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Monday, July 23, 2018


Sarah Sanders: Mueller probe a 'hoax and waste of time'

That's right.
Like Benghazi, eh!
hilldebeast guzzling a gallon of chardonnay while people died. lil*returdburglar fuquing ignorant demented bitch comment #2.
Sarah Sanders is just another deranged bootlicker of the Nazi in power.
amberjackoff: read carefully...... exhale, reload chamber, spark up, inhale hard, hold it in. rinse and repeat.
me thinks Benghazi will be back, those FBI guys who let Hillary walk on U1, EMAIL scandal, are the same guys who help cover up Benghazi, it's going to come back on them.
The seventh floor is no more.
The democrats aren't smart enough to realize it's their money too. that is being wasted, but then again they don't think, they just open their mouths and insert feet. There is absolutely NO collusion between Russia and President Trump, for which they went from Collusion to collaboration of Justice, how quaint. When Hillary and gang are finally exposed, they may open their eye's...………….NAH.!!!

Revoke all demoncRAT leftist traitors security clearances!!!!!!!!!Do it!!!!!! Fuque these SOB's!!!!
Put down the bottle JARASH!T. Dummy, a clearance is only good as long as it's being used. Taking their security clearance is only symbolic or political. As usual Trump is acting like a big baby.
Speedy-Amber124, if either one of you nitwits would have ever held one you would understand, never abuse the power the government put in your hands. Every single one of Obamas' spies crippled those departments for years to come. It will take many years to build up the American peoples' trust for the information coming out of FBI, CIA, SOS, IG and the rest of those departments. Stop and think about this. Speedy, a clearance is only good for the information classified at that time and until it becomes unclassified.
CARBO, you can't tell me anything about a security clearance. These people do not lose their first amendment rights because they speak their mind about Trump. This has nothing to do with leaking Top Secret material or classified material. This is just an attempt by Trump to silence his critics. This is just another childish and petty move by Trumpsky to seek revenge. SAD
I can tell you have never had one and odds are you could never get one. FWITW, I had a Secret Clearance while on active duty and after I retired as a civilian. The clearance has nothing to do with first amendment rights and everyone of them abused that clearance, including Obama!!!
I had to have a secret clearance before I left the US for Southeast Asia. You are the one that is OBTUSE.
Methinks Sanders is being groomed for a future presidential bid! Her father (Mike Huckabee) brought her up right! Much akin to Trump, she's a straight shooter and is not intimidated by the leftists.
You are lying!! You would never pass a lie detector test!!!
Besides you were drafted and I doubt very seriously they would allow anyone living in the ghetto a clearance. You are aware they do background checks???
I was thinking the same thing CARBOB! A "security clearance" my behind! LOL
lil*returdburglar has been living in its momma's basement all its life, everything the idiot writes is bs. lil*returdburglar is a pimply, pale-faced, diqueless, punk, alive only because its momma feeds it hotpockets.
Sarah is a crooked mouth liar like her old orange head boss. You LP trolls have been trying to disprove me for years, and to this day there is no proof to your asinine accusations. I am still a Veteran and a retired teacher that is living comfortable in my own house in an outstanding neighborhood. There is nothing that you people can say will change things for me. Jealousy causes health problems. Think about it!
JARASH!T, you drink a lot because your mammy was an alley drunk.
Awwwwww.......they're picking on me, let me take their security clearance away..... And who is the snowflake now?..... you right wing nut job losers can't have it both ways, you're all a bunch of freaking morons I need to be stop before you ruin this country.

Unfortunately there aren't enough mental institutions to house all you losers.
Amberjackoff, you can't even tell the difference between a "winner" and "loser". Since when did winners become losers? Your lack of basic knowledge about politics is truly appalling. You think of everything in terms of "Nazis" and "morons". And planning big "parties" around certain imaginary future events. I'm sure you are able expound all day long on the virtues and benefits of recreational marijuana, but political commentary is not your forte. A mediocre 4th grader is able to express him or herself more coherently than you. You really should stop embarrassing yourself with these childish posts. Go read some comic books and chill, dude.
KKK, let's nothing childish about what I wrote. Even a fourth grader can probably tell you people are a bunch of freaking losers and Nazi right wing not jobs. You don't have to sound eloquent to realize what a bunch of hypocrite losers you a holes are. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize what a bunch of deniers You Are. You don't have to be an Einstein to realize the only reason you morons support this not seeing power is because you hated Hillary so much.

Get over yourself already, you're just a x flashlight cop wannabe loser. Get over yourself already, not you're nothing but a piece of trash in the sewer rat.
I rest my case. I was trying to help you out. What a glutton for punishment you are, LOL!
Do you really want to help me? If so, stop embarrassing yourself because the world is watching and think that half of the Americans like you are retards. They are laughing at us what don't you get?????

Buy a freaking clue already please!
@amber124-This is what happens when the KKK tried their tactics in my neck of the woods.

Carbo, you were a Grand Wizard back in the day. You still follow their teachings. It's very evident when anyone of color is the subject of discussion. Your hatefulness will be your demise. SAD
Speedy, you do not have a college education. You act too ignorant to be college educated. What gives you the impression I was a Grand Wizard? I will explain the link to you, since you are unable to read. The event happen in 1958, I was 16 years old and lived about 25 miles from Maxton, N.C. The KKK was against the way the Lumbee Indians accepted the Blacks and were against segregation. Not one of my words are hateful.
Having an education is why I don't fall for your uninformed BS.
You think a 16 year could be a Grand Wizard? How many have you ever known? That is why you lied about having a Secret clearance, because you claim to have an education?
CARBO, don't you get it? I don't give a Pluck what you believe. You're just a lonely old fart that feels sorry for yourself. SAD
Your jealousy of other people stands out to the people of this forum. You are a failure as a human being, you are a failure to the Black race, you are a failure to your parents.
CARBO, no one comes to see you because you are a foul old fool. That is so sad. Even your children disown you. SAD
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