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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Robert Mueller Will Stop At Nothing Until He Drives Trump From Office

Anyone with any common sense knows what the Mule is after.
One has but only to read what the author, Roger Kimball, titled his piece. He's called Mueller 'disgusting' and all Mueller has done and is his job. So, I guess it's so very disgusting that Mueller has all these guilty pleas and indictments which are all of Trump's boys. What's Mueller suppose to do, just pretend that he never uncovered any of this information? Okay, Roger, let's play a game which is actually titled after a real movie from back in the day and it's called 'Trading Places.' Cool? Good. Now, first, we're gonna change the president to either Obama or Hillary. Yeah, let's do both since they did try to stick her with that Uranium One BS. Then, all these people with guilty pleas, that have flipped, and are cooperating with the special counsel are now Democrats...every one of them appointed by her and instructed by her.

(1) Would Mueller NOW be doing a really great job and not disgusting?
(2) Would all this same evidence be overwhelmingly convincing?
(3) Would all those cooperating with Mueller simply be lying on Hillary or Obama?
(4) Would it have been okay for Hillary or Obama to outright side with Putin while $hitting on both Republican and Democrat intelligence officials?

I have about fifty questions and could field on this topic but, I'm certain you get the point by now. Basically, you and all your willfully ignorant barrel buddies can simply apply all of your anti-Mueller probe arguments towards Obama or Hillary and, ABRACADABRA!!!! You all know full well that you're full of it and that Mueller had all of them on PURE INTENT when they accepted that tower meeting, okay. Doesn't matter that nothing much came of it, the FACT that they ACCEPTED it and ATTENDED it on the PREMISE of a hostile government offering sensitive information to help your ILLEGITIMATE CANDIDATE/PRESIDENT.

Roger, do you remember the show 'To Catch A Predator' and also the 'Dateline series of shows where stings were ran to catch pedophiles? Sure you do, Roger, and this is where I'll educate you and your seriously low information divers. **Roger, all those GROWN MEN that were online and answering those ads which were CLEARLY IDENTIFIED AS MINORS went to meet up with those MINORS. Right? They KNEW those kids were under age and STILL didn't care because all they KNEW WHAT THEY WERE GETTING BASED ON THE INFORMATION FROM THE ADVERTISER. Still with me, Roger? Good!!!! All those men actually did is SHOW UP to the place where the MINOR was and ENTERTAIN EVERYTHING DISCUSSED. THEN......out comes the police!!!! Those guys didn't have to 'get anything', buddy, to be charged!!!

Roger, you and all your cohorts are doing nothing but playing the 'dumbed down game' with your supporters but, not all of them are falling for this okie dokie BS that you, Fox News, and all of the clipped right wingers piling up, okay. Trump has been lying from day and all of you know it just like we do....even BETTER than we do. If Richard Nixon was still alive, you'd all be hating him, too, because he'd even be telling you that Trump's on borrowed time.
That's right lucky, most of them are Hippocrates beyond belief. It's unbelievable to me, they're either really really really stupid, or actually believe his BS. I really hope it's the first one because if human beings can believe what one man says as the truth despite all the opposite showing on our TVs on a daily basis with proof, then this planet and its inhabitants or at least half of them are so desperate and full of hate that they will bring everybody else down with them.
good grief, who gave short bus a double shot of espresso.
Here's how the story ends, Mueller end up in GITMO with the shills he's really protecting.
He will not be allowed to overthrow a duly elected President.
Keep talking impeachment, fire up Trump's base for the midterms. lol lol lol
The Trilogy has begun, Bruhahahahahaha
"1) Would Mueller NOW be doing a really great job and not disgusting?"
Under Obama or Hillary there never would have been a special counsel appointed.

Red tide in Fla. August 2018, and later in the year...........Red Wave in America in November 2018.
Trumpsky is so worried about Mueller until he stays up late in the white house smoking crack and tweeting in all caps. SAD
Trump had Macaroni Man noodles for lunch today. That's how worried Trump is about about all this BS. Macaroni Man is the one who needs to be worried about going to prison. He better be covering his tracks. The last time I checked it's an extreme abuse of power to exploit the judicial process by cooking up bogus criminal charges against political opponents. Macaroni Man will soon find himself on the run and seeking political asylum in Russia. Putin will see to it that Macaroni Man is provided with a caribou-skin parka and a full year's supply of Ramen noodles before being sent to live out the rest of his days exiled to a rustic hut without electricity on a 75x50 plot of frozen land in the barren wastelands of the Siberian arctic tundra.
The only crook is the one in the white house right now. He is the one under the microscope. You people knew he was a criminal when you voted for him. So why are you so surprised that he is being investigated? Obama is young enough to enjoy himself for years to come. Trumpsky on the other hand, you do the math.
I'm not surprised at all you nitwit! How dumb are you really? The leftists are protecting the Obammy-Clinton crime cartel at all costs. They concocted a FAKE (SHAM) investigation against President Trump to divert attention away from crimes that they actually committed but are using Trump as their scapegoat. Trump is involved in no criminal activity or or any manner of wrong-doing. What part of the word FAKE don't you understand?
"Trump is involved in no criminal activity or or any manner of wrong-doing"

This is your unbiased opinion of Trumpsky. This is laughable coming from an ex-corrupt cop from Albany, GA. I know they are glad you are no longer a cop in Albany. You gave cops a bad name and reputation in Albany. You are the last remnant of the JACK-BOOT Terrorist COP.

Wrong again, Lil'Raycissreturd! It was not my "opinion". It was an UNBIASED factual statement. Based on FACTS, not on Demon-crap lies and innuendo. The same conclusion at which any rational person arrives after navigating through the complex web of deceit shamelessly spun with counterfeit documents and multiple layers of lies strategically disseminated via Soviet-style disinformation campaigns designed with nefarious intent to undermine and delegitimize the Trump Presidency. Demon-Rats have a long and sordid history of dishonesty and corruption. Demon-Rats are workers of iniquity and serve the Father of Lies. Truth is anathema to Demon-Rats. They are of the Devil, and the Truth is not in them. Demon-Rats are a pestilence and a scourge upon society. Demon-Rats regard President Trump as the Orkin Man. Fearful of his great power and of the reputation that precedes him, they scurry away and hide in their filthy holes and burrows, reeking of rodent droppings and the stench of old vermin urine. They wait and watch with beady eyes, quivering in fear and terror as the Orkin Man seeks out their hidden lairs and smokes them out to face judgement for their wickedness. Demon-Rats have no dominion nor authority over the preordained decrees of divine establishment which put in place a strong and Righteous ruler at exactly the right time to safeguard the persevering remnant of a former client nation to God. Read it and weep, Lil'Raycissreturd!
KKK, that is the same rhetoric that was used to justify the Civil War and Slavery, we know how that ended. GOD rules, not man.
God heard the unceasing prayers of the remnant of true Christian believers in this former client nation, and would not permit the Obama-Clinton Globalist Crime Cartel to completely destroy the USA by continuing to lead us down that proverbial primrose path to ation and ruination. That's why Donald Trump is President now. You're in big league trouble already if you regard the Word of God as "rhetoric"!
What do you know about prayers? You don't even know the last time you went. Oh I know, you go to Bedside Baptist every Sunday. LMAO at you hypocrite.
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