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Monday, August 13, 2018


Trump mocks McCain after snubbing him at signing of bill in his honor

This Is My Land, This Is Your Land coming from California, to the New York island..... this land is for you and me
We don't say his name.
Nope we don't say his name.
What's all the buzz about?
He's the worse kind of traitor Amber, we don't say his name and I for one am sorry I voted for him.
If that traitor must be mentioned, the most appropriate appellation is John McShame.
What goes around, comes around. Until you people can walk in this man's shoes, your words will have very little meaning when it comes to this man's patriotism, integrity, and his love of his country. I say this as a Vietnam veteran that have much respect for all fought in this war and returned back to the world to continue giving their service to their country. To slander this man's name in such a way is UNPATRIOTIC and SHAMEFUL.
"for all who fought"
John Turncoat McShame has zero integrity, zero credibility and no love for country. That why he he gained a reputation as a traitor. Nobody even mentioned Vietnam, but he was no "war hero" either. More like the proverbial Hanoi Hilton Songbird. That's all.
Lil'Returd, you say you have much respect for all who fought in the Vietnam War. I know for a fact that's not true! MADDOG10 served at least 2 tours in Vietnam and I fail to notice that expression of "respect" in your blog exchanges with him. You talk to him like trash. What's up with that?
8 years ago speedy labeled him racist and villain, loved it when he lost to otraitor.
Now he a hero????? please.
LOL, but hardly surprising after the RINO McShame aligned himself with the agenda of the democrats in order to spite Trump. Identity politics control most all Democrats.
lil*returdburglar is a douche bag pos.
When Trump gets punched, he fights back, not like Obummer, he would put on his mom jeans and go get a soft serve, with sprinkles.
KKK, I respect people that respect me. I get along with most vets, but lets be real there are some that are real racists and don't care for people of color. I encountered those too in NAM, so what's new.
You made a sanctimonious self-serving false statement. Nothing new about that. I just thought I would point it out lest you succeed in pulling the wool over anybody's eyes with your BS.
There is nothing false about my statement. I'm a Vietnam vet, you're not. I was fighting a war while you were shooting marbles. That's right you were a snotty-nose kid when I was fighting a war as a teenager. Do you honestly think I care WHAT YOU THINK as a SNOTTY-NOSE ADULT? It don't mean nothing!
Your statement was patently false as I pointed out. You stated you respected all vets that had served in Vietnam. That was a lie. I knew it and lot of other people knew it. You only respect those that share your same narrow-minded views. Military service has nothing to do with. I never insinuated I was a Vietnam vet. I understand maybe you got caught up in the draft and had to get that "top secret security clearance" you lied about on another blog, LOL! Pay attention, don't lie and try to stay on topic. Jeez!
KKK, like most bigots, you are a jealous pathetic little man. You're mad at the world for your obvious failures as a man. Also, you lied, I never said I had a top secret clearance. I said I had a secret clearance, big difference LIAR.
Typical Democrat. Point out their obvious lies and they start deflecting, projecting and name calling, LOL
The women part of Trump makes is very difficult for him to forgive. I think he needs a few more sessions with STORMY. She will give a few spanks with a rolled up magazine on his big buttock a few times, this will make him get his freak on because his twisted side is satisfied. FAROUT. MAN.
First funny thing you ever said, Lol
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