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Sunday, July 1, 2018


Princeton sociologist asked rural Americans why they are so angry

I don't know why it would take a Princeton sociologist 8 years to figure out that people in rural America were sick and tired of the "hope and changey" thing. Maybe a little slow on the uptake. Rural Americans are not angry any more. Now they are very content with a strong and competent POTUS that is looking out for the nation's best interest and economic prosperity. Its also amusing to rural Americans to watch all the leftist wackadoodles ranting and raving on CNN and MSLSD about how terrible things are now.
They’re not ranting and raving.
IMO they’re angry because this is the world today. Trump is a perfect example of the world we live in. Why rural Americans? More selective reporting lol
At some point in everybody’s life, you believe that in life you eat your cake and have your ice cream too. But as you get older you realize that’s just not true. - John Wayne
Soledad, this article is basically garbage and not even worth reading. There is no useful information to be gleaned from a so-called "stuuudy" done by a Princeton sociologist. But let me try to help you out anyway since you've completely misunderstood the context. When the article says "rural Americans", they're not talking about today's leftist wackadoodles. At that particular time, that segment of the population was deliriously happy and dancing in the streets about Obama's "hope and changey" thing. Today's "outraged" and hysterical leftist wackadoodles are NOT to be found in rural America. They are found concentrated in certain large urban, mostly 'left coast", population centers. Rural Americans was a reference to the people in the heartland that were in fact very angry (and justly so) about the direction that the Anti-American traitor and impostor Insane Hussein Obongo was taking the country. They are not so angry any more now that President Trump has rescued the country from that "fundamental change" that Obama intended to foist upon the country. This is common sense and does not require an "8-year useless study" by a Princeton sociologist.
People are angry because now they realized that they have been duped by a Orange head Con artist. They are saying to themselves where is the extra money in my check that was promised? Why are jobs leaving the US? Why is the middle poor still being taxed to the Nth degree? Why is SPANKY LYING so much? Don't even talk about health care that Trump screwed up for thousands.
Libtards (so-called "people") are angry today because they hate America and Trump is still in process of reversing that "fundamental change" promised by Obongo "The Kenyan Impostor" Duh! Your comments are irrelevant/misplaced as the article was in reference to why people in RURAL AMERICA were so angry when Obongo was pretending to be President. At that time Libtards were totally mystified! They found it incomprehensible that there existed a large segment of the population that was not equally in love/smitten with their beloved Messiah from Kenya. They had to conduct a "stuuudy" in an effort to determine how this could be. Despite all the millions wasted on the "stuuudy", they still haven't been able to figure it out. They're not called DIMITS for nothing!
Take your head out of Spanky's AZZ Jethro. Don't let your ignorance dominate your low intelligence. SAD
"Soledad, this article is basically garbage and not even worth reading."

KKK, you contradicted your dumb azz when you tried to respond to Soledad. If you didn't read the article you have nothing to comment about. Commenting about the title amounts to pure BS and gibberish.
I didn't contradict anything you retard! Reading comprehension is obviously not your forte! Nor Soledad's for that matter. What part of RURAL AMERICA don't you understand? RURAL AMERICA has not yet been contaminated by infestations of liberal street vermin. The article is NOT in reference to why certain segments of the population are angry today. Duh! Back to remedial special education classes for you!
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