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Friday, July 20, 2018


Michael Cohen Reportedly Taped Trump Discussing Payment To Playboy Model

What he did before becoming POTUS, has nothing to do with ANYONE except himself.

Besides the FBI is not above the Law, Attorney /Client privileges.

Another episode of SEX, LIES, and TAPES involving Spanky. SAD.
lil*returd, STFU, lemming f'ing moron, take another hit, TABASA! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was all harmless fun and games when Slick Willie got caught doing much worse under the desk after hours in the Oval Office and all through the White house. But its big headline news when you dirty rats dig up some social dirt on Trump dating back 10 to 12 years before he ever even thought about running for President. Is that how it works?
mother f'ing needing another hit.
These people that hound him about his sex escapades before he was President think getting laid is the most evil thing on the planet.
Russian narrative is failing so they jump to something else they think will get traction with his supporters. Guess again.
Hahaha, his bootlickers will bring Trump down one by one. Trump was so embarrassed he didn't even bother answering questions on the way to his weekend getaway KKK Lodge meeting.
Only time will tell if that money was from campaign funds. Knowing how Trump is so cheap, I can guarantee you well hopeful that it turns out that it was campaign funds.
Getting laid is fine if you are single, but if you are married it is adultery. Trump is a whoremonger; have no morals, and is a pathological liar. Trump have a fetish for hookers because they spank him and do other nasty things to him. SAD PUPPY
Do you trolls remember this," I never had sexual elations with that woman"? @Speedy- the infidelity rate among Blacks over 30%. What was Bill Clinton?
Then Genius, what is the ADULTERY rate among WHITES? eh, DUMB azz
Another one who doesn't like the Truth thrown in front of their face.
Can't take the Heat? Then stay away from the oven.
The statistics are the same amongst whites/Blacks, So this doesn't make him worse than the others.
Well, well, well, what do we have here? Firstly, though, let's review my credentials for any new blog readers or thirsty veteran blog readers. Either way, I won't disappoint. Just five short days ago, I stepped in briefly and said the following:

@Speedy & amber:

If you only knew what's about to go down. Three little birdies are about to start chirping and, one of which, almost got away back to Russia. US Person 1 and US Person 2 are both from the USA and are Republicans. This is about to take a major turn like I said days ago. Pay close attention starting NOW.
# posted by Lucky Loser : 12:54 AM

Sounds to me like Cohen is chirping a warning shot not only to Trump but, to Giuliani and anyone else. I knew it was coming and tried to give a heads up but, we can see how it went over. All that pure conjecture in that link and I called the FACTS to the front...within four days mind you. Trump's lawyer is trying to discount the idea that McDougal wasn't actually paid by Trump but, the main idea here is that Trump outright lied about McDougal, dealings with National Enquirer, and the payment thereof. He tried to lie because it was an 'indirect' arrangement as Trump deals with this tabloid exclusively and NI was reimbursed. Hey, doesn't this smell like something else? Sure it does!

Folks, this opening statement by Cohen is only a warm-up for what's to come, okay. The Stormy D Saga is about to do a triple axel on Trump's world, as soon as Cohen get's good and ready, with a campaign finance violation. There are many more tapes just like Avenatti already said and I have yet to receive my 'crumbs' on what they entail. I relish great contacts! There's nothing worse than coming here hoping to maybe read something credible while digesting some facts but, end up with only regurgitated BS from other sites. (Nothing at all against the LP Blog itself, just certain so called contributors.) Alright, we also have another situation which played out as predicted and it involved yours truly....Putin. He had his top spokesperson come out and completely take back what he LIED about regarding Hillary. Folks, we all knew he was lying because, otherwise, he would've brought it up during the actual 2016 presidential bid within all the cyber warfare he ordered. Read carefully: There's a reason that Putin was forced to come out and redact what he initially said, even though, it was patently false. Outside of the FACT that Hillary can readily prove him 100% wrong, he had another motive and THIS is what's being probed right now.

Oh, but then, Trump had his guy to ask Putin if he wanted to come and chill at the White House around election time this Fall and this is designed to be a raw, in-your-face move designed by Putin and Trump. Remember that closed door meeting? Yeah...that. Anyhow, I'm going to close out with something I find both textbook hypocritical self serving. *Folks, the very fabric that we base our principles on when trying to vet a POTUS candidate, congressman, or otherwise is based on PAST HISTORY conduct, morality, and workmanship. When I read the first sentence in Comment#1, I had to get up and walk away from the desktop and come back to make sure it was really what I thought I read. It was. Well, unless that also applies to many, many others and especially Hillary, it's simply biased towards Trump 'cause we see that Trump is clearly the liar we've been saying he was. I'm fully convinced to even with all the truth about to be exposed on Trump, his base won't be moved which is fine. The 60%+ of the rest of the country will simply work around them. Gotta give to Trump, though, he knows how to work 'em.

@Speedy- The adultery rate among Whites, SURPRISE 20%.
As always you trolls ignore anything negative but true about Blacks. Another stat for you over 60% of Blacks after 1964 have failed to merge into the middle class.
To his credit, this type scandalous affair is one thing you didn't have to worry about with Homo-Obama. Not interested in the ladies! "Michael" would turn up the charm to make sure Barracky Boy didn't stray too far from the crib. Admittedly, Homo-Obama would indulge in the occasional rendez-vous at the Holiday Inn with Larry Sinclair and a nice 8-ball of cocaine, but Democrats had no problem with that. Democrats were good with that! But they can't abide a consensual heterosexual relationship that happened over a decade ago (if the offender was a white Republican) No sirree! They are morally offended and outraged by such as egregious sin!

As we all know, if it were not for the saving grace of double-standards, the hypocritical Demon-Rats would have no standards at all!

Addendum: Absolutely hilarious reading the meticulous short-bus analysis in Post #14 provided courtesy of Detective Tater Tot for the exclusive benefit of mental midgets Lil'returd and Amberjackoff, LOL
Det. Shortbus, amberjackoff, lil*returd, y'all gonna hafta wait till 01/20/2025, for the first woman prezzy.....Madam President Ivanka Trump!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
Jarasan always sums up everything nice and tidy! Ivanka 2025! Continuing the MAGA tradition.
JARASH!T as tempting as it might be, my comments is about your FUHRER, not his wife. If she runs, in which she can' the qualifications DUMMY. I know you people are depressed because your FUHRER stays in deep Sh1t. But face it, he is his own worse enemy.
Holy Moly If BS were fuel for consumption, a couple of these would have enough to spread around this world twice over.
CARBO take your meds you old fart. Your brain is rusting. Who cares about 1964 statistics. Those statistics are flawed because of the racial tensions that were present and segregation. It's 2018 fool. Quit making up percentages, you're talking to a Math major that mastered Ratio & Statistics on the Masters level. LMAO
Stupiddog, you're still as dumb as ever.
Lil'returd, what good is a "math major" that can't add 2+2 and get 4? You sound like about on the level of a 3rd or 4th grader. If you do have any kind of so-called "degree"(besides an elevated temperature reading from Trump Derangement Syndrome), it came from a degree mill. You coughed up a couple hundred bucks for "tuition fees" and they sent it to you in the mail. Not worth the paper it's printed on, LOL
He is acting and speaking like a child who has had his candy taken from him.
Very Childish. with your rebuttals, If the truth hurts go see mama. I don't believe you've ever
rebutted with a normal conversation, And now it looks as though you've got Whoopi syndrome
To boot.
Lil'returd's favorite rebuttal is to play the race card or the "Nazi" card. When that doesn't work, he totally goes off subject and starts posting about how "smart" he is and how dumb everybody else is, LOL. Typical Democrat; thinks everything revolves around him and disregards what's good for the country.
lil*returdburglar thinks Trumps daughter is his wife:

"LiLSpeedy aka "tursdburglar" - Today, 1:35 pm wrote:

Oh great Jarasan (blessed be the ground he walks upon!), as tempting as it might be, my comments are about your POTUS, not his wife. If she runs, in which she can' the qualifications o' great Jarasan I know you people are happy because your POTUS throws back the Sh1t. But face it, he is his own greatest ally!!!!!!!!

      He's blind in one eye, and can't see out of the other. He is one of LP's mice's.

'Mice' is putting it politely; 'vermin'would be the more succinct term.
@ jarasan, I saw that and got a good chuckle out of it! Lil'returd thought Ivanka was Trumps' wife, LOL,
You're laughing, but Trump lust after his own daughter. Don't get me started fool.
All you trolls are NAZIS loving bootlicking skinheads. Stupiddog is a meathead and JARAs**t is a short baldhead pervert with rotten teeth. KKK IS A GRAND WIZARD in the Albany chapter that works at McDonald in charge of French fries.
lil*returdburglar is projecting on to us his own hideous appearance. BTW lil*returdburglar....I can read clearly into your posts.............your mental deterioration is manifesting more and more every day. And usually I feel sorry for people with onset dementia, but not in your case.
JARASH!T, you don't have any brain cells to lose pervert, so stay off the booze. It rots your teeth and makes your breath smell like BOO-BOO. LMAO
lil*returdburglar I get it, you are speaking from your personal life experience, no thanks. I am not like you.
JARASH!T, I don't drink or take drugs, YOU DO! BOO-BOO breath.
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