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Monday, July 9, 2018


Did Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Save America?

Keep the momentum going and crush the throats of the dirty rotten leftists November 2018.   We have just gotten started we have keep them irrelevant for eternity, never give up for the sake of our republic, God Bless America!
Lol, at first glance the headline appeared to suggest more leftist crazy talk. But when one looks at it from the perspective of this article, it's really not too far out to suggest that the aforementioned group of demented radical leftists contributed BIGLY to the ultimate saving of America since they gave us the gift of President Donald Trump! MAGA!
AmericanStinker strikes again. Make America Godless Again.
What some can't comprehend was that America was God-less for 8 years before President Trump, and now that he has brought it back they complain. All that can asked is, " where were they for the past 8 years "??
aaahhhh, crickets. yes, self explanatory.
Yes they did, their TRAITOROUS BS got Trump elected.
I'm going to throw the biggest party of my life when trumpski gets impeached. Hahaha
Wake up from your dream La La Boy.

La La Boy is in a permanent dream-like stupor induced by all the extra strength THC is his system. All he thinks about is partying down! He can't wake up because he likes his weed too much. La La Boy posts the same dumb comment on every blog that mentions Trump. He's scared Trump's going to send Jeff Sessions to take his weed stash. LOL
Oh boy look at the Love Fest here. So who's the top KKK or mad dog foaming at the mouth? I'm willing to bet it's mad dog foaming at the mouth.
I just laughed so hard while smoking a bowl of weed outside. I saw two figures in my head KKK a flashlight Brinks Security Guard want to be with his dumb uniform on, and mad dog foaming at the mouth looking like some old fat <snip> biker with a pot belly the size of a dishwasher lol couple of redneck tobacco chewing spitting truck drivers who have rebel flags planted on the beds of their trucks. I laughed so hard
Wow! Aren't Democrats just amazing? Yes, they are! LOL
You should have listened to Nancy Reagan way back in the day when she wisely advised you to "Just Say No To Drugs". Look how you ended up. Poster Boy for Stupid.
They could not have picked a worse candidate than the hilldebeast......... she is a wretched, shrill, wicked, leftist-fascist, uninspiring, ugly fat dyque, that could not be trusted to be POTUS of any country!

Oh yeah I forgot, her health was/is not good, and the chardonnay is not helping her get better. Ugh f'ing Tim Kaine the freaky leprechaun as prezzy? I don't think so.
Health? Take a good look at Trumpsky's orange leathery skin on his big plucking head. He is out of shape with a big belly. If he's that ugly on TV, he would probably make your skin crawl in person. Ugh!
Don't worry about it. It's not like he's going to ask you out on a date or anything. He's not a transgender freakazoid like your boy Osama was. Married to another man named "Michael". I know it's not PC with your ilk, but he's married to a real woman. Deal with it.
President Trump is an energizer POTUS!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! He rocks!
Unlike you, I don't talk about a president's wife.I talk about Spanky. You talk about Black women in general because you are a bigot from the South. I know all about your kind. Strong Black educated women intimidate you because your mentality in still in Dixie Land. How Sad and pathetic can one be? You're just an angry white man that resist change.
The energizer bully's skin cells are deteriorating...that is why he is Orange in color and baldhead in the top of his ginormous orange head. He can't stop the aging process no matter how hard he tries. You must remember, he is the oldest Potus ever. LOL
Okay, Lil'Re-turd. RAH! RAH! You keep on shaking those pink pom-poms for Mad Maxine and Michael aka "Mooochelle". Get back with me in November and let me know how that works out. LOL! MAGA!
Lil'Re-turd, you need to stop with your sanctimonious lying anyway. You've made derogatory comments about Melania Trump on numerous occasions on these pages. When did you stop doing that? Today? Freaking Democrat trolls always trying to start up with their racist BS on here.
You're just an angry white man that resist change. You have something bigoted to say to all women of color, especially Black women. These women don't give a rat's AZZ about people like you. SAD puppy.
Did you you say change? I love change! Just not your kind of change. We tried Insane Hussein Obongo's "Hopey, Dopey, Changey" bumper sticker plan. It didn't work. Now you're seeing tangible and substantive results from real changes effectuated by a strong and effective US President. Lots more positive changes in the works as the demon-RAT ship continues to flounder and sink. Stay tuned for the latest. And as always, MAGA!
So now you have a LYING, ADULTERER with all wives, SEXUAL PREDATOR, PERVERT, TAX-EVADER, DRAFT DOGGER, and BIGOTED CON-MAN. You must be real proud. SAD
You're just a triggered, angry black man that resists change. Still butt-hurt and lashing out in a self-defeating childish manner because you're no longer a resident in DPCO (Democratic People's Caliphate of Obamastan) Your Kenyan Messiah turned out to be Satan incarnate. Trump bulldozed, steamrolled and obliterated all of that Obongo-Nation hope and changey pansy-wansy stuff into oblivion. The nation reversed course and was redeemed from certain destruction. MAGA! Too bad you already sold your soul to the Devil for the Word of God instructs us that wages of sin is spiritual death and permanent separation from God. SAD
The Bible also states that unless you repent, you will likewise perish. You are an agent of the devil and don't know it because your mind is reprobate. SAD
Depart from this page ye worker of iniquity!
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