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Monday, August 6, 2018


White House shuts down press availability after Trump tweet admits collusion

If you keep playing with fire, sooner or later you will get burnt. No one is above the law.
Please, coming from the troll who ignores Clinton's lawlessness, would love to see the look on your face when they go to GITMO.
That was then, this is now missy. That has already been litigated, catch up and stop with the asinine diversion tactics. We can go back and find something on all past presidents. LOL
Speedy, what will your comments be when Obama and Hillary, plus many more are facing a military tribunal facing Treason charges?
Why are you worried about me old man? Worry about yourself. You have enough on your plate.
This White House is a circus on the right-wing side. First he says you didn't know about anything and now he says okay we know about it but it's not Criminal, and even if he is found guilty at the very end and gets impeached his dumb followers will protect them anyways.

It reminds me of that old cartoon with Bugs Bunny or was a Donald Duck? Every time Elmer Fudd comes closer he walks back and draws another line saying step over this line so Elmer steps over that line and then he takes a step back and he throws another line to step over this line so Elmer steps over that line and then he takes another step back cuz Okay now step over this line. That's how Trump is playing this game, every time he's busted in a lie he keeps stepping back and say okay draw this line now. What a freaking joke these people are. Lie after lie after lie after lie and his retarded supporters keep cheering him on. What a freaking bunch of losers they are!
How do you trolls like the way the elections turned out yesterday? Are you ready for November, the end of the Democrat party!!
CARBOB, as usual they lost. But the trolls still say we are the "losers". Time for the trolls to wake up! Hello!
You are the losers. It's impossible for you people to discern things in a logical manner. It's always dems vs repubs. That is shallow and weak. SAD
That so rich coming from the likes of a low-IQ mental midget such as yourself. You wouldn't know discernment if it walked up and slapped you in the face. All you know is Democrats are GOOOD. Republicans are BAAAD!
KKK. talking about IQ is the best you can do. I'll put my Masters Degree up against your GED any day. Your IQ is not high enough to do the type of academic courses I mastered. LOL
KKK. talking about IQ is the best you can do. I'll put my Masters Degree up against your GED any day. Your IQ is not high enough to do the type of academic courses I mastered. LOL
Like I've told you many times before, if you actually have a "Masters Degree", its not even worth the paper its printed on; totally worthless in the hands of a clueless Democrat, LOL
KKK, you're just jealous because you were not able to get one...and you have the nerve to talk about IQ. You're an imbecile.
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