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Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Trump's life one failure after another his presidency will be no different

Trump is married to an immigrant I think it should be noted.
Unless the economy takes a serious nosedive, he will be remembered for correcting some of Obama's anti American actions.
She also came to the U.S. legally.
Is it hard to understand that people just can't waltz in illegally? No other country allows that. I work with a guy from Afghanistan. His parents, along with their children when they were young came here legally, through the proper channels.
All great Men and Women have had failures in their lives, so, I guess if people are looking for failure, they need to look no further than themselves.
She may be an Immigrant, but she is a LEGAL Immigrant!!!
Trump used his privileges to cut all the red tape and fast track his wife and her parents into the USA. Now he is against it, how hypocritical.
It is not hypocritical at all. He happens to be a billionaire with numerous contacts in government. I suppose you think illegals should have the same privileges, Odubombo did. He made 2500 Iranians citizens. Wonder why he didn't grant citizenship on the illegals?? Could it be he didn't want the country to know about the Iranians??
The only reason #5 opens his mouth is because Mr. Trump is finally exposing the truths. His Wife and parents are L-E-G-A-L, in case you can't comprehend the difference. Just like the rest of his molasses ingrates, the Russian influenced the election?. So, tell me Einstein what did the Russians do, hold a gun to all the people who voted for him? Oh, you're about a smart as ninnies on a bull Hog. Have you been taking classes from Waters? Jealousy over Mr. Trump because he is White, exposes your true character LaLa Boy. Have a nice 4th . It's really sad you didn't open your mouth on immigration when your mate was potus, but the again, it shows your true color.
Have a nice 4th.....
You people are in love with Spanky. In you peoples case, love makes you blind to adultery, sexual assault, bigotry, tax evasion, fraud, and numerous other high crimes that will be forth coming. One can't buy integrity, it's not for sale. SAD
Are you kidding me? A self-righteous "holier-than-thou" dumb Dim-O-Rat lecturing Conservative Republicans on the subject of INTEGRITY on Independence Day? LOL! Best one I've heard all day! You're still head over heels in love with that "virtuous" Anti-American Transgender Fundamental Change Freakazoid Experiment that tried to destroy the vision and legacy of the country's founding fathers. Obongo surreptitiously financed radical Islamic Terrorism to ensure that Iran would have nuclear weapons at their immediate disposal in the very near future to use against Israel and Western Allies. A undeniable sign of integrity and virtue that was! A most generous gesture of friendship and solidarity with the Iranian Ayatollahs and Radical Muslim Extremists! And then President Donald Trump arrived on the scene and said NO! Everything Obongo did to do in the USA had to reversed/canceled. MAGA!
Obama is not president any more, haven't you heard? Trump is now the subject of discussion. I know you all miss him, but he has moved on to greater things. Obama left with his integrity in tact, Trumpsky never had any. So SAD.
Have I heard? Yeah, dummy I just had to remind you of that fact in Post # 10 since you're still head over heels in love with Obongo The Destroyer. Go back and carefully read Post #10 and try to get a handle on it. The notion that Obungo had "integrity" is hilarious! Obungo never had even so much as a smidgen of integrity. He was (and still is) a sneaky venomous snake in the grass, doing his dirty deeds when he thought people weren't paying attention. Almost every day that passes, there comes to light more of that deviant freakazoid's cunning and treacherous misdeeds against the American people. In the short time-span since Inauguration Day, Trump has already proved himself the Greatest President Ever. That's all. What more do you want?
I'd like to see a poll on the people that thinks the Fuhrer is honest, trustworthy, and truthful. I'll bet you a dime to a dollar it would be below 30%.
Apparently you haven't seen the latest approval rating polls that were recently released and have Trump at his highest approval rating yet. Surpassing that of Odumbo's after the same number of days into that nightmare.
I wonder if there’s a point to all this. Just cause you don’t know doesn’t make you right. Etc etc. cut out the middleman. Too bad the only one underneath is the little guy. But it doesn’t matter it won’t be the first time.. hahaha sure
Yeah she may have come here legally and all that. But make no mistake, it was a lot easier for her to do it than say someone who’s just picking lettuce or corn out in the fields. The U.S. see aside a specific number of visas for people like Melania Trump. She’s called a special type of person with specific skills, in other words being pretty and being a model. So it’s not really the same. And the fact that she wore that stupid jacket makes me think she’s really not that special at all. But believe your fantasies if you must. I come from the beginnings where the words true actually mean something.
Trump is an a**hole. To separate kids like that, to send them back and forth like that is not right. That kind of stuff does change kids quickly. It’s not right. I don’t care what any of you say. You’re wrong in defending that action. And it’s bs to say that anybody’s actually doing something about it.
Well dang! I might have to facetiously reconsider my vigorous support for Trump. I didn't know he was an a**hole until I read #16, LOL
Trump's support comes from his base. The rest of America and the world thinks he's an old orange head wanna be Fuhrer. He's an obese out of shape moron that thinks he's still young looking. Ugh!
"Trump's support comes from his base." No sh*t Sherlock ? Well, duh! Guess where Obongo's support came from? I'll give you a hint- it was not from the Conservative/Republican side.
Wrong again. Obama's voters came from all segments of our society, excluding the hard core racists of the repub party. This is why Spanky was too chicken sh1t to run against Obama. Plain and simple. Now he's acting like a woman's wrath against Obama. Gutless and SAD.
Stop talking foolish. Obongo's supporters were duped into drinking the leftist Kool-Aid. 99% of them were dumb Democrats. Rational level-headed people, not caught up in the 2008 Obongo "feel good" syndrome, knew far in advance how disastrous an Obama presidency would turn out for the American people. Obongo went the extra mile and far exceeded their disastrous expectations in every regard. There were admittedly some frightened sheeple that SHOULD have known better, that went along with Obongo's freakish anti-American social experiment because they didn't want to be accused of being "racist" by the usual suspects if they didn't go along with the lunacy of the "hope and changey" bumper sticker plan. Didn't take long before most of them realized that they had been played for fools.

By the way, "wrong again" is my line. Stop using it without permission. You are the wrong that has to be corrected on every post. Not me.

Despite the overt instance of plagiarism, out of the goodness of my heart, I'm still providing for your benefit a YouTube link to a very good video posted by a black conservative Trump supporter who is sick and tired of the Democrats' worn out race-baiting rhetoric and general crazy talking about everything. I found the link on Konane's blog. But you'll be too chicken to watch it.

Once again, I must remind you that you are a guess on the LP, so don't act like you're a paying member, FREELOADER. LOL
I'm a guess? Really? Guess again you low-IQ dummy! How about you don't act like you know proper English when all you know is hood lingo. LOL

Yours is a typical Democrat response. Disengages from the subject and resorts to condescension and personal insults when their mind totally blanks out after being confronted with inconvenient truths and facts. Not once did a Democrat ever win an argument based on truth or facts.

I gave you the link. Watch the video TROLL! Who knows? Maybe you will come to the realization that your race-baiting tactics are wearing thin and being rejected by people that are a lot smarter and more discerning than you.
Get a life FREELOADER. Your free conversation is over. P1ss-off!
LOL, isn't that rich? A Democrat that wants to make an issue of "FREELOADERS". The Democrat Party signature is "Freeloaders, Inc". Always on the government dole; free Obama phones, free money, free benefits, free education, free whatever. Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee, I'm a dumb government-dependent Democrat! LOL
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