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Friday, May 18, 2018


Trump Reportedly Ask U.S. Postmaster To Double Amazon Shipping Rates

You know, this whole thing that Trump has with/against Amazon-Bezos is actually personal. Trump is fronting like he's so pissed at Amazon's tax rate but, hell, Trump himself pays very little taxes ALSO while not even close to CREATING THE JOBS THAT AMAZON DOES WHILE BOOSTING THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THE ECONOMY! Further more, Jeff Bezos DISCLOSES HIS TAXES EVERY YEAR while OUR POTUS REFUSES TO DISCLOSE HIS! Man, I'm sick and tired of this guy and so should those Trump voters that are INTELLIGENT and REASONABLE be also. Jeff Bezos is doing his thing the RIGHT WAY while Trump is lying and sneaking around trying to divert attention away from the TRUMP HOTEL IN MOSCOW DEAL which he lied about from day one. Then, let's look at this ZTE business that Trump is gung-ho over. They had a Senate Intel conference regarding ZTE products and services where every single high ranking authority refused to raise their hand when asked if they'd use ANYTHING ZTE.

They were also asked if they'd recommend that the general public use any of ZTE's products and services and still refused to raise their hands. Folks, it's crystal clear that ZTE's electronics pose a national security threat by default and here we have Trump cutting a deal with them. Just in case we some nice folks here who really don't know why Trump went from 'America First' to 'Lining My Pockets First', it's right here...via NATIONAL REVIEW which is Conservative:

In other words, Trump says screw national security and sanctions when his $$$ is directly involved, okay. What a hypocrite for jacking around with Bezos who's actually contributing and trying to HELP THE COUNTRY. Hell, this deal that he's working is in freakin' INDONESIA and you can best believe that he'll have LOCAL NATIONALS working there. UNREAL. Bezos, on the other hand, is presently working on which STATE IN THE U.S. TO OPEN HIS NEXT MAJOR FACILITY. Now, THAT'S AMERICA FIRST!!!!! Folks, Trump has got his Trumpers WoodHinked big time. I'm serious. Let's just take Katy, Texas where Bezos just recently opened his newest warehouse which is YUGE! The post office in the nearest little town now has MORE BUSINESS than it knows what to do with and they're now trying to HIRE MORE FULL TIME EMPLOYEES TO HANDLE THE NEW, CONSISTENT WORK LOAD. Folks, this is what it's all about...putting AMERICAN people to work with good jobs. *Trump's whole idea for attacking Bezos is simply to divert your attention AWAY from what I just outline to you. Trust me.
Information is that Amazon is paying less than the actual cost of sending packages.

Because the post office is part of the government, guess who is subsidizing Amazon with tax dollars?

It's pure business, renegotiating deals made by obama which are being shown clearly to be not in the taxpayers best interest.
Amazon employees are not happy people.

LL, Trump is such a hypocrite. He hasn't paid taxes in years, while the rest of us pay taxes every years. Thanks for caring Trumpsky.
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