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Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Dutch Prime Minister Tells Trump Off To His face

I'm not surprised. Trump is not the BAD-AZZ some of you repubs make him out to be. Having hissy-fits with American citizens and world leaders makes one look WEAK in the eyes of our adversaries. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than insulting and intimidation tactics that is used in the business world. It has no place in the world of diplomacy. Here words has consequences. SAD
The sole reason is because the prime minister is not afraid of getting fired. Cant wait till Trumpsky gets impeached...
More fake news. Did you even read the article? President Trump and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte were having a conversation about tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Trump made a remark with which the Prime Minister disagreed. In expressing his disagreement, Rutte interjected the word 'No' and said he didn't think it was a positive thing. Rutte was still smiling and being cordial all the while. He didn't "tell off" anybody. They both agreed it was something they would have to work out. Trump said thank-you and they departed ways with a handshake. Only a fake news organization such as Huffing Glue Post would report that the Dutch Prime Minister "tells Trump off to his face". Only the gullible low-IQ crowd would believe it.
Amberjack, as Rob Halford would say "You've got another thing coming!" if you're waiting on Aunt Esther to make good on her dumb "impeach 45" mantra. What she is going to do is ensure a landslide Trump victory in 2020.
Heee diiid
He said NO to his Orange face, then laughed in his face. The ultimate insult. SAD
I swear to God, Republicans are total morons and in total denial about everything. I'm going to throw the biggest party and my life when that Nazi moron mook gets impeached. I'm going to invite as many people as I can and spend as much money to make it the best party of the whole wild world. That day is going to be great exclamation!
Oh yeeeah, agreeing to work together during a business meeting, "the ultimate insult"! What a big dummy you are! Didn't even ready the article, and now trying to backtrack to save face, Lol
Amerback, libtards aren't allowed to use the word "God". You know they find it very "offeeensive". I think you would be better off going back to hide in your safe space.
I did ready the article and stand by what I said. LOL
Of course you read it after I called you out on your nonsensical comment, and then you tried to walk it back.
amberjackoff go get some methadone, and lil*shiddy poopyface drink some more night train. amberjackoff & lil*shiddy poopyface irrelevant douche bag leftist lemmings.
At least the politicians in the Netherlands don’t act like kicked puppies begging Trump to recognize their loyalty and not impose any idiotic tariffs. Unlike Australia. It takes leadership qualities to be a leader.
El Chapo punked out Trump with a tweet. Pootin has made him his B1tch. So Sad. What a winner!
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