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Friday, May 18, 2018


Sending thoughts and prayers you're not reelected: Cruz slammed in response to Texas shooting

Yep, this is the Republican's MANTRA when it comes to all things mass shootings and GUNS IRRESPONSIBILITY WITH THEIR OWN REPUBLICANS-NRA MEMBERS...which is EXACTLY what happened here...AGAIN. Let's take this from the top. With a bit of the dust having settled by now, it seems that that shooting may very well be resultant of bullying. Both the dad of the shooter and at least two students verified that the shooter was bullied by his football coach, among others, and it's pretty clear that the shooter simply got enough of it. So, he went to school in the same black trench coat he wears during fall and winter months which triggered confusion to at least one student-friend because it's HOT down here right now.

Well, you know the rest. The part that I'm struggling with, though, is the fact that he had access to HIS FATHER'S GUNS while only being (17) years old. It doesn't matter that the two guns were a shotgun and a .38 Revolver. Hell, he took (10) lives with those guns. Folks, specifically REPUBLICANS, why in hell are you all so hell bent on your guns and making sure your MINORS-UNDERAGE KIDS HAVE ACCESS TO THEM??? This is the 2nd case where guns should've been properly secured AWAY from those NOT INTENDED TO USE THEM. The dad of the Waffle House shooter did the exact same thing, folks, with ensuring access to the guns that killed innocent people.

Then, we have our own Greg Abbott talking about how he wants to 'hear from everybody' (ad lib) and that they're looking for 'swift solutions.' Well, I call BULL PHUCKIN' $HIT on Greg Abbott because the NRA has him on their 'A' list...literally. He ain't gonna do nothing which those who have lost their kids today should know by now. *You know, I can't help but to wonder just how many of these bereaved parents were AGAINST all those students that recently PROTESTED against gun violence at that big rally. Now, after thinking-HOPING that it wouldn't-couldn't happen to THEM, it has happened to them and they now join all the other parents that have lost their kids...and are calling for CHANGE.

"I can honestly see where it's gonna take even more lost kids' lives of the truly HARDCORE PARENTS-2nd AMENDMENT OVERLY CRUSADERS this debate at least becomes a TRUCE. No, I'm by no means enthused by these all. My contention is what I've been saying all along, 'What goes around comes around.' 'Live by the sword, die by the sword.' 'An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.' See, folks, this 'thoughts and prayers' BS has been getting the Republicans by simply on default and sensitivity to the 'open wound' if you will. Looks like it's about to end,'s about time.
When I was in high school, in the late 60's, early 70's, we had a rifle club. Yeah, imagine that. A RIFLE CLUB. We didn't have school shootings. We did have fist fights. But no one died.
Society has changed. If you look at the families that these killer kids come from, most often they come from broken families, or they're neglected. American culture has changed. People don't have respect for authority, the law, or anyone else.
It's not a gun problem. It wasn't a gun problem in the past. It is a society problem, an American culture problem in how kids are being raised today. Yes, the guns should be put up and locked up. But ultimately, the CAUSE of what is happening is not guns. It is moms and dads not talking to their kids. Being wrapped up in their own world instead of their kid's world.
We have a little thing called the Constitution. Are we ready to tear the whole thing up? I'm not.
Loser, I know you don't like what I'm writing. I don't care. You make it political. I make it about society. Again. It is a SOCIETAL PROBLEM. Kids aren't being raised anymore. They are being raised by tv, violent video games, violent movies. And parents are ignoring their kids to live their own lives.
And then....everybody is surprised when this happens.
You have zero concern for those kids, Do you know how I know?
Your post, you just want to rant against anything Republican.
The only person at fault...IS THE SHOOTER!
He had pipe bombs also, so Det. Short bus, go get after those plumbers while you at it.

I agree rcbbuckeye, I went to one of Detroit's toughest High Schools, nobody was shot.
The mass shooting was the result of what someone without a conscience and empathy for others chose to do. It was a choice. An article said he was going to commit suicide but guess his empathy for himself kicked in. Too bad he didn't extend it to others before apparently planning things out. Remains to be seen if others were involved.
People killed by the NRA-0
Babies murdered by Planned Parenthood 55 million.
Det.short bus, is fine with pparenthood executing the unborn on a daily basis and the hundreds dying in Chicago every year, Det short bus is a hypocrite of the first order.
@rcbuckeye: Obviously, you really don't know me very well in terms of interpreting my commentaries. I actually agree with you regarding how kids are raised nowadays...there's no real 'quality rearing' like we all had in our young days. Times have really, really changed. Back in the day, we had honest fist fights and got it all out of our guns but maybe a little knife here or there. For the most part, though, it was over after the fight and we'd get along for the most part. Now, though, these kids go and find guns when they're girlfriends break up with them and they see another kid with their ex-girl! Or, if they're afraid of some bully, they'll find a gun and take it to school with the intent of 'taking care' of that bully. I just recently commented on these issues. rcbuckeye, I keep trying to to tell you folks that we all have way more in common than we do different but, it remains a Republican vs. Democrat deal due to those with all the money and influence. Say and think what you may but, Bernie Sanders is right.

@ konane: You're right on the money. The authorities searched all his data and saw where he planned to commit suicide after his deeds but, couldn't find his way into taking HIS OWN LIFE.

@sully16: Look, you and I have been at it real tough in the past but, I'm done with all that okay. The NRA has completely accommodated-CONDONED the last 1/2 or so dozen MASS MURDERS CONDUCTED BY WHITE MALE TRUMP SUPPORTERS-REPUBLICANS, okay. That, while Trump is aggressively pursuing immigrants and talking about preventing Muslims from coming here and KILLING AMERICANS. No, it's the WHITE MALES doing all the killing just like you all talk about how blacks in Chicago are killing each other up! Z*Again, we have way more in common than we do different. I just chose to ACKNOWLEDGE IT...unlike you.
@jarasan: Buddy, go and tell ELLIOT BROIDY what you just told me, okay. His ABORTION COST $1.6M!!
@ comment #10... det short bus, how 'bout you go fuque yourself with that bs WGAF crap, you hypocritical idiot. WTF does that have to do with anything I wrote, much less anyone else wrote here? Please tell us how that is relevant and a deflection of any of your bu11sh1t self serving sick hypocritical prose.
Mission accomplished with #11!

-pparenthood executing the unborn on a daily basis and the hundreds dying in Chicago every year-

-That, while Trump is aggressively pursuing immigrants and talking about preventing Muslims from coming here and KILLING AMERICANS. No, it's the WHITE MALES doing all the killing just like you all talk about how blacks in Chicago are killing each other up-

Man, this brings back memories but I'm just not gonna entertain such silliness. Just wow!

You're not going to entertain such silliness? LOL, what a joke! You are irrelevant. You are an unabashedly overt racist that worships Maxine Waters. You live in Leftist LaLa Land. so who gives a rat's azz what you're going to entertain? Jarasan runs circles around your insane leftist reasoning. The Left has already crashed and burned while the Trump movement continues to gain momentum and wipe out the legacy of your tranny hero Obammy. Get lost Loser!
Reading a list of the victims, I see none were the football coach the press claimed were harassing him. I attended high school in 55-59 and if I had a problem with a teacher. My mom and dad handle the problem and it was solved. Where was his parents, when this was going on???
My opinion on this matter is this. How easy is it for an underage kid to get his hands on a gun? The answer imo is not that easy. So where does a kid get his hands on a gun from? In this case, from his father. His father is to blame. He raised the kid, obviously around guns, and the kid thought guns are ok to think about; even normal.
The problem isn't thinking about guns, the problem is the messed up enviorment and society that created the corrupt psychological and moral mental state of a 17yo. that reasoned mass murder is ok and inconsequential. That is the problem, not thinking about guns.
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