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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Trump Opens Fire On Cohen: What Kind of Lawyer Would Tape A Client?

That's simple, a lawyer that has a Pathological LIAR as a client.
The right-wing retards on now going to say all it's a fake tape. That's not Trump's voice on the tape that's not Cohen's voice, Hillary created that tape. Actually was on Cohen's phone so it's a fake phone created by Hillary And that Cohen is fake he's not a real person it's a hologram the list goes on.

watch the morons come out of the woodwork.
Oh geez, I don't think we have to, you've already come out.
-Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. - Martin Luther King, Jr.-

Man, was he ever way ahead of the times!!! Here's the REAL deal though, folks. The really hardcore Trumpers know all this same information just like we do, okay, and they glance over at those nasty liberal news broadcasts and see exactly what we see being PROVEN AS FACT. They know we're not lying when we come here and comment on those facts. Folks, they-just-don't-care because Trump is all they've got...end of story. Not a one of them can deny that. Guess what? Trump also knows that what's being reported on him aren't lies or fake news because he watches CNN and MSNBC also which is why he purposely rails his supporters against what's being reported. I watched The Ingraham Angle when she had Giuliani come on and lie about that tape and you could just about tell what she was really thinking the whole time.

Next, we have McConnell and Ryan on the the record with Putin NOT being welcome at the Capitol under any circumstances. This, while Trump is trying to sneak Putin in the back door right after Putin just slammed his top General in the Middle East. Folks, Trump attacks everyone else, even our own ALLIES, but still refuses to drop kick Putin...even in the midst of what he just did. To this very second, folks, Trump hasn't uttered a word over Putin's comments about his own General. Piss poor pathetic.

*Putin is all about divide and conquer just like we've been saying from day one...and it's working IN THEIR CORNER.

Maddogdrool.... you sound like you've been a moron since birth so go f yourself you dumbass!

You should spend less time here on LP and more time of your KKK rallies you dipsh1t.
What kind of lawyers? He is a ratfu*ker
Amtrack, You're doing a good job of that yourself. Go back under your rock cabbie, you sucked at that too..! y, do you eat with POS you call a mouth?? LMAO.

amberjackoff is nothing but an angry loser drug addict, irrelevant douchebag.
Both of you losers are a disease to society so go back to your sewer hole cuz that's where you belong not on the surface. You right wing nutjobs her lower than scum in the bottom of a toilet
In see Antrax is still spewing his garbage. What a total LOSER. Lord I hope their is a cure for your kind, injected yourself with a rusty needle I see huh, because you're still frothing at the thing you call a mouth, but it's actually the Southbound end of a Northbound mule that you speak with. "L"
How ironic. A LIAR calling another LIAR, A LIAR. Pathetic!
Soap Operas continue, " As another Turd Surfaces "
How creative TROLL:<
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