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Friday, June 22, 2018


Don't Blame Trump's Advisors For Trump

Did they ever consider that Pres Trump is beholden to no one, which is why he was elected? Have they never seen a leader who takes all information then makes the decision which he feels works best? I guess they don't care for him because he's not predictable, thinks outside the box and is 10 steps ahead of them.
Naaah, nobody's blaming the advisors because Trump has his own mind and decides all on his own in the end. In fact, we know that advisors have highly recommended AGAINST much of the reasoning he's made via Twitter on the Mueller probe. We will soon see the fruits of all the lies he's told regarding all his documented wrong-doing and flimflam. They can take that carcass head and smear all the makeup over they want to but, it's STILL a carcass's head and it's STILL dead in the water.
Part 2 (Off Topic). So, we have an ongoing crisis with the immigrants. For now, though, I'm only going to address something I saw elsewhere and now here regarding what Canada does with its' immigrants. Warning, this will prove to be a 'foot in mouth' result as usual. Okay, here's the link followed by unprecedented irony between two excerpts from the same article:

-Still, the appeal to feelings—because liberals are all about feelings and all that sentimental crap...-

Wow! Yeah, we Liberals certainly do have feelings and all that sentimental crap FOR MINORS THAT HAVE NOTHING AND CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES AT ALL...AND ARE SCARED. We Liberals put substantially more 'feelings and crap' into HUMAN BEINGS while you self-serving, bullying, and cold-blooded fools are hiding behind the anthem and the flag! Oh, yeah, you all get mushy and sentimental behind those two things when those same two things are suppose to represent who we ALL are. Yep, Liberals are definitely more sentimental here. Then, what decent human being WOULDN'T be concerned about the following statement:

-A recent McGill University study found that detention can be a "frightening experience" for children, leaving them with "psychiatric and academic difficulties long after detention."-

I'm not saying this is justification to let them just run amok but, not allowing these kids ( as young as 9 months even) to see their parents regularly will be devastating. These kids will grow up hating the very one's that mistreated them, because there is mistreatment taking place...sexually and mentally. Glad no Liberals are in that mix! *So, here's the irony I spoke of at the outset: How in hell can someone be 'all sentimental and crap' knowing that innocent children will suffer both psychologically and physically as described by McGill University? Folks, it seems that Trump supporters are exactly as described...single dimensional thinkers.

The title of the article in question is very misleading, as well, but what can we expect...right? Go back, read the title of the article above, and then refer to the following articles and excerpts:

-The agency could not say why a minor would be unaccompanied by the adult they entered the country with, CBC News reported. But the action of detaining children is seen as a "last resort" and the border agency is ordered to take into consideration other possible solutions that would be in the "best interests of the child," according to Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.-

-In detention, mothers are normally permitted to stay with their children. Fathers, on the other hand, are kept separate and only allowed to visit their spouse and children twice a day for about 15 to 30 minutes, according to the study.

In some cases, detained asylum seekers have lived in the country without status for years. In detention, they are given the option of keeping their Canadian-born children with them or sending them to live with extended family or in the custody of provincial youth protection services.-

*Folks, be VERY WARY about those who LIMIT THE INFORMATION they're willing to divulge for your consumption. Just sayin....

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