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Thursday, August 2, 2018


Morning Joe Responds to Trump's Rating Attack: His Lawyers Think He's To Big Of A Moron To...

All Mueller would do in an interview with Trump is ridicule, berate and badger him. Mueller would also try to trap Trump in a cross examination question where the answer could conflict with a previous question.
Mueller has been doing his investigation and if he has Trump on something with provable evidence Mueller either needs to put up or shut up.
What does questioning a suspect gain any how? Try to get the suspect to confess or give testimony that conflicts with the evidence.
The prosecutor or investigator has provable evidence against the suspect or they do not.
mika and joey are dimwitted ugly people.
I think they were both "Touched by an Uncle".
Yes, it would make the Pigeon Sisters happy, but the President would be ill-advised to go in and answer any of Mueller's set-up questions. The objective of the entire charade is "get Trump". Anything he said would analyzed, reanalyzed, sliced, diced, chopped and dissected towards the stated purpose. Artifice and trickery would be employed to trip him up and get him to say something that could later be twisted around and used against him in filing a formal accusation. They would allege that he lied to federal investigators in purportedly making incriminating or contradictory statements. All unadulterated BS. Getting sick and tired of this disgraceful sham investigation concocted by high-ranking Democrat leaders because they couldn't accept the fact that Hillary lost. Trump must have colluded with the Russians! LOL, what idiots! As usual, the kooky and delusional MSLSD Pigeon Sisters get everything backassward.
Geez Morning Joe, have you looked across the hallway or in a mirror lately??
So much childish rederick.
It's true, speaking to this loser and office would be like talking to 6 year old. I mean just read the comments of his retarded supporters here and you can easily see the comparison. I actually think he's worse than a moron.
Amberjackoff, thank-you for the obligatory "Trump is a moron" daily comment on every story. We would all be lost in the wilderness here if you didn't show up to provide meaningful commentary and skillful guidance through the complexities of the political landscape, LOL!
Important to bear in mind that Trump is not considered a "suspect" in any on-going judicial proceedings. He's under no obligation to talk to these people whose ultimate goal is have him removed from office. The Special Counsel democrat lawyers are feverishly working overtime, hoping to one day find something they can pin on Trump and make him into a "suspect", all in accordance with the Counsel's stipulated objectives and directives. They don't care what it is, anything that sticks will do to make the sham investigation appear proper and justified in order to be able to dispose of Trump. Mueller and his minions need to be locked up for continuing to perpetrate this shameful hoax against a duly elected American President.
Trump is scared to death of Mueller. He knows that Mueller has dealt with his share of Pathological liars and that Trump's own lies will nail him. Trump is a serial liar and it's impossible for him to remember them all.
amberjackoff retard you worship a bong all day, every day, find a mirror & look into it, note the very red eyes, there is your moron.
Yep, Trump is so "scared" you can see him shaking in his polished oxfords while speaking at his increasingly frequent rallies across the country. Macaroni Man has Trump so frazzled that he just doesn't know what to do any more. Maybe he can call his pal Vladimir to get Macaroni Man off his back. LOL
The irony is that you have idiots like lil*returdburglar calling POTUS TRUMP a liar, yet lil*returdburglar gets up every day and spends all day LYING to itself denying the truths and facts that we are ALL much better off after a year and half with President TRUMP than we ever were with barry soetero during those 8 miserable years.
Also ironic that Lil'returd never seemed to have any problem with all the whoppers told by Obammy during those 8 miserable years. I'll grant that Trump may have occasionally misspoken concerning certain matters, but that's a far cry from going out and intentionally lying to the public with intent to deceive such as the Sneaky Snake was given to doing in furtherance of his leftist agenda.
LOL at this country being better off now because of trump. Yeah probably true for the rich and the corporate a holes. Keep lying to yourself to make yourself happy dumbasses! What a bunch of freaking losers you are!
"Trump may have occasionally misspoken concerning certain matters,"

KKK, Trumpsky is a SERIAL LIAR. He has been doing it for so long until it's natural as breathing. He can continue lying to you repubs, but he better not lie to MUELLER. tee-hee...yuk, yuk
Excuse me, but as usual, you got it wrong. OBONGO was the serial liar. Trump never once made any statement with intent to deceive during his time in office. The sneaky snake outright told WHOPPER lies with intent to deceive every time he opened his mouth and spoke with his reptilian forked tongue. I honestly am not aware of any truthful statement ever made by Obongo.
Oh look The Retarded a whole Trump loser puppets are here once again feeling that garbage out of their asses. What a bunch of retarded idiots you people are. You have no lives but to spend 20 hours a day on this site showing everybody how clueless and idiotic you are. You're nothing but a bunch of roach turds floating in the toilet bowl.
Amerjackoff, I think you should have a radio show. Don't let Savage, Limbaugh, Plante, Levin and Hannity dominate. I bet you would be big hit! You're very personable and articulate, have a great disposition and a remarkable vocabulary that leaves no doubt as to your superiority. Nobody can match your knowledge and wit pertaining to modern day politics. LOL
KKK, your attempt at diversion tactics is not working. It makes you look stupid. SMH
KKK I don't care if you're the top genius in the world, it still makes you a dumbass no matter what because you support this idiot and office. If you are Einstein I still call you a loser So speaking or writing articulately does not mean you can't be a total moron in your decision-making and everyday life. Just look at Trump, you made billions but he's a moron. Even some of the Republican said he's a moron hahaha
Thanks Amberjackoff! I appreciate all that you do to make the world a better place! Your ilk will ensure a Trump landslide in 2024. MAGA!
More like a turd slide idiot. People like you who believe the over 4,400 lies your leader has made since his presidency shows that be intelligent does it mean anything when it comes to Common Sense and hatred for Hillary.

Whether you believe it or not on a daily basis MSNBC shows clips, video clips and audio clips of the lies by doing a fact check. He claims he did the largest tax cut ever when in fact it turns out it's the 8th largest tax cut since 1918, but you don't look for those things all you care about is his little speeches grandstanding with lies and people don't fact-checked what he says. But again, even if you knew they were lies you still support them because you hate Hillary so much that's the only explanation because no one in their right mind would still support a President Who Lies and cheats people out of their money embezzles money, concludes with a country that has a leader similar to him, a leader who kills people or had people killed. Trump said it himself, he could murder somebody on the street and you still support him. If that's not retarded, I don't know what else is.
Oooooooo, amberjackoff "FAAACT-checks" with the Madcow-creature from MSLSD, LOL! Trump got people back to work and the economy is booming, and that's the best "lie" you could come up with to discredit POTUS? How pathetic! FYI- your lame example about the tax cuts is not even a "lie", you devious little Don Lemon/Madcow-creature loving twerp! That statement was not made by the President with intent to deceive. Intent to deceive is required for a statement to be a lie. People say things all the time that they believe to be true which at the end of the day, may turn out not be necessarily 100% accurate. I don't know if the Trump tax cuts were the largest or not. You don't know either. You're just parroting what you heard the usual suspects say on MSLSD. POTUS believed his tax cuts to be the largest ever, but whether they were the largest or were not the largest is not the issue. It can be argued both ways. But it's a moot point and not worth the time. The Trump haters do their creative figuring, add in their adjustments for inflation, barometric pressure, carbon dioxide levels, flatulence, whatever. And then you hear them excitedly shouting from the rooftops that Trump "lied"!! And "outraged" mental midgets such as yourself chime right with them. Bottom line is that the Trump tax cuts were very significant, very helpful and necessary for economic recovery. The tax cuts had the desired/intended impact. But you Trump-hating leftists returds choose to tune out and ignore all the positive/good/amazing/fantastic accomplishments. To divert attention from all the good, you clueless dimwits put on a big show, jumping up and down, all in a tizzy, hollering about the President "lied". You don't even know what a lie is you nitwit you! Your selective outrage is also very hypocritical. Nary a peep out you dimwit "faaact-checkers" after all of Obongo's whoppers that WERE made with intent to deceive. So sit back down and shut up you little piss-ant pipsqueak.
KKK, FOCUS! This thread is about Trumpsky stupid. Your gibberish is garbage FOOL. LOL
WTF? I just wrote a long detailed paragraph focused on TRUMP in response to Amberjackoff's childish post about Trump's fake "lies" and and you tell me to focus (?) Can you even read? You smoking some of that same chit that Amberjackoff smokes?
Sorry, KKK. No drugs, cigarettes or alcohol enters this body.
Well then, we'll just chalk it up to a combination of poor reading comprehension ability and worsening senility
That's an asinine statement, but then again consider the source, KKK.
I did consider the source. That's how I arrived at the conclusion since you claimed you don't do drugs. Sometimes I have to wonder. You'd be about the only Democrat that doesn't smoke weed. Democrats do love their marijuana!
KKK, the question is, what is your vice? eh
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