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Monday, July 16, 2018


Ex-CIA chief John Brennan: Treasonous Trump


Oh Boy, the trolls will love this. Anytime now we'll hear them chirp. Brrrrruuuuuhahahahahhahaha

I do not think so.
The Democrats and the deep state is all over this meeting like flys on merde.
This news conference was not an hour old when I seen on the news some Russian was indicted on some fukin thing. The deep state played that indictment just right.
Maddog drool and his retarded Minions on this site are the biggest trolls here pfffftttt
posted by amber124 : 8:00 PM
Bruuuuuuuuhahahahahahahaha, Little Leroy is smoking mushrooms again. That batch must have been laced with a pesticide, nope it didn't work. A TROLL ?? you can't do any better than that?? Turn yourself in to be recycled will yah.   Troll   Hahahahahahahahahaha
Hey Maddog. We really can't take a drug addict seriously. He lost what little of his mind he had years ago.
Projection - Accusing someone (Pres Trump) of doing exactly what you've (Brennan) done. Kabuki theater.
Hey Amber, let them try to defend the defenseless. They are making a horse's AZZ out of themselves. SMHLMAO
@Speedy & amber:

If you only knew what's about to go down. Three little birdies are about to start chirping and, one of which, almost got away back to Russia. US Person 1 and US Person 2 are both from the USA and are Republicans. This is about to take a major turn like I said days ago. Pay close attention starting NOW.
If I were you trolls, I would not chirp too loud. Chances are very high the 400 hundred million to Hillary's campaign was an illegal donation. I have never heard of Browder. Why hasn't his name came forward before?Donating illegal money is just that, illegal money. Putin threw that out to lite a fire under Hilly.
Just found my answer, outside groups like “super PACs” and other political organizations that are allowed to raise unlimited amounts of money from wealthy …
Detective Short Bus is back on the case with more short-bus analysis! LOL
Hey Short Bus, you announced it all going to be over last week after Strzok/Strzuk/Smirk spilled the beans on Trump, LOL, what happened? We'are all so fortunate and privileged that you're "in the know" about what's "going to happen next". As usual, Trump will be vindicated and proven right, just like every time, you pea brain nitwit you! You know less than a 4th grader, how embarrassing!
Nobody but a dumb Democrat would listen to anything John Brennan has to say about Trump. Anybody that bothers to do any research knows that Brennan was/is an avowed Communist that was appointed as CIA Director by Hussein Osama to help implement that Obongo-Nation style "fundamental change" he promised to deliver. Brennan looks like he used to run a gulag in the former Soviet Union. The fact is that an American Democrat these days is more of a true Communist than any washed down version of a former Communist that might be found in modern day Russia. And these fools are accusing Trump of being "treasonous"? LOL! Trump is looking better and better, day by day! MAGA!
It was he and Obama fault they did not do anything to try and stop Russia. Those two were more treasonous on the Iran nuclear deal than anything Trump has said or done. Yet, none of the trolls or the Democrat leaders said not one derogatory word about either one.
Dumb AZZES what Spanky said on the world stage was said from his black heart. He choose to side with Pootin over America. He threw the CIA, FBI, NSA, and his own security team under the bus and let Pootin run over them. As I have been saying all along, Spanky is a pathological liar and traitor that have you people fooled. SAD
Thanks, Carbob, that is correct. Just like Senator Rand Paul stated yesterday during an interview on Fox News, the only thing that motivates the Democrats is their intense and irrational hatred for President Trump. Nothing else really matters for them. They would fawning all over Obama if it had been him that went to Helsinki to meet with Putin. They would be beside themselves gushing about what a genius the ghoulish looking limp wrist panty-waist transgender freakazoid Obama was for "eating Putin's lunch".
Brennnin should be in jail.
President Trump put the spank-down on the disastrous Obama-Nation legacy. Based on 8 years of shucking and jiving. Poof! And it was extinguished. Gone with the wind! A breath of fresh air! MAGA!
Pretty sure if one looks into Brennan's lineage, it will be revealed that he's a close relative of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1964 to 1982. From his looks, they might be brothers. Hardly any wonder Brennan was a card-carrying member of the US Communist Party. But Obongo thought it would be good to have Brennan in charge of the CIA.
Trump could really be a rock star and set off a veritable Exploding Liberal Head Fest if were to reinstate HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) The likes of Brennan and Obama would have been in jail a long time ago, had that committee never been abolished.
Spanky embarrassed the US ON THE WORLD STAGE. Any time his Fox & friends sides against him, what he did was serious. Trump was chumped out by little POOTIN. YUK<YUK<YUK<YUK
I know, right? Trump conducts a necessary, normal and productive meeting with the President of Russia and the liberal media and all the other pea-brained nitwits are outraged have the obligatory conniption fit/meltdown. So what else is new? Poor little butt-hurt libbies, I'm soo sorweee, LOL
SPANKY got spanked by little Pootin not Stormy. SAD
Lil'Returd, your lack of thinking ability never ceases to amaze me. If I didn't know any better, I would say you were somewhere around the 3rd grade level at most. I admit it's not really very sportsmanlike of me to keep on embarrassing and making mincemeat out of those poor souls with woefully deficient mental faculties, you being first in line, day in and day out, but it makes for great entertainment on otherwise slow days, LOL
Nothing that you say will take away the embarrassment that you must feel after witnessing Spanky's performance. Pootin 1, Spanky 0
Don and Vlad flipped the tables on the media's shiddy trap.
BTW STFU lil*returd...HAHAHAHA!
I'll take Brennan's word over lying azz Trump any day.
Democrats are good with Communism these days, so that's hardly a surprise revelation that Lil'Returd would align with an avowed communist over a national patriot. ALWAYS on the wrong side of history, making all the wrong choices, eschewing good and seeking evil. Typical Democrat.
Trump is a NATIONALIST with racist views. This is who you are aligning yourself with KKK. SAD
Yeaaah Man! Dat Trump he be a RAYCISS! LOL

Lil'Returd The Commie Lover. SAD!
You are a Nazis lover KKK.
Why don't you ask a Holocaust survivor if Trump is a "Nazi" you pea-brain nitwit you! Oh, but let me guess, are you one of the Holocaust deniers (?)
There are neo-Nazis in the US stupid, and they see Trump as their FUHRER. Pay attention p-brain.
Lil'Returd, you pay attention! You obviously don't know what a real Nazi is. You're just parroting those punk ANTIFA talking points. AGAIN, ask somebody who knows first-hand about real Nazis (Holocaust survivors) if Trump is a "Nazi". Stupidest thing I ever heard in my life. What a FOOL you are!
Well KKK, you know more about NAZI than anyone. They are your heroes.
No further questions. I rest my case.
KKK, you rest your case because it's BULLCRAP!LMAO
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