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Sunday, July 22, 2018


How long will Mueller's investigation go on?

It should take as long as the Benghazi probe took or longer. The Benghazi probe produced nothing. I think the outcome will be different with Mueller, who has indicted dozens, guilty pleas, and one in jail ready to go to trial.
posted by LiLSpeedy : 12:35 PM
Plus Mueller is giving out immunity to the chosen like candy treats.
Immunity is often given to lesser criminals to assist in prosecution of the larger criminals. He took on the mob, he knows what he is doing
noodle man can go pound sand.
Since I am not a 5th grader doing playground taunts, who is "noodle man"? Oh, and grow up.
Very nice response, Sarge, and welcome to Facts vs. Conjecture. Speedy, as usual, you're the prime target as a direct result of simply posting facts and fact-based reasoning. Benghazi went on for 2 1/2 years with not a single complaint from anyone here or elsewhere and only to end up with nothing....NADA...ZILCH. In fact, at the end of that 800 page report, they even came right out and said that Secretary Clinton conducted herself well within standard operating procedures. Everyone on Fox News, right wing websites, and right wing talk shows completely side stepped this statement which means they simply hate the facts. What's new? Any fishermen here? Do professional fishermen go out hoping to catch minnows? Hell no, they use the minnows to draw in the BIG FISH which enhances their resumes and shows they know exactly what they're doing.

Law enforcement does the same thing, they're not worried about a dang dime bag of weed, they're trying to get to Big Meech where it came from!!! Also, if we're gonna slam Mueller for immunity then, let's dial in on Trump for floating PARDONS like they're pizza fliers! Folks, just think about one thing in all of this, okay. All of this inbred fighting is within the Republican party itself. Republicans and supporters AGAINST the same rule of law they believed in when it was a Democrat in the hot seat. If this was Hillary with all this same evidence against her, folks, you could bet your first born that they'd be 100% on Mueller's side and Democrats would'nt have an ice cube's chance on I-10 in Texas! Yet, they influx all the blogs with their BS because Mueller is doing his job, and, has the support of REPUBLICAN COURT JUDGES to boot! All this FISA business was reviewed and approved by REPUBLICAN JUDGES, folks. These Trump supporters are pissed at their own leadership for them doing their jobs. Let that sink in real good over night and get with me later.
sarge0202 may not be a 5th grader, but he may be a 1st or 2nd grader if he can't figure out who the illustrious Macaroni Man/Noodle Man is. Duh!
Thanks for the short-bus analysis Detective Tater Tot! An interlude of comedy or levity interjected into the conversation is always much appreciated. Got a good chuckle out of that, LOL
How long? as long as it takes for the truth to finally surface. The question you posed seems silly now doesn't it?
Hey LL, I don't waste my time with an ignoramus like KKK. He can't help himself. He's from Albany, Georgia where people like him is raised to hate ALL people of color and people that don't agree with his flawed and uneducated reasoning. JARASH!T has the mind of a child in an adult body.
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