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Monday, June 25, 2018


Trump: Low IQ Maxine Waters calling for violence against my supporters. Be careful what you wish for

Talk about spin. Nowhere in that video Did she incite violence whatsoever. She encouraged people who were store owners, not to accommodate them.

Christian Bakers can turn away gay couples based on their belief systems, yet the White House Press Secretary experiences a similar event, they complained about it LOL... The pieocracy much???
Autocorrect sucks LOL I meant hiphopcrisy much??
Another Low-Life of Color. Can't get Her way, burn it down, incite peoples mind with BS, just to appease her LOW IQ.

Maxine Walters is pure crazy...and Pelosi is not far behind get what you sow and she will get hers for sure!
Now she is inciting violence, what a real piece of work that one is. What's next?
REMOVE her from office or she needs to resign NOW.

Amberjack, sit down and enjoy some pie with Hillary.
Bigots tend to think all people of color have low IQ's even though their socio-economic level is twice theirs. SAD
Since you bring it up, it is indeed most interesting to contemplate how such a low IQ person became filthy rich and lives in a 4.3 million dollar mansion! While her equally low IQ constituents are on welfare and live in housing projects. The answer is clearly not in her tax-payer funded salary. Maxine Muddy Waters followed the example of Crooked Hillary and learned to use her position to influence business deals and gain personal enrichment. Not only is she a hateful, corrupt, race-baiting, seditious politician, but she also profits handsomely from long years of engaging in political graft. She views it as an entitlement. This is the way of Democrats, and they have no problem with this kind of thing. Aunt Esther was charged with ethics violations some years ago, but should have been charged criminally. You won't ever hear a word of this on CNN or MS-LSD.
You need to look in the mirror sometime BUBBA. Another misconception or stereotype is that all her constituents are on welfare and live in housing projects. You are obviously not familiar with California or her district. You have to be smart to stay rich in America, especially California. That sounds like pure jealousy to me. So SAD.
It's been widely reported that the hypocritical hag represents one of the most poverty-stricken California congressional districts, SPARKY. No matter where her constituents may reside, they're obviously extremely low-IQ and easily manipulated if they support such a demagogue. Being dishonest, corrupt and engaging in political graft doesn't equate to being "smart" in my book. But then again, I'm not a Democrat.
That's right! You're a brain dead repub with issues, prejudices, and racist tendencies. What you are saying about Congress woman Maxine goes double for SPANKY. SAD
I think we all know how that works. If you can't win an argument based on the facts, just pull out the trusty Democrat race card and start hurling accusations of "racism" Very predictable. But not very effective any more as people are starting to open their eyes and wise up.
Spanky is racist and that is a fact. I don't expect sycophants to understand the plight of people of color. One has to have compassion and empathy. Not all repubs possess this. Many repubs still see themselves as the master race. This has been disproved decades ago with Hitler. SAD.
The fact is that Democrats are the biggest racists of all. If you don't agree with them, you're automatically a "racist" and "don't understand the plight of people of color". Democrats throw down the race card in less time than it takes for Aunt Esther to rear back and deliver a wallop across Fred Sanford's face with her heavy leather-fortified "slapjack" purse. Watch out sucker!
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