That's not normal hillbilly.
There’s no I in team.
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