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Friday, June 15, 2018


Trump Uses Comey Report To Cover up His Guilt in Russia Scandal

Really, Mother Democrat Goose? Is that what he did? LOL!
That hotshot Mueller is still looking for something to pin on Trump in the MUHHH RUSSIA scandal.
I bet the Democrats wish they never came up with this Russia scandal thingy. It has been exposing all the radical Democrats in the deep state.
Keep on crappin on!
Okay, for those who want the truth and additional analysis, let's go! First of all, this article is on point like it or not. They probed Comey's actions with a fine-tooth comb and both sides, TOGETHER, found that his short fall was actually 'what he said' about Hillary being 'sloppy' in her handling of classified information, okay. There was no wrong-doing found in either what Hillary did nor in Comey displaying bias towards her and trying to help her. FACT. Basically, Comey 'dirtied' Hillary up in public with how her talked about her situation while knowing, FULL WELL ALREADY, that no prosecution would take place. Comey was essentially pleasing Trumpers and Republicans with what he did due to pressure from them...and it worked. However, Comey wasn't suppose to elaborate AT ALL on that situation if it wasn't pending prosecution for findings of wrong-doing. FACT. Folks, with the revelation of the IG Report, you still haven't seen or heard YET where Trump is still concerned about Hillary having tried to hide something with how she handled those same emails! This is exactly what Trump thought was going to be revealed...Comey and Hillary trying to hide something! It ain't there, folks, and never was! Further more, Trump's argument of why he fired Comey is also still bogus because he was trying to say that Comey was helping Hillary by hiding information. No so! Comey simply broke protocol by talking about Hillary's being unprofessional and brought her down in doing so...that's it.

In a nutshell, however, Trump's @ss is still very much GRASS and Mueller is the FOUR-BLADED CUTTER!!!! Trump, in a very recent commentary, just threw Cohen under multiple buses when he told reporters that Cohen was 'no longer his lawyer!" What??? Why deny Cohen NOW when just a week ago you were so confident in him? Could it be that Cohen VALUES his REMAINING finances, his wife and family, and his his FREEDOM after conceding to what the MAGNIFICENT MUELLER TEAM told him they know about him and Trump ALREADY??? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Cohen ain't no fool, folks, and neither is Giuliani. Giuliani, with his cheating and obfuscating @ass, is doing nothing more than trying to buy more time because he knows the law and knows that Trump's on borrowed time, folks. Trust me. If Manafort was so [email protected] tough and not SCARED, then why was he trying to hide his messages to those witnesses with encryption, and, trying to get them to LIE FOR HIM???

Now, let's have a looksie at Trump's PATRIOTISM. Yeah, it's been revealed that Trump has taken the veterans to the cleaners! He used his charitable fund-raising event during his campaign to garner MILLIONS USING THE VETERANS. That money, folks, was used to SERVE TRUMP AND PAY OFF TRUMP'S PERSONAL BILLS AMONG OTHERS' PERSONAL BILLS. So much more, so little time. Here:

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