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Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Trump shares tweet of supporters at MAGA chanting their displeasure with CNN's Jim Acosta

Bunch of superstitious freaks. Sure makes the Mountains of Colorado look like an inviting place.
Only the retarded Trump supporters would actually do such a thing. No matter what Trump does they hail their leader, the Nazi leader. What a poor sad pathetic situation we are in America today. Millions of retarded morons roaming the streets.
Not surprising at all. CNN ceased reporting news years ago. People are sick and tired of the 24/7 lies and anti-Trump propaganda. Just like mainstream America was sick and tired of what the leftists were doing to the country after 8 years of Obammy calling the shots. At the rate CNN ratings continue to plummet, they won't be in business much longer. Its already nothing but a raging money burning furnace being propped up by the Soros machine. According to Nielsen Media Research, The Food Network and HGTV are scoring higher ratings than CNN. The handful of leftist LP trolls will say that CNN is the greatest, LOL
Retards detected in comments 1 and 2.
President Trump called in and talked to Rush Limbaugh during the show about 30 minutes ago. They had a very nice conversation! President Trump talked briefly about yesterday's rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall in Tampa. The Expo Hall had seating for 9000 and was filled to capacity. Thousands more gathered outside to cheer on the President. People in the great state of Florida are very pleased about the work President Trump is doing. MAGA!
It’s funny how Trump likes to say ‘fake news’ so much, but meanwhile if the news didn’t say anything Trump wouldn’t have a clue what to say for himself. Beyond a sentence of maybe 3 to 5 words total, and not in correct English either mind you. Just really hilarious. And pathetic.
“All wrong action is due to intellectual error: the man who adequately understands his own circumstances will act wisely, and will even be happy in the face of what to another would be misfortune.” B. Spinoza
Passions in different men may conflict, but men who live in obedience to reason will agree together.
My IQ when it was tested so many years ago was around 151. Just to be clear. A ‘retard’ as you call it, which actually shows your level of retardation, is around 70.
Only a retard would try to impress total strangers with a made up IQ number.
Yeah, I noticed most of 9000 people in attendance at the Tampa rally seemed to think they were at a comedy show. The crowd erupted in fits of uproarious laughter every time Trump said some something. It was a hoot! People were falling out on the floor having fits of convulsive laughter. It was sooo hilarious. And pathetic too!

Soledad, you're very astute; I've noticed these things as well . Every time Trump gets up and speaks off the cuff for 60-90 minutes in front of an audience of several thousand people, he just stammers and looks dumb, repeating the same four or five words over and over. He doesn't have a clue what he should say! And he has no self confidence; he's very unsure of himself.

But strangely enough, wherever the Trump rallies are held, thousands of enthusiastic supporters keep showing up in droves to express their support and appreciation. How can this be? After all, Trump is such a dunce. LOL
KKK and his nitwit trolls try to use bigot tactics when they're presented with facts about their Orange Head FUHRER. Now that the shoe is on the other foot they want to B!tch and whimper like little girly men. SAD
The third amigo of the retards shows up! lil*returdburglar what took so long?
Where's Detective Shortbus? He must be working on something really big.
Hmmm....Well imagine that! CNN doesn't like the defacto "Occupy CNN" movement!
girly men.
Obama was a limp wrist panty-waist girly man in a pink tutu
I remember seeing photos of girly man Obama working out in the gym in his leotards. He was a heavy lifter! On a good day, he could arm-curl 5 pounds with his shiny designer dumbbells. Five reps on each arm! Meanwhile over in Russia, Putin was in the gym finishing up 15 easy warm-up bench press reps with 225 pounds on the bar.
Obama was a small politician on a very big stage. Point. He messed up at least a couple times serious things. But looking at the past to avoid looking at the present, we’ll makes you stuck in the past. I had to look at your name 3 times to make sure it was you who commented Kal, but to be totally honest with how, well I think we should remember the old phrase. “The average person is an idiot.” LOL. I stopped listening to Trump to be honest. He doesn’t make much sense.
However Trump is a no politician on a very big stage. I’d rather have someone who at least knows something about what they’re doing any day.
Trump is a nincompoop and KKK knows it. He's too embarrassed to admit it. That is why he and his KLAN try to use diversion tactics. SAD
lil*returdburglar + supersmartsole' + amberjackoff total IQ is not in positive numbers, they need a Det. shortbus to get into positive territory.
Detective Tater Tot might be able to push the Three Stooges over the edge into shortbus territory anyway.
Nincompoops. I know you feel bad inside. That is why it hurts your feeling when something is said about your FUHRER. He tells you what to say and think. TRUMPISM
You are right speedy, they know Trump is a loser moron but won't admit it because the back themselves into a corner. They have no choice but to make fools of themselves until that moron gets impeached.
Just watched some of our soldier's remains being brought back to American soil in Hawaii from North Korea. I don't believe any other President was able to accomplish that.
Go stuff a peach in your trap Amberjack and STFU already.
@rcbbuckeye, you are of course correct and the Demon-Rats know it, but they'll still find a way to malign POTUS for accomplishing the task that no other President was able to accomplish. They'll prolly say Trump is unjustly reaping the accolades for a process that Obama set in motion, just like the booming economy, LOL, but mark my word; they'll have nothing good to say about it.
Before you people get overjoyed, wait until the remains are examined. This was done before and they sent remains of something other than American or human.
Starting up with it already......
151? I think you're mistaking your IQ for the number on that bottle of Bacardi you're always sucking out of and then making an ass out of yourself when PWI... posting while intoxicated.

You can BS your friends and I will BS mine, but let's not BS each other, okay

Face it, you're the Puerto Rican Forrest Gump.
Thanks mikeintexas! He's well into a bottle of that Wray & Nephew overproof white Jamaican rum tonight. Been there and done that, LOL.
Haha look at all the retarded moon right-wing losers here stinking up the place. Your stench is coming through the phone. Why don't you all just jump off of a really high cliff and do us all a favor losers
Amberjackoff, speaking of the moon, I hear the weather is nice there this time of the year. Space aliens told me so. Earlier this year, the acting NASA Director stated that President Trump had informed him that he wanted the agency to resumed manned missions to the moon. This is great news! I can put in a word with my contacts and help make arrangements to have you dropped off at the moon at the earliest possible opportunity. Think about it. You would have the place all to yourself. You could smoke weed all day long without fear of reprisal from Nazis and other legal problems with Gestapo Police officers. There would be no stench from right-wing losers, only the wonderful and delightful aroma of burning cannabis weed. What do you say?
No offense, but I’m sure some will be taken, if I’m dead it doesn’t matter where you throw me I’m dead, what the heck do I care. Look around the world today, do you really think that matters? Please spare me the superstition, it’s really enough and has gone too far. Too bad you know it but are too afraid to admit it. If you believe that deal with North Korea has ended the possible threat of war, then I have some pink elephants outside my window I’d like you to look at. You guys believe anything don’t you. Let’s just say you can still hope, but that’s about it. Be real.
You lost me on #32, can anybody assist with translation?
You count the number of comments, wow. I must be old, because I believe you are who you say you are.
Soledad. Kkkal0 has no life. He probably got fired as a flashlight security guard and so now he has nothing to do but sit around in his Hut in the desert acting like a moron that he is on this site 20 hours a day, I kind of feel sad for this pathetic dumbass.
Okay, Lil'Returd_Genius, do me a favor then and break down it down for me so I can get the hidden meaning of Post #33 as it relates to this conversation. I'm all ears.
Oops, I meant #32.

@Soledad, I don't count the comments. I guess you never noticed there's a number on left side of each comment.
Lil'Returd, are you going to help me out here with translation of #32 or not?
Sorry buddy, just making a point about how these arguments seem to really go nowhere. No I don’t pay attention to much around here anymore. Lol
Lil'Returd, apparently you don't have a clue either ! I think we can chalk it up to that Wray and Nephew over-proof Jamaican white rum Soledad was into that night, LOL
Okay, I see we hit the post comment button at about the same time. Guess I should have waited another few seconds.
You should have waited about 10 years instead of a few seconds. Because your crap makes no sense now and it won't make sense anytime soon.
Amberjackoff, my "crap" would make a lot sense to you if you ever gave up smoking weed and huffing glue. Until then, I suppose it doesn't make that much sense. But thank-you for posting and sharing. And may we have our next comment please?
KKK, the truth of the matter is that your comments are always off-topic and Trollish in nature. No one will take you serious if all you spew out is BULLSH!T.
Lil'Returd, you need to stop lying! My comments are always on topic. YOU are the one that very rarely posts anything even remotely on-topic. Not that if makes any difference. Across the board, on all topics your comments all revolve around one central theme: Democrats Good, Republicans bad, Trump is a Nazi, Trump is a bigot, Trump is a racist, etc. You also post all manner of lies and slanderous statements just to stir the pot. You're incapable of having an adult level conversation. Due to to your limited education, any attempt to engage you in advanced-level discussions involving actual facts and solid content are destined to fail. You can't follow anything outside the parameters of your pathetic self-imposed and self-defeating world of hate, racism and bigotry. Without doubt, my current post sounds like "gibberish" to you. But not to educated people. I have to keep reminding myself that the only way to engage you on the blogs is on the level of a 3rd or 4th grader. I'm not used to to doing that! Your previous post (#45) was the perfect example of a troll post. I don't expect anything different from dedicated trolls such as yourself. Amberjackoff is dumb amateur troll. To your credit, I will say that you are a dedicated and professional troll. But still dumb a doorknob. LOL
KKK, one of the descriptors for a RACIST is that they are overly concerned with ones ability even though they themselves are SLOW.
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